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techman 20-11-2018 12:01 PM

Microchipping of pets
As we all are aware on here, the idea of getting pet owners (by law) to microchip their dogs is a very clever and conditioning way of getting gradually used to the eventual microchipping of humans. My question would be, has anyone tried to discuss this issues with animal rights groups, pet owners. vets, dogs trusts etc etc, and tried to educate and inform them of why this law has been introduced, and why the chipping of animals is merely just the stepping stone to people being the same?.

Even without bringing up the idea of humans being chipped (which unless youve been living on another planet is pretty obvious is what they're trying to do), does the idea of animals (whom btw have rights as much as humans) instill a sense of "I don't like this" vibe with people, especially animal lovers?. I suspect when you bring up the "it's just used to familiarise people so we'll accept being chipped too" issue with these people, I think all you'll get back from them is either a non response (ie they think you're talking BS and are just a retard), or they will engage you in a negative, counter argument response with the usual "it's nothing to do with privacy, it's to stop dogs going missing...chipping livestock of purebred show horses so they aren't stolen" excuses.

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