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What must be said…
One thought on “What must be said…” by Satya Sarada Kandala

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Kamal Kothari February 11, 2016 at 5:05 am
Very nice. Well explained. Thx
And from me....Thank you dear Satya

What must be said

February 11, 2016Ancient IndiansAncient Indians, satya sarada kandula,

Silence, speaking, writing
Getting caught in māya… or illusion.

Recall from previous posts :
samsāra is jeevadŕşți. Wordliness is the perspective of the individual.

Even remembering the divine for a moment (smaraņa mātra), frees the mind from the bonds of janma-samsāra birth and samsāra.

So when caught in māya, smara! Remember.

Look at the world from the perspective of Iśvara. That is mökşa – freedom/liberation. Iśvara-dŕşți.

When viewed through the perspective of an individual life-form – the reality looks like Iśvara – as per yöga (patanjali).

vēdānta says that Īśvara: is the Self or Atmā. One school says that the supreme self or paramātma is the in-dweller of all jīva-ātmana: the selves of the individual. Another says that the paramātma is the same as the jīvātma.

I believe that it is a great step for a mind to even remember that there is a Self and that it is Real. In māya we always identify with the body and mind.

It does not help that people lie all the time out of delusion/deception or whatever else.

mouna or silence is the act of not engaging with other minds. Speech, Writing, Thought…. all this is not-mouna. Even writing in a journal, private or public, is not mouna.

mouna is an enabler for Self-Perception.

What is generally called selfishness is a focus on the wants or well-being of the body-mind at an unreasonable cost to other body-minds.

Focussing on the Self (jīva or parama) is dharma. There are many methods for this including dhyāna (paying attention).

Opponents of this dharma say that
a) the Self does not exist
b) one ought not to be happy unless they are striving for the well-being of other human bodies (and maybe their minds).
These opponents treat the bhaktā:, the sādhakā: and the sannyāsī: as irresponsible and deluded and otherwise negatively.

For a mumukşu, a person seeking to be free, engaging with minds which see the Self as unreal is a great bādhaka: , a pain.

And thus mouna becomes necessary to perceive the Self.

Then What must be said?
Through writing a mind engages with itself. There is no one to object or obstruct the development of an idea. Till we have finished anyway.

Through writing a mind can sort and sequence it’s ideas. It can achieve clarity in one of it’s primary activities .. ie thought. It can relieve it’s emotional pressure of a need to express and to be understood if only, by itself.

It can lead to manaśśānti – peace of mind. This is a pre-requisite to the perception of the Self.

Speech can be frustrating unless it is with the right minds. Through writing the mind seeks other understanding minds. Separated in time and space. But minds that are looking for “this expression of this idea”.

Writing can also be frustrating – when a carefully constructed idea is casually dismissed by a knee-jerk reaction. But one hopes each time… for the desired response from the right sort of mind.

What must be said?
Something that calms, strengthens and illumines the speaker and the desired listener. The writer and the reader.

Something that helps one perceive the Self.

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BEING has no beginnings and end but a POWER unto Himself as He can withdraw His presence and re-issue it

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