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scottishryan 10-03-2016 10:27 AM

How ‘The System’ Is Controlling You
How ‘The System’ Is Controlling You & Separating People

David Icke has been exploring alternative theories about life and the world in which we live for the last 26 years. He has faced some of the most cruel and vicious backlash from both the public and the media for the subject matter and context of his ideas, but through it all has persevered, continuing to work and share his truth.

The premise of his work is shattering illusions placed upon us by a system that wants to control us at every turn. This second segment (the first one can be seen here) goes into what the system of control wants, and according to David, that is to keep people feeling separate and isolated, perpetuating the separated paradigm. He uses the imagery of dots on a page. Each ‘dot’ represents a different faction of life, be it media, school, government, science, etc.

We cannot see the big picture of what these dots represent, being so focused on the dots closest to us. He sees his work and the work of alternative media as helping connect these dots and bringing forth the intelligence behind the interconnectedness of our world. According to David, the illusion of separation obscures this truth; it hides the inherent harmony of all things in this world. If this sounds confusing — good. That just demonstrates how strongly held this illusion is.

Check out the latest segment:

Video on website (need to sign into collective-evolution.com) http://www.collective-evolution.com/...rating-people/

(If anyone finds the video for embedding, please feel free to post it here)

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