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tintin 16-10-2007 11:20 AM

The NEWS behind the NEWS.
Folks, there's so many news that has to be "DECODED"
that it looks a good time to start a thread that
"TRANSLATES" the news.

So that not only the happy few can understand their
'SECRET CODES" but that ALL people can have ACCESS
to the same information.

If life were a sports game then we all would want
to be it a FAIR game. So hence this thread.

So let's start with the first interesting piece
of news.


First time a Russian leader
since STALIN in 43.


First time since 43?
STALIN? The biggest mass murderer probably of all time?
Bush president number 43?

See folks, something very BIG is coming our way.
And with OUR WAY, I mean the world because a
war with IRAN will hit the whole world on the chin.

IRAN or PERSIA is already MARKED as a target.


heavily "marked" with tattoos
the BLACK is WHITE rule.

neon 16-10-2007 11:36 AM

tintin so glad we have people like you on this forum, i see your friend is here too. Please keep up the excellent work. You know your stuff. Sometimes reading your work is overload for me, because too much information :)

tintin 16-10-2007 12:08 PM


From BBC pictures.
a monkey on top of a DOG.
Put our Inspector REBUS coats on

So what do we have here?

A MONKEY that plays TOP DOG.


It's MONKEY man Bush.
The picture is taken in LITTLE ROCK Arkansas.

That's BILL Clinton territory
The DOG is called GEORGE.

And the ORANGE woman in the back is in control.
the MONKEY has the YELLOW-BLACK nuclear colors.

from the "day in pictures" 12 october.
BBC gives us every day these little rebuses to decode.
Talking secretly in codes is a very old art....


Same day.
A liitle boy in Congo points at us with a toy gun.
But the messages is the opposite of a TOY gun.

Young "boys" will be the henchmen for the elite.

So what is the next picture, just after BOY points
his gun at us?


An old man brutally treated by one
of those young men in Black.


General Petraeus lands in bagdad.(This is from yesterday.)
Petraeus means BETRAY US.
Betray the USA and Us.

Just as the last supreme commander in the
states was called PETER PACE.
Pace = peace in italian. war= peace.


Planes come right at us!
followed by this picture.


Yes, but where did he land?
WACO texas.

That doesn't sound too comfortable.
So what picture follows?


Monkey man Bush...

All from the BBC.
next picture?


An Indian soldier
giving the NAZI salute....

The whole series of ten pictures from yesterday
ends with this one...


klinker 16-10-2007 12:15 PM

Yes that is an interesting sequence of pictures that can tell a story. Don't forget the lady in red from that sequence. Red spells danger. ;)

tintin 16-10-2007 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by neon (Post 159949)
tintin so glad we have people like you on this forum, i see your friend is here too. Please keep up the excellent work. You know your stuff. Sometimes reading your work is overload for me, because too much information :)

Thanks, much appreciated!

tintin 16-10-2007 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by klinker (Post 159981)
Yes that is an interesting sequence of pictures that can tell a story. Don't forget the lady in red from that sequence. Red spells danger. ;)

Yes, indeed, red as danger.
You can only post ten pictures, so was at my limit.
wanted to post that old man with all his belongings as well.

So here they are
part of the series above.



tintin 16-10-2007 01:13 PM


Here's Robin van Persie.
have posted about him.
Especially because he is a PERSIAN and tells
us to FLY away from the EMIRATES. (His shirt).
The emirates are in the heart of the strait of hormuz.

Now the moment PUTIN was in TEHRAN we
have this headline from van Persie in de Telegraaf today.
(Biggest Dutch newspaper).


Translated it means this.

Van Persie wants

Straling is RADIATION.
So the PERSIAN wants more Radiation.

And in the article the journalist states that
(Ontbrandt, van persie plays for the "gunners")

Burning, radiation?

tintin 16-10-2007 01:49 PM


NOBEL Prize for

Yes, and so what?

born in PERSIA (IRAN).


When she was stil a young girl the family moved
to RHODESIA. what is now ZIMBABWE.

