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ngawaka19 19-04-2017 06:55 PM

My latest

Cause I drift
In and out of
Through the physical
Like a wall
Skipping through in static appearance
In my hologram
Not touching the sides
Keeping in the middle
In the breeze of atoms
Through a hole in the wall
Riding the stream
Till it’s time to
Focus and name
What ‘it’ is
Pin point a reason
Setting aside possibility
For a milli-moment
So as to appease
Before I dive back through
The wall into that
Frequency where
Nothing is set
Just the ride
Through the waves
And the breeze in my face

thehiddenroom6669 20-04-2017 05:16 PM

Salten Throo The Twash
How many biinns u got Mary?
She wakes up with a jump
You sure what u got then?
I got a gweene one
A blue one
A wound one
A square one
A wed one
A yellow one
funny shaped won
A talkin 1
A comical une
and a one that looks like a Zebra
So then Mary your the expert with the Gcse in it
Where we put this polystaring stuff that comes of the pacet meel?
Hang on a mo
Trev where 's that pamphlet?
In the sideboard love under the papers
Was it say
let me get me magnifying glass out
think Trev that goes in the talkin bin
but i might be wrong so u better ring up Jean
Hi Jean any idea which bin the pacet meel stuff goes?
hold on a minute my area's different i aint got a talkin bin
but i know who will no hang on a minute i,ll ring up Glad
What Glad now u sure that goes in the Zebra bin should'nt that belong in the zoo.?
Trev Trev weed that pamphlet again
again Trev
and again
again Trev
lol oh that goes through the round window with Hamble
Twas salted.

thehiddenroom6669 20-04-2017 05:47 PM

Intergallactric Spaece station Careers.
Job Specification
The type of candidate that we require must complete an 8 day week
you will be fabulous
and fabulous some more
you will peel me a grape
you will buy me a Flake
You will decorate the lobby
forget having time for a hobby
Hoop Specification
You must jump thre the small oop
You must learn to fly thru the second hupe
You must swim though the third hoop whilst boiling hot soup.
There is a fourth hoop Salt the twash lol
Salary specification
10 pence

Uniform specification

It will be three sizes too big and you will look like a jerk lol:peace:

hayed joe 20-04-2017 06:44 PM


This is a ticking clock
Dose the baby in front of Mum
Not microscopic
Refuse to answer these questioning

But reduced in size
Silent guilty lie
Fit to scale on the object
That is only happening

The clock ticking attached to
Because refused to answer
Disproportionate in size
To allegations

Compared to importance of function
Born from logic
But only the Pathologists
But have grown into

Will be heartened by the modesty
Childish hatred
Of the atrocity
I don't think she living alive

As deciphered fragments
Number one
Could ever reveal

Truth of intentions
Her parents
Ticking clock
They did it

Just look at it
Counting down
What plans for rescue
Have you now?

thehiddenroom6669 21-04-2017 05:30 AM

Feel Ok Everyday
The World contains Negative and Positive
Accept this
really accept that
really:Luv Heart: our perceptions entwined together sometimes clash
get up
have a delicious breakfast
wash with something lovely and perfumed
put on your inpenatrable
can't spell that
put on your inpenitrible, protective and anti negative suit .
mine is a jacket and little skirt
leave the house
lock the door
say hello
listen to the hedge
the one full to the brim with birdies
they chatter to each other
they are friends
look at the sky
notice the blue the fields
wow thats green
nothing can be that green
massage your neck
every muscle rub it
rub it
soothe it
when negative is overwhelming
just stop
don't do a thing
watch it float by
i know there's alot but there really is'not
bit like traffic
bit of a pest
but let it whizz by
look at the sea
stars space
pace Gods face
Gods face

cosmicpurpose1.618 21-04-2017 07:00 AM

Watsup hidden room, I thought you got banned?

cosmicpurpose1.618 21-04-2017 08:03 AM


Eyeing a soul from a room inside the mirror,

The door only opens inward.

A compass points the way to the well,

Death chases youth around Sinatra's turn-table.

Standing over a mountain of hearts,

As earth ships her cargo through vacuumed waters.

