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decode reality 27-03-2009 09:58 AM

"Global Warming Myths For Beginners" request

I'm aware that the Club Of Rome created the whole environmental movement as a means of abusing it. But if I were to be honest, besides things I've read on HAARP, I haven't gone deeply into the detail of this topic and related. Many people are set to switch off their lights tomorrow, protecting the earth and all of that. I feel that the motive of the great switch off isn't really for the planet. Could anyone please direc me to any online resources that go into this issue for people who are just exploring the issue?

Thanks in advance.:)

mike59271 04-04-2009 01:35 AM

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Search for that on Google Video, its all you'll ever need

friendship 04-04-2009 08:32 PM

Global Warming deception
Global Warming is an alternating natural cycle. check my album.


decode reality 10-07-2009 04:51 PM

Belated thanks!:)

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