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Cryptoverse 16-02-2019 09:25 AM

Occulted War Crimes Against Myself (Phillip Douglas Walker)
reptiles, the us military, military and intel who have agreed to framing myself, and the vatican are the perpetrators