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getagrip 20-01-2017 12:25 PM

The Comprehensive List Of Natural Antibiotics

Share your favourites here. Uses, recipes & dosage would be most welcome.

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getagrip 20-01-2017 12:33 PM



Up first is the natural antibiotic garlic! Garlic has been used medicinally by cultures around the world for thousands of years. In fact, it was used in the 1700s to ward off the plague.

Garlic possesses potent antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties and is able to help protect and facilitate removal of unfriendly bacteria. It is also very high in natural antioxidants that destroy free radicals, which also supports a strong immune system.

The active ingredient in garlic, allicin, is the key component to killing and warding off harmful bacteria. Crush it to activate these compounds, and eat it raw, in a warm tea or in lightly cooked food.

The active ingredient, allicin needs to be activated to get the antibacterial benefits.
To do this; cut, chop or grind the garlic bulb and leave for about 5 mins before using. Eat Garlic raw to get the best antibiotic effects as cooking destroys the allicin.
To combat garlic breath - chew on some parsley leaves after consumption.

A 1 ounce (28 grams) serving of garlic contains (3):
•Manganese: 23% of the RDA.
•Vitamin B6: 17% of the RDA.
•Vitamin C: 15% of the RDA.
•Selenium: 6% of the RDA.
•Fiber: 0.6 gram.
•Decent amounts of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1.

Garlic also contains trace amounts of various other nutrients. In fact, it contains a little bit of almost everything we need.


getagrip 20-01-2017 01:04 PM

getagrip 20-01-2017 01:23 PM


Horseradish works as a mild natural antibiotic.

It helps your body get rid of the mucus, which, when stagnant, can become the breeding ground for bacteria that cause serious infections. Horseradish thins the mucus. This makes it easier to cough it out. Initially, the mucus production might increase. But this is in fact a good sign as it’s signaling that the body is cleansing. You just need to be patient for a day or two before you can start celebrating your win over that persistent cold (or even your sinus infection). It is recommended to take horseradish as soon as you start feeling the cold or sinus infection setting in.

If you suffer from sinus infection, there are other effective natural treatments that you can combine with the consumption of horseradish. I wrote a detailed article about the best home remedies for sinus infection and I’ve personally used many of them. If you suffer from sinus infection you really need to combine a few remedies / treatment options to speed the recovery and to get rid of the mucus that allows bacteria to breed.

It is important to consume horseradish fresh or it will lose its potency.

Also, it’s best to use it raw, as cooking destroys some of its beneficial substances and takes away its signature refreshingly spicy taste.

Horseradish Recipes to clear your nose and chest

Horseradish sinus plumber
•8 – 12 inch long piece of horseradish root
•2 Tbsp water
•1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
•Pinch salt

Use a vegetable peeler to peel the surface skin off of the tuber and chop into small pieces.
Put into the food processor, add the water, the vinegar and the salt.
Process until well ground.

At the point you have to be extremely careful as the ground up fresh horseradish is many times as potent as chopped onions and it can seriously hurt your eyes if you get too close. Always keep an arm length away and work in a well ventilated area.

Store in a glass jar and eat 1/2–1 teaspoon (3–5 grams) three times per day. This is a seriously strong concoction which I’ve used myself and found it extremely effective. If you haven’t eaten horseradish before start with very small amounts as this is extremely strong and potent concoction.

It will keep 4-5 weeks in the refrigerator.

getagrip 20-01-2017 02:02 PM


I wont say too much about Turmeric as I know we have a couple of really in-depth threads which I will link to.

Turmeric offers many health benefits since it has both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

It is used to relieve swelling and pain due to headaches and wounds and is called ‘natural aspirin’ in Ayurvedic medicine.

It also possesses anti-bacterial properties and when applied to small cuts and wounds, it can stem blood flow by aiding with blood clotting, prevents infections and heals wounds. Combined with milk, turmeric is used as a drink, lotion or even a face mask.

Turmeric Milk Recipe

getagrip 20-01-2017 02:30 PM

getagrip 20-01-2017 02:52 PM

Coriander (Cilentro)
Cilantro can Remove 80% of Heavy Metals from the Body within 42 Days. Here is What You Need to Do:

Cilantro Inflammation-Busting Recipe

1/2 c packed chopped fresh organic cilantro (Coriander)

1/2 c organic apple juice

1/2 c water

1 teaspoon wheatgrass powder (or any other green powder)

Mix in a blender until smooth.
Drink this daily.

Cilantro is one of the most effective and gentle detoxifiers of heavy metals and other toxic contaminants. It is excellent for extracting mercury from your body’s organs. Heavy metals have been linked to serious health problems such as cancer, heart disease, brain deterioration, emotional problems, kidney disease, lung disease, and weak bones.
Cilantro is a rich source of minerals, such as potassium, calcium, manganese, iron and magnesium. It contains high amount of vitamins A and K. It is also a proven antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory; it can help quickly reduce infection and inflammation as it works to clear your system.

