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free canada 01-09-2008 08:01 PM

RIK CLAY of Cosmic Mind Blog ~ 1982-2008.
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here is the facebook group name

"Rik Clay (1982-2008) - What a guy!!"

rik and his research will be missed by many...

here is the original threads for rik












kallista 01-09-2008 08:22 PM

Do you mean literally?

special lady 01-09-2008 08:30 PM

Check out rik clay on facebook, look under the groups and you will see comments from his friends and family confirming it.

moonshine 01-09-2008 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by strt (Post 482554)
Does anybody has his youtube videos in archive? His blog is pretty much restored but I never managed to see videos. Please?

Firstly! :eek: I don't know what to say? how sad, if it's true.

Someone added two of his video last week and they where removed again a day later by youtube.

peejay 01-09-2008 08:33 PM

Heres the group on facebook:

strt 01-09-2008 08:37 PM

From facebook:

- The funeral is to be held at 11:30am on Friday 5th September at Scunthorpe Crematorium. Anyone is welcome and there is a relaxed dress code for those who wish to come. His ashes will be scattered on Ilkley Moor a week or so later, those that wish to pay their respects are welcome to this too.

Can somebody go and check?

logic bomb 01-09-2008 08:41 PM

What a terrible and senseless loss :(

Condolences to the family.

nessa felagund 01-09-2008 08:43 PM

How very sad :( My sympathies for his friends and family.

lookfar 01-09-2008 08:45 PM

This is such sad news:( RIP Rik, long may your message live on...

Sending love to all who knew him.

americana 01-09-2008 08:48 PM

My breath just left my body when I read this.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

moonshine 01-09-2008 08:58 PM

His family and friends have My Deepest Sympathy.

upsetbrit 01-09-2008 09:00 PM

Take care mate.

lottie_new 01-09-2008 09:02 PM

My deepest sympathies are with his family and friends.

Rest in Peace Rik.

free canada 01-09-2008 09:08 PM

his research lives on...


kingmonkey 01-09-2008 09:09 PM

He seemed like a really good guy as well...R.I.P Rik.

:mad:Never the scumbags is it?:mad:

seeker1111 01-09-2008 09:11 PM

!!!!! :(:(


lenejento 01-09-2008 09:24 PM


What? No!

My deepest sympathies to his family and friends

He was a wonderful researcher.

He seemed like such a positive and spiritual guy, why would he do that? Is it really confirmed?


skyline 01-09-2008 09:28 PM

The man was on the money and he connected all the dots

I have to say its all very strange,,,after listening to the interview on redice he seemed upbeat and focused and he seem to understand reality and how the system works so to hear that he may of taken his own life is sad

A young man with his life in front of him who seemed fine then overnight went underground suddenly then takes his own life is not logical

The establishment obviously got to him which is what I thought from day one

Riks work may of blown the game wide open so he was a threat to them

RIP bro!

special lady 01-09-2008 09:40 PM

Where's the anger? If it were my friend/family member or child come to that and they felt so low that they couldn't carry on any more for whatever reason, I'd be angry, full on angry!!Fuck I'm angry and I didn't even know the guy.

Not angry with him but with the world at large, you know. I know I wouldn't be posting on facebook thats for sure!

jos08 01-09-2008 09:45 PM

omg I'm so sad, I feel like crying, I still can get my head round it ... I have never met the guy but he seemed very genuine and a total gentleman.
may his spirit live in peace forever.

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