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squeakamuffin 04-10-2009 08:04 AM

Diana Napolis sues psy-op Satanist Michael Aquino
Child welfare worker Diana Napolis has filed a law suit against everyones favourite "satanist" and military intel asset Michael Aquino:





May 11, 2008

Federal lawsuit: http://members.cox.net/legalfed/NapolisvAquino.pdf


San Diego, California - On November 26, 2002, Diana Napolis,
an ex-child abuse investigator, researcher, and licensed therapist in
San Diego, California, was arrested for writing a "threat" to
Hollywood actress Jennifer Love Hewitt after which she
plea-bargained to a stalking offense. On October 19, 2002,
Director Steven Spielberg obtained a restraining order against
Ms. Napolis to prevent her from confronting him at a public
event. Diana Napolis is now making the facts surrounding her
"stalking" offense of Jennifer Hewitt, and the reasons why she
took these actions public, which is the subject of a Federal
District Court complaint.

On March 25, 2008 Ms. Napolis filed a Federal lawsuit in
San Diego, California against satanist and Temple of Set founder,
Michael Aquino, ex-San Diego Grand Juror, Carol Hopkins,
memory researcher Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, reporter Mark
Sauer, David Copley, publisher of the San Diego Union-Tribune,
San Diego State University, Michelle Devereaux, and Tanya
Lysenko, aka Tani Jantsang. Ms. Napolis is seeking damages
in the amount of $10 million for negligence, defamation, conspiracy
to violate her first amendment rights to free speech, invasion of
privacy, false light, intentional infliction of emotional distress,
and victimization by nonlethal technology. An amended complaint
was filed on May 1, 2008. A court filing is currently pending
against other Temple of Set members, Michael Aquino's wife,
Lilith Aquino, Robert Menschel and his wife, Janet Menschel.

In 1997 Michael Aquino had sued Ms. Napolis internet company
ElectriCiti, while she was using the pseudonym "Curio" for safety
and privacy reasons, in an attempt to interfere with her First
amendment rights to free speech, close her account, and to obtain
her identity, in efforts to stop her from disclosing details about the
satanic ritual child abuse investigation at the Presidio Army
Base which resulted in his process out of the military. Christopher
Alan, owner of ElectriCiti, refused to release Napolis' name,
publicly stating he believed Aquino was dangerous, and successfully
fought off two lawsuits which were ultimately dismissed due to the
Communications Decency Act precluding internet companies
from liability due to their customer's messages.

After these lawsuits were dismissed, Ms. Napolis alleges that
Michael Aquino then pursued Ms. Napolis' identity, along with
Hopkins, Loftus, reporter Sauer, and Michelle Devereaux, who by
fraudulent misrepresentation, had Ms. Napolis identified by San
Diego State university campus police in the year 2000. Despite
Ms. Napolis advising campus officials that dangerous individuals
were seeking her identity, they proceeded to engage in reckless
and outrageous conduct by negligently revealing her identity to
reporter Mark Sauer. Mr. Sauer proceeded to publish an invasive
and defamatory news article about Ms. Napolis titled, "A
Web of Intrigue/The Search for Curio Leads Cybersleuths Down
a Twisted Path" on September 24, 2000, which David Copley
negligently published. After the publication of Mark Sauer's news
article, Napolis was the subject of internet threats by Tanya
Lysenko aka Tani Jantsang.

Ms. Napolis alleges that eight months after her identity was
revealed in the San Diego Union-Tribune, and since May 2001,
Michael Aquino, his wife Lilith, and others caused Ms. Napolis
to be subjected to prolonged psychological and physical torture
by the usage of nonlethal technology, such as "Voice to Skull
Devices," "Voice Synthesis Devices," "Remote Neural Monitoring,"
psychotronics, electromagnetic, and other nonlethal technology,
in efforts to psychologically incapacitate her so that she could no
longer continue her research. Ms. Napolis has extensively
documented the reality of nonlethal technology in this lawsuit
and the public might be surprised at the information which has been

Ms. Napolis claims in this lengthy Federal case that in October
2002, due to threats made by her perpetrators that they would
irrevocably injure her by nonlethals, it caused Ms. Napolis to
write a pseudo-threat to Jennifer Love Hewitt to ensure that she
would be placed in the custody of law enforcement, for her own
safety, which Napolis can prove. Ms. Napolis publicly apologizes
to Ms. Hewitt for writing this "threat," but she perceived those
actions as necessary at the time. These malicious actions by
defendants named then caused Ms. Napolis to be misdiagnosed
as "mentally ill" and placed in the criminal justice system. A
recent article titled, "Report: Nonlethal Weapons Could
Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia" describes how nonlethal
technology can simulate mental illness based on a recently
declassified military report, "Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal

It is further alleged that while being monitored by San Diego
Probation Department, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, Advisory Board
Member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and other
Does, conspired to file false charges against Ms. Napolis in
retaliation after Napolis requested an investigation occur of
Dr. Loftus by the Institutional Review Board of University
of California at Irvine. It took Ms. Napolis a full 18 months to
correct this false report, despite forensic evidence clearing her
as a suspect and having passed a lie detector test, which has
resulted in multiple claims filed against Dr. Loftus, including
the negligent infliction of emotional distress.

In this Federal case, researcher Diana Napolis documents
disturbing information about the government's attempts to build
Manchurian candidates, Michael Aquino's alleged involvement
in that activity, the facts surrounding the satanic ritual abuse of
children, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation's efforts to
cover up this activity, and what future actions she believes
therapists who treat this population, targeted by this organization
should take. Ms. Napolis is arguing that due to her previous
psychological incapacitation, and newly discovered information,
the statute of limitations should be extended in her case.

Ms. Napolis is requesting that any other alleged victims of the
Aquinos come forward at this time. This Federal claim, or public
interest lawsuit, is publicly available and can be accessed via
Ms. Napolis' web page where she has established a legal
defense fund.

Corrections should be made at this time in any publication
that falsely alleged that Diana Napolis had ever "stalked"
Steven Spielberg. Ms. Napolis never made personal contact
with him and she was never criminally convicted for this

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Its very interesting that military black ops groups were targeting child welfare organisations. It might put the prosecution of the female peadophile Vaness George of Plymouth in a different light...


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