ZIMBABWE became indepent
after the so called


So here we have a nice combination of
I can't remember another IRANIAN to have won the
Nobelprize for literature.

So seems fitting the big picture.

And there is a second message.
She became famous with
that book above.

Second message:

real6 16-10-2007 03:22 PM

I enjoy reading Tintin's post. very bugged out!!!

majicdragon 16-10-2007 06:43 PM

Or is it, "bugged IN"

rhymes with? Plugged in?

vera susa 16-10-2007 11:21 PM


Originally Posted by neon (Post 159949)
tintin so glad we have people like you on this forum, i see your friend is here too. Please keep up the excellent work. You know your stuff. Sometimes reading your work is overload for me, because too much information :)

Just a simple tip from an 'old watcher':

Just drink it all in and let it settle where it will.
Don't even try to figure it all out, just relax and watch the patterns form.

Plus it also pays to have a genuine, interest in 'everything', even things
you 'don't like'.

Like I HATE Cricket, but couldn't help but notice how VERY IMPORTANT
it is for those "Good Old Boys" to LISTEN to every WORD, score and stat.
of certain matches.
But unlike 'common sports fans', they also weren't those inclined to get into a bitch fest about the 'reasoning' of SELECTORS...those at the top of the Cricket Pyramid, and very high up in the Global Pyramid, who have their fingers in many Corporate Pies.
Now I am not, a 'numbers' person, so cracking the codes behind scores and stats. is out of my league, but I do have an eye and ear for things that don't fit, breaks in surface patterns, that go on to form another pattern, and well, to sum up....apologies to genuine fans...the only sane explanation for the existence of Cricket as a world sport, is as a cover to rattle off, detailed, coded information to those in the know, without anyone suspecting why
those successful business men drop everything to listen to the Cricket.

As tintin has mentioned, after a while the recognition of what's 'coded',
becomes automatic.

Plus remember, that wars take years, decades to 'organize' so as with old
'coded billboards' like TINTIN books, it can take decades before you receive the rest of the message.

So if you just let the information settle in your mind as curious, interesting or 'not quite right', even though no one else may think so, it could be you that stumbles over a key to unlock that code, even decades later, just because you didn't buy the 'reasonable' explanations for a reasonable question.

tintin 16-10-2007 11:59 PM

Vera Susa.
I love Vera Susa...

vera susa 17-10-2007 12:06 AM

Oh yeay, you brought the BBC "Pictures" back to the NET!

And that days selection....nearly had me back on a posting frenzy, but for not knowing where to start and how to keep some hope, in the telling of the 'message'.

Any who have followed the BBC "PICTURES" posts on the "Global Power Shift" thread at that other site, may have noticed an overall shift in the tone and urgency of the 'picture stories', like from that now famous pic of Queen Liz sitting, waiting in an unlit room as if about to go into exile, to a shot of RED ARROW JETS flying at the funnel of the QE2, then add in the selection tintin just gave us, after an earlier run of 'escape' images (common people combined with all manner of transports)...well 'reasonable' people would just see it as a random reflection of what's going on in the world, except that there is a hell of a lot more interesting and important things going on than monkeys and gorillas, like the "Monkeys and Gorillas" that are opening borders for 'powerless' refugees into hell holes like America and England, while making it much harder
to 'escape' into the grossly UNDERpopulated, safe, stable landmass "They" OWN, OZ.

And now I'm off to look for what was only a morning news,
news-bar Headline;

WHAT THE...!!!!

Now it doesn't matter what a non-story this may be, but when TASMANIA,
VAN DEMONS LAND, the place of birth of "ROBIN HOOD" (ERROL FLYNN),
who's POLICE PIPE BAND FEATURED AT THE FINAL CELEBRATION OF QUEEN ELIZABETH'S 50th JUBILEE AT EDINBROUGH (that I just discovered AMERICAN Spell Check is TOO STUPID to include, so 'out of the loop' are they!), make
it into a news-bar, there is most definitely more NEWS behind it!

synergy777 17-10-2007 12:10 AM

tin and vera welcome, thanks for the wonderful posts, and long may they continue.

vera susa 17-10-2007 12:29 AM

Thanks tintin, with the grief my old gut problem is giving me lately, on top of all the other bothers, I can do with the odd kind word.