Her teeth are jagged and hungry,

Seductive dancing widens our propensity.

The flames of a fetus rise higher than God's word,

It's toxicity oozes out my throat and grows wings.

Even are the odds, and odder even than that,

Black blood, black blood, blue blood.

If your father commands you to laugh,

Enter his mind and become his tongue.

So long as the depravity of my wings invigorate the lost,

Windows in my shack look out onto serpentine eyes.

Silver flowers grow slowly from my skull,

Smoke descends tomorrow in Saturn's bile.

...Or something!!!

hayed joe 21-04-2017 09:41 AM

The page on here turns so that signals me to write stuff!
Thanks for keeping the thread going!


What cheating?
Letting down psychic
Spiting own face
By rejecting all skies

Get trapped on Spider webs
To prove you still care
Nothing to say but obvious
Screaming in dark
For hope it undoes all this

Did you see today
The strands across the place
Beside the strands from yesterday
Still unbroken yet

All we've got is spider dysentery
Infestation but instructed
To blame all on war
Many different fingerprints
At tip of what you point

Some choose to stay where they are
Until cave painting has no more
When at first taste of web
Retract ducking before next breath

If the Sun high bright
Stay away from the cave
Bring axe with fire
Cave to keep dry your flame

Be able to see more webs
Destroy all with a sweep
Hold to cave paintings?
See their processed feat
Then remember committee

First suggested marking walls
A camera with no resources
Real Life for no imagination
Many hands planned

And marked their design
That revealed story
Mammoth extinction
But agreement not to speak
Of the webs

Giant spiders are weaving
All events are spider webs
To keep you distracted
From insanity you cannot fly.

nsmitty808 21-04-2017 01:44 PM

*Written 5/4/15; shared in one other place on the interwebs:

Illusions we have made
Could we ever break away
Or would it all start again

Stars could fall for a million years
Will we ever be heard
Through all the lies we've made
Just to prove we can fight
For one more chance to rearrange

Break away

Come alive - get out while you still can.

thehiddenroom6669 21-04-2017 03:14 PM

Yes please Nig
I'll have a coop of tea
Medium with milk
sugars make it three

what u feeling right now?
right now
whats going on inside
have u really thought about it
questions far and wide

i'll Keep on writing
some day they,ll analyse all this
either think i am a genius
or laugh and take the piss

I hope it is the former
they'll try to comprehend what i mean
each verse
immersed in a gigantic ice cream

Aha the tutor will say
she was talking about her life quote
the troubles
the strife
magic and gife
If you don't understand it your fick
with only a peabug sized brain cell
You must be incredibly thick:lol:
Now read it all again
she was above and beyond her station
each word
she addressed to the nation.
it came with Gods creation
partly for recreation.
a feeling of pure elation.
The end.

cosmicpurpose1.618 22-04-2017 08:09 AM

More Random:

There's more to wanting than just wanting more,

My crow's nest spies the island off-shore.

Day is to comfort the time as we grow,

Night is what's left, after the show.

To cleave a Mongol's head clean off,

Attila is eaten by pigs in the trough.

A moon-less night and a sun-less day,

Black, white, and few shades of gray.

Pay the toll, or the troll you'll upset,

If you cannot, put the bridge up to-let.

Pray to the gods as your homeland is pillaged,

Or are those gods part of Satanic millage?

Benign is the name of the cloud above me,

I jig to the tune just for others to love me.

Natural desires undershine belated,

To be ritual pilchards overhadows our sated.

Veins in my memorial edifice unstated,

Partial to render the next eight unrelated.

Endocarditis frightens deprived,

Internal eternal salvation denied.

Answer the question, then question the answer,

Decipher dissection, algorithm of dancer.

Oh Unholy lance! Create the explicate,

Reduce the chance of burning the intricate.