I've not tried this one myself so cant say exactly how effective the claims are.

getagrip 21-01-2017 10:06 AM


Honey and cinnamon are combined often to fight various infections. Daily use of these two products can prevent bacterial and viral infections and they help strengthen white blood cells. Honey and cinnamon can be drunk with water to heal colds and coughs and heal bladder infections. Honey and cinnamon paste can ease an aching tooth, cure acne, eczema, insect bites, ringworm and other skin infections.

A study conducted by a group of surgeons found that a cinnamon oil solution was able to kill common infections – many of them found in hospitals. Some of these hospital-acquire infections arecinnamon as antibiotic MRSA and streptococcus. Cinnamon oil was found to be as effective as antiseptics used to combat infections caused by these bacteria and could be used in hospitals. Similar study by French scientists found that cinnamon oil of 10% or less strength was able to fight various strains of bacteria, like E.coli and staphylococcus, resistant to conventional antibiotics.

A hand-sanitizer made using eucalyptus, lemon and cinnamon bark oil was found effective in killing germs and an effective antiseptic lotion.

In one study, a chemical compound – o-methoxycinnamaldehyde was isolated from powdered cinnamon and it was found to have antibiotic activity. At various strengths, it was found to inhibit growth of different bacteria strains.


The recommended dosage of cinnamon is 1-6g a day taken for not more than 6 weeks.

Precautions with Cinnamon

Some people could develop an allergy to cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon has a component coumarin which has anti-coagulant properties. Hence, anyone taking blood thinners like warfarin must be careful when consuming cinnamon for it could cause excess bleeding.

getagrip 21-01-2017 10:13 AM

eurosianguy 21-01-2017 10:26 AM

The olive leaf was first used medicinally in Ancient Egypt, and it was a symbol of heavenly power. It is the leaf of the olive tree, called Olea europaea. Olive leaves have been used in the human diet as an extract, an herbal tea and a powder. They contain many potentially bioactive compounds that have antioxidant, antihypertensive, antiatherogenic, anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemic and hypoglycemic properties — similar to olive oil benefits.

Sorry I am on my tablet and have a hard time with copy and paste so this is what I managed to do lol.

But there is much more info online about olive leafs. I have loads of olive trees in the area that are not being sprayed and they are evergreen so I use those myself now and again

iamawaveofthesea 23-01-2017 03:35 PM

Sphagnum moss has anticeptic properties and was collected to be used as dressings during the war

getagrip 24-02-2017 02:02 PM

Kill Your Infections With This Natural Antibiotic Recipe

– 1 part garlic, chopped
– 1 part white onion, chopped
– 1 part ginger root, grated
– 1 part horseradish, grated
– 1 part hot peppers, chopped (you can use cayenne, habanero, serrano, jalapeño, etc)
– 1 gallon raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar


Prepare all your ingredients. Put them in a glass jar so that the jar is ¾ full with equal parts of the chopped and grated ingredients. You can either use small jars or go for big gallon glass jars.

Pour apple cider vinegar over the ingredients until the jar is full. Make sure all the ingredients are covered by the liquid.

Close the jars and shake them vigorously, so the ingredients mix and bind.

Store the jars in a dark and cool place for at least 2 weeks and shake them daily.

After 2 weeks, use a colander to drain the liquid into a different bowl. Line the colander with cheesecloth and place the mixture in it. Press all the moisture out of the mixture. At the end, wrap the cheesecloth around the remaining mixture and squeeze out the rest of the liquid.

Pour the tonic into glass bottles using a funnel. You can use 8 oz (200 milliliters) amber bottles or any other size.


For a general immunity boost, take 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60 milliliters), two or more times daily. Put it in your mouth, swish around, gargle and swallow. As mentioned earlier, be prepared for the spicy, potent taste.

If you are battling an infection, take the tonic 5 to 6 times a day.


getagrip 24-02-2017 02:48 PM

Carrots? Eat to Beat Inflammation - Go Organic Because...

The very same reason that makes carrots so nutritious – their ability to absorb up so many nutrients from the soil – is also the reason why they are so good at absorbing up pesticides and even heavy metals from the ground they’re in...

Rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, both of which fight inflammation.