Now my compliment for you;
please work your magic on this TASMANIA/BEATLES story,
that even with a quick scan, SCREAMS, "IMPORTANT MESSAGE!"

Local rockers in pop history
Article from: The Mercury

FATE ...
The Innocents

perform at The Cavern in Liverpool,
where the Beatles played in the early 1960s.

October 17, 2007 01:00am

TASMANIAN pop band The Innocents have created music history,
laying down a previously unrecorded song co-written by Beatle
Paul McCartney 45 years ago.

In Germany to perform at three music festivals, The Innocents
recorded the first ever studio version of the track Tell Me If You Can,
written by McCartney and legendary UK musician Tony Sheridan
in Hamburg in 1962.

Sheridan had performed Tell Me If You Can and once recorded a rough live version, but was not happy with how it turned out and did not release it.

He said the song was written in 15 minutes as
"Paul and I sat at my pad drinking lots of beer".

Sheridan formed his first group in England in 1956 and was highly sought-after, accompanying US artists such as Conway Twitty,
Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran on UK tours.
He was the first rock musician to be allowed to play live electric guitar
on British TV.

In 1960 he was the first English musician to play in Hamburg, Germany,
where he was supported by The Beatles.

The Liverpool lads lived with Sheridan for several months,
during which time they nicknamed him "the Teacher".

Sheridan and The Beatles went into Hamburg's Friedrich-Ebert Halle
to make the first Beatles record, My Bonnie, in June 1961.

That record came to the attention of young band-manager Brian Epstein -- the rest is pop music history.

Sheridan toured Australia in 1964 when his hit song Why
was in the national charts.

While in Sydney, he showed his saxophonist Alex Young's brothers how to
play guitar. They later formed legendary Aussie rock band AC/DC.

The Innocents --
Charles Touber, Greg Cracknell, David Minchin and Stuart Cashion --
went to Friedrich-Ebert Halle this month to record material for their documentary No Hit Wonders from Downunder

could not believe it
when Sheridan pulled out
Tell Me If You Can
and asked them to record it with him.

"We recorded an Innocents original with Sheridan, then he casually announced he had a surprise for us," Touber said.
"Some surprise. It was like being handed the Ruby of India.

"We were absolutely floored.
It was a moment that time stood still -- a time of suspended belief."

Sheridan said meeting The Innocents was "fate".

"I like the group. The way they play reminded me of what we used to do
back then. They did great harmonies. It reminded me very much of
The Beatles,"
he said.

Sheridan said he wants to record more material with
The Innocents and perform in Tasmania.


Now see, you can wait over 40 years, to 'hear' how a long range plan is being worked and tweeked.

vera susa 17-10-2007 02:46 AM


Originally Posted by vera susa (Post 160660)
Ah the "TIMING".....
yes, you can wait over 40, 60, hundreds of years,
for 'the other shoe to drop', and then the other, and the other,
before figuring out who's in bed with whom.

From the Madeline thread, spilling into other current News;


Ghouliani: I'm prepared for an attack from outer..


Originally Posted by vera susa (Post 160658)
3M...White-Out..."white-wash"...was first invented by
THE MOTHER of a MONKEE, Mike Nesmith.

3m's 'White-Out' is the RIVAL to The Original Liquid Paper:
It was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham in 1951
and originally called Mistake Out.
Graham was a typist who developed a type of white tempera paint
to cover up her mistakes.
Her first batch was mixed together in a common kitchen blender.

She offered the product to IBM, which declined.

She sold the product, renamed Liquid Paper, from her house for 17 years.

By 1968, the product was profitable and in 1979,
it was sold to the Gillette Corporation
for $47.5 million with royalties.