[p.s before you say anything, yes, I know Satanic mills is William Blake :)]

thehiddenroom6669 26-04-2017 09:40 AM

Zap and that was that.
Down by the river
walking me dog
along came a witch

turned us both into a frog.


derekbuttery 28-04-2017 06:38 AM

(apologies to otis)

"sitting in the morning sun
waiting for war to come,
watching as death rolls in
watching him take my kin

I'll be sitting on the edge of your life
Ready to widow your wife
Sitting on the edge of life
Wastin' mine"

thehiddenroom6669 29-04-2017 03:30 PM

Uncover or Discover
It ,s a funny ole town that i just discovered
A million and one qualities under the covers
So later in life
these ideas came
wish it had been earlier
and devoured my brain
But hey Great Barrier Reef
aint no time
to ponder the grief
cheeses and chooses these topics instead
splendid words
inside a pot in the shed
scoop it in
go for 7,s
win win win
morning dew comes great calm
lunch time cuddles behind the barn
afternoons relax with a nap
tea time finds love in ya cap
befriend your neighbours cat
sunsets full of delight
moonlit meadows
owls snowy white
every second of ebery day
embrace your balance
stay this way.
sanctuary and grace
come what may.

thehiddenroom6669 01-05-2017 09:14 AM

Lets have a qick one 4 fun.
Bit bored this morn

put an egg on
while it boils
dance arond the kitchen
and sing
cock yor legs up in the air
show your new pants off
and your frilly underwear
then your get a look lol
and your'll get stare
but do'not care
so hip hip
hip hip hip hooray
thens nobody got these pants
not like yours
not today
there sparkly
and there bright
varied and dotty
a sensatinal visionary delight
now cosume your egg:lol
yum yum yum now fash em ya bum

thehiddenroom6669 01-05-2017 01:15 PM

Christmas Mountain.
Christmas is here again
Arrived Valentine's day
It diverted and changed from the traditional way.
Snow is sparkly
beams light
your eyes glitter like snowflakkes
A welcoming sight
we climbed Christmas mountain
held hands on the peak
kisses , cuddles , hugs and merriment
The biggest caress on your cheek
Hope you had fun The Robin did whisper
are you glad that you climbed here?
Had the courage to kiss her?
For this merry Christmas in the sun
have lots of enjoyment with bags of fun
and an Angels blessing for everyone.

hayed joe 01-05-2017 09:48 PM

2012. While everyone was getting into the Olympics I wrote something else.
"Why did I write this? I'm over 9 years too late!" and off it went to the great bulging purple folder on the top of the wardrobe. But then... He returned!!!


The best steps to humour them
And hope they buy your custom
Like you needed any orders to feel smug
Well the things develop
And that's all it took

And it was all yours
Sending them off for hours
For the giggling ones
Walking past

And then Tony Blair said
"They're not even on to me yet!
They're all on fire!
Wasn't it a good idea
To tie them up!"

I am aware the net is closing in
But I can put my feet up
Relax after all days work
But then considering
Longer term maintenance

But now I have wonderful friends
Who will give me their games
To the glass eyed the cuts
Feel insignificant
Forgetting the original truth
Made them blind
First place

The best step is to anticipate
They offer you a drink
At your fingertips backgrounds of action
If you play up to refusing
The hurt as you calculate it
From late night secret flow chart patterns

Can you enjoy the split second?
When everything is possible?
How far in advance
Can you string along web
Before they suddenly
Develop a fear of spiders?

The best step is one second glances
If they are complete strangers
They are entitled to see you as nothing
And hope with both feet put
Into a direction
That leads you to the top step

The one you have to climb with friends
And then Tony Blair said:

"So when the collateral
All around you
Begins to interact?
And ask of you questions?!!
Their interactions will stop
In just... a few... *grunt...
...more... SECONDS!!"

thehiddenroom6669 02-05-2017 08:05 PM

Those Finest moments when life sucks
My neck aches
and so does my shoulders
i feel awlful
and grumpy
my finger hurts
i never wanted to be a Mechanic
I like washing up
so fixing brakes todat
every tiny bolt that could possibly be rusty was present
and difficult to remove
i miss mans bodies
sorry but its true
lovely passionate crump
but no
everyone's blank
all i can say is
Monday Sunday Happy days

thehiddenroom6669 02-05-2017 08:06 PM

and he was a Mechanic aswell if i recall

thehiddenroom6669 02-05-2017 08:10 PM

and i got dirt down my pink dress this world aint right

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