A serving of carrots (one medium carrot or ½ cup chopped) will provide about:
•210% of the average daily recommended amount of vitamin A
•10% vitamin K
•6% vitamin C
•2% calcium

A study found that cooked carrots had higher levels of beta-carotene and phenolic acids than raw carrots, and the antioxidant activity continued to increase over a period of four weeks. Adding carrot peels to a carrot puree also boosted antioxidant levels. ( quoted from a health blog. Unfortunately they did not link to the research)

getagrip 24-02-2017 02:55 PM

Eat 10 Fruit and Veg a Day, Not Five
Reported in the news this week:

The "five a day" rule should be doubled to 10 pieces of fruit and vegetables, a major study has said as it found that increasing consumption dramatically decreases the chance of disease.

Eating 800 grams of fruit and vegetables a day can reduce a person's chance of having a stroke by a third, while the risk of heart disease can drop by around 24 per cent.

It may also help stave off cardiovascular disease and cancer, while the study found that if everyone followed the new rule nearly 8 million premature deaths could be prevented worldwide.

Researchers from Imperial College London, who analysed data from 95 studies concerning fruit and vegetable intake, said they wanted to work out exactly what a person would need to eat to gain the maximum protection against disease.

cosmicpurpose1.618 24-02-2017 04:16 PM

• Garlic
• Onion
• Turmeric
• Curry powder
• Ginger
• Cinnamon
• Cardamon
• Goldenseal
• Oregano
• Thyme
• Basil
• Lavender
• Manuka Honey
• Pau d'Arco tea
• Rooibos tea
• Olive leaf extract
• Grapefruit Seed Extract
• Echinacea
• Colloidal Silver (in extreme moderation)

aurum 21-05-2017 08:23 PM

Wild Greek Oregano Oil- So many uses, and mega mega potent. I recommend Zane Hellas http://www.zanehellas.com/wp/

Medical Studies: http://www.zanehellas.com/wp/medical-info/

aurum 21-05-2017 08:27 PM

Also, you can make up an essential oil blend called Four Thieves-

Thieves was created based on research about four thieves in France who protected themselves with cloves, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. This proprietary blend was university tested and found to be highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.

getagrip 12-12-2017 07:15 PM

Fantastic for this time of year.


Boosts the Immune System
Echinacea can have a powerful impact on the immune system; over 14 clinical trials have confirmed its ability to encourage good health all year long.
Other studies show echinacea to be among the most effective supplements for seasonal wellness.

Reduces Redness and Swelling
Systemic swelling, redness, and discomfort in the body can have multiple sources, including an unhealthy diet or strenuous exercise.
Consuming echinacea or applying skin care products that contain echinacea essential oil can help reduce and alleviate tissue irritation.

Promotes the Health of Cells
Consuming echinacea promotes the health of protective cells in your body. Many of the compounds in echinacea support immune cells and encourage healthy cell growth.

Facilitates Oxygen Transport
Echinacea may improve oxygen levels in the blood. Echinacea increases erythropoietin production in the bone marrow, this, in turn, promotes red blood cell production and increases the capacity of the blood to transport oxygen.

Supports Oral Health
Echinacea has been evaluated in combination with other herbs like sage and lavender and found to reduce bad breath. It’s believed this effect is partly due to echinacea’s ability to neutralized the harmful organisms that cause bad breath.[

Alleviates Physical Discomfort
Native Americans used echinacea to reduce aches and pains. Today, research has shown its potential for promoting comfort following surgery.[13]

Encourages Normal Skin Health
Echinacea supports a normal complexion by helping to discourage blemishes and irritation.[14] Other studies found that it helps hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.[15]

Promotes Upper Respiratory Health
Echinacea is among the best herbs for supporting upper respiratory health, even in children. One double-blind placebo-controlled study found that air travel passengers who took echinacea tablets before and during a flight experienced fewer respiratory issues.

iamawaveofthesea 12-12-2017 07:25 PM

I know this thread is for natural ingredients but pharmaceutical grade vitamin C can be really good as a supplement at this time of the year.

I think its a far better alternative then getting the flu jab which contains toxic mercury derivative thimerosol and other nasties

iherb sell stuff from the US and sadly you have to pay a custom duty on it when it arrives in the UK. Someone should start supplying it in the UK...there's a niche there

Its difficult to get that concentration of vitamin c from your diet

getagrip 12-12-2017 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea (Post 1062983337)
I know this thread is for natural ingredients but pharmaceutical grade vitamin C can be really good as a supplement at this time of the year.

I think its a far better alternative then getting the flu jab which contains toxic mercury derivative thimerosol and other nasties

iherb sell stuff from the US and sadly you have to pay a custom duty on it when it arrives in the UK. Someone should start supplying it in the UK...there's a niche there

Its difficult to get that concentration of vitamin c from your diet

Funny you should mention this. I was just saying on a different thread of how I take Raw Garlic with Orange juice.

There are so many natural alternatives to boost the immune system. People are crazy to go for the flu jab option.


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