She died the following year,
with half of her estate going to charity,
and half to her only child;
actor, producer, businessman, and
former Monkee, Michael Nesmith

So here we have more connections, but also with the theme of RIVALRY.

Now whenever there's restructuring or a power shift happening, at any level, people are called to remember old loyalties, debts and promises broken and kept....and worry about how much the other camps remember.

Well we are going through a GLOBAL POWER RE-STRUCTURE, and as Global Power Houses are VERY old, there are very many, very old memouries to review.

Which brings us back to Maddy, The Lindbergh Baby and

Now we've looked at "BALLOONS" as a symbol KEY, and I've posted on the now 'available to the general public', FLYING SAUCERS and the stupid, non-excuses for the death of the AIRSHIP and FLYING BOAT industries,
but I haven't explored the depths of the themes.
I keep stopping at the statement,
"I'm just waiting to see those 'MIGHTY DUCKS'."

And what was a recent, very funny spoof floating around the NET, but that
"BILL READING" of funding a response to a "Flesh Eating" ATTACK of some Power Greater than our Worst Nightmares!

And this after stories of the AIRSHIP Industry taking off again, and that
LEONARDO Di CAPRIO movie, "The Aviator", which ended with the successful flight of his (HOWARD HUGES, who made his early fortune in WEST AUSTRALIAN MINING), the biggest ever, FLYING BOAT.

Now keeping in mind that long before there was a 'conspiracy industry',
there was always an interest in the conspiracies that DENY GOOD technologies to the common man, while FORCING dangerous, polluting, wasteful technologies on us...can you just imagine what wonderful transports
have been designed and tested by all those gifted, inventive experts, who had their industries of choice, taken from public involvement, and put in the secretive hands of Governments.

But as we know, when RIVALRY is between the most powerful, it becomes
the most bloody for the innocent bystanders, and our World Powers are NOT
all on the same side, despite many pretending to be, even for hundreds of years, and that whole subject of the public Air Transport industry/history,
is one huge story of RIVAL World Powers, making us pay for their control
and domination.

So I can't help but expect it won't be too long before those WALKING, SWIMMING, FLYING, "MIGHTY DUCKS", so many have been brainwashed into believing are 'Alien', make their public debut....something like this;


except "WORLD" is NOT plural.


Originally Posted by vera susa (Post 160663)
And more "TIMING"... from today's BBC Main Page;

Citizen Kane Oscar under hammer

Orson Welles (centre) made Citizen Kane at the age of 25

The only Oscar won for
Orson Welles'
iconic 1941 film Citizen Kane
is to be auctioned and is estimated to fetch
$800,000 (£393,000)
to $1.2m (0.5m).

The Oscar was for best original screenplay and was given jointly
to Welles and Herman J Mankiewicz.

Sotheby's auction house in New York said it will
auction off the statuette on 11 December.

Many critics regard Citizen Kane,
about a power-hungry newspaper baron,
as one of the best films ever made.

Leila Dunbar, senior vice president at Sotheby's,
said the prestige of the film added to the statuette's value.

Held in secret

"The movie had a star-studded cast," she said.
"Welles was fearless in the filmmaking and he had complete autonomy,
all of which helped him create a landmark movie."

The Oscar was believed to have been lost until
it appeared at a 1994 Sotheby's auction.

A Los Angeles cinematographer had held it in secret,
after being given it by Welles as payment for working with him.

Welles' youngest daughter, Beatrice, claimed the Oscar for herself
after suing Sotheby's and the cinematographer.

Oscar sales

But when she tried to sell it, the academy tried unsuccessfully
to sue her as part of its longstanding goal of keeping Oscars out
of commercial markets.

Since 1950, the academy has required Oscar-winners to give it
the first right of refusal to buy back an Oscar for $1.

In 2003, it was acquired by the Dax Foundation,
an LA-based non-profit group that supports various
educational, health and other causes.
It is being auctioned by Dax.

In 1999, the best picture Oscar for Gone With the Wind
fetched more than $1.5m and Vivien Leigh's best actress statuette
for the same movie made more than $550,000.


And here we have, also on the BBC Main Page,
and a


Russia backs Iran nuclear rights
Global hunt for child-sex suspect
Dalai Lama US trip condemned
Woolmer Jamaica inquest opens
Nets boost Africa's malaria fight
'Two shot' in Cameroon taxi riot

vera susa 17-10-2007 04:35 AM

And then we also have this "TIMELY" reminder of that too often ignored, "FRENCH CONNECTION" in so much of what on the surface, looks unconnected:

Oh, really Obama and Cheney are cousins?


Originally Posted by synak (Post 160696)
Amazing some people still think that "anyone" can become a presidential "candidate". None of it is random.

Aren't Bush and Kerry related to Vlad the Impaler?

Yeah, at least synak didn't fall for "6 Degrees of Separation" BUZZ,
that flooded MSM a while back.
That 'fashion of water cooler talk', was promoted to convince folk that all those these connections we keep tripping over, between the Rich, Famous and Powerful, are as 'innocent', as the connections we 'common folk' have
with them....except we can't get away with shooting friends, while running the men who run a super-power!


Originally Posted by vera susa (Post 160699)
can someone allowed on The Unhived Mind, share this with
"Craig Oxley" and "Brother Eric Jon Phelps",

and remind their readers, that,
the ONLY way
they will have the SEGREGATED world
with technology that read and "RESPOND" to,
the genetic information that knows
how much 'black/brown blood'
is hiding under 'white/light skin'.

U.S. Senator Barack Obama (L) (D-IL)
re-enacts being sworn-in
by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney (R)
on Capitol Hill in Washington, January 4, 2005.
With him are his wife Michelle
and their two daughters
Malia (L) and Sasha.

Obama, 43,
is the only African-American in the Senate,
and the fifth in its history.

Cheney and Obama are distant cousins.
according to the vice president's wife, Lynne Cheney,
who said she discovered that her husband
of 43 years
is eighth cousins with the senator from Illinois.

The common ancestor was Mareen Devall,
who the Chicago Sun-Times said was
a 17th century immigrant from France.


REUTERS/Jason Reed

vera susa 17-10-2007 05:35 AM



Now this was also their 'Valued Exposure' yesterday (some clever code breakers might want to 'specialize' on the cracking the 'seemingly' random
posting and CHANGING of images the BBC give us, as there's definitely something 'directing' the web site's editors to act outside of 'routine'),
and if you look at all on offer on todays selections,
well, I can't see that 'They' mean to "RING THE NORTH" with 'Salad Days'....

BBC NEWS: In Pictures

1987 storm lashes Kew

1987 storm

Day in pictures
16 October 2007

A tree lying across a Moscow road after collapsing under the weight of snow
A tree lies across a Moscow street after collapsing under the weight of snow.

But this one jumped out at me;

Juvenile boxfish

A 1cm-long juvenile boxfish
swims in the Celebes Sea,
just off the Philippines.

Well the following is about one of Australia's richest men
(possibly, the 3rd..?), famous for his philanthropy,
but back in the early eighties my husband found that just applying
for a tradesman job with Pratt's RIVAL company, AMCOR,
was like applying to join the secret service...that there was something
very dark and "OFF" about the whole industry...the Containers, Packaging
and Cardboard BOX industry.

Pratt apologises as firm faces $43m fine
5:00AM Wednesday October 17, 2007
By Nick Lenaghan

Visy Industries chairman Richard Pratt. Photo / Bloomberg

Visy group chairman Richard Pratt has again apologised for his
packaging and paper company's involvement in price fixing with rival Amcor
in the A$2 billion ($2.4 billion) cardboard market.

The billionaire's company is facing a possible record penalty of A$36 million
for the anti-competitive behaviour, the Federal Court in Melbourne heard on Monday.

Speaking outside court, Pratt said he accepted full responsibility for his company's behaviour.

"I know a lot more now than I knew then, but I sincerely regret what happened and I accept ultimate responsibility," he said.

In a hearing before Judge Peter Heerey, Pratt and Visy admitted responsibility for the illegal price fixing. But Visy also told the court the activity did not cause losses to its customers. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has asked the court to impose a A$36 million fine on Pratt and Visy.

Smaller fines of A$1.5 million and A$500,000 respectively should also be imposed on Visy chief executive Harry Debney and former general manager Rod Carroll, the ACCC said. In a defence submission, Jonathan Beach, QC said Visy acknowledged its liability, accepted its responsibility and repented its contravention of the Trade Practices Act.

But Beach said price increases under the cartel, that ran between 2000 and 2004, followed a price war between Visy and Amcor.
"It's not an excuse but it explains the genesis of the arrangement
so far as Visy is concerned," he told the court.

"Our position is that increases would have taken place in any event."

Earlier, Peter Jopling QC, for the ACCC, told the court collusion between Visy and Amcor resulted in "very serious contraventions" of the act and had been "carefully and deliberately concealed".

"The collusion involved both price fixing and market sharing measures," he said.

An agreed statement of facts handed to the court covers 37 contraventions of the Trade Practices Act by Visy affecting some of Australia's biggest food and beverage companies, including Ingham's, Goodman Fielder, Foster's Group, Nestle and Cadbury Schweppes. Jopling said cardboard prices had risen by an overall 20 per cent from 2000-04.

The ACCC barrister also rejected a public apology issued last week by Pratt and Visy.

In a letter, Pratt said his senior executives had been motivated by a desire to take advantage of their arch rival Amcor.

As well, the Visy senior executives involved did not properly understand the complexities of the Trade Practices Act.

But Jopling asked Justice Heerey to reject those claims.

Jopling said Visy's "contraventions had nothing to do with the poor appreciation of the law".

Outside court, Pratt paused briefly to issue another apology.

But he did not respond to questions when asked why Debney remained in his position at Visy, despite admitting his role in the illegal activity.

Amcor, which blew the whistle on the price fixing to the competition watchdog, dismissed senior executives who set up the deal with Visy.

The ACCC legal action follows a year-long investigation into price fixing in Australia's A$2 billion cardboard box industry from 2000-04.

Justice Heerey reserved his decision on penalties to a date to be fixed.

But what this story WHITE WASHES, is AMCOR'S GUILT.

These mongrels didn't "Blow the Whistle",
(they are the only two BOX suppliers in the country),
AFTER they got BUSTED.
COMPLETE IMMUNITY for themselves,
by spilling all the dirt in their SHARED closet!

vera susa 17-10-2007 06:23 AM

Now, it's always been very hard for me to ignore ELEPHANTS,
even as child, long before I was aware of THE ORDER OF THE ELEPHANT,
'something' told me they represented a 'SECRET' Power,
well beyond their obvious size and intelligence,
but even more so since being aware of
belonging to that Order...and when the BBC combines
an ELEPHANT called "FIVE",

17 October 2007



Five, a 16-year-old African Elephant,
creates works of art using a paint brush at West Midlands Safari Park.


The role of Irish volunteers in the International Brigade
during the Spanish civil war is being marked with a display of memorabilia
in the Linen Hall Library.
It is thought 78 of the 2,000 left-wing idealists from Britain, Ireland and
the Commonwealth who fought against Franco came from NI.


The remains of a clay pipe found at Fort William. It was among artefacts recovered by archaeologists probing the town's 18th Century history


vera susa 17-10-2007 07:30 AM

Right, so today on AUSTRALIA'S SOUTHERN CROSS TV news,
we just had a news-bar headline about the BEATLES,
and the first on-line story about it was from NEW ZEALAND,
then on today's OZZIE

we have:

Best of the ABC Updated: 17/10/2007 2:33:24 PM

File photo: The Beatles in the 1960s

I knocked back the Beatles

Former hotelier to the rich and the famous Frank Christie ]turned away the fab four - much to his kids' disgust.

* Listen to a clip from Life Matters
* Download the program in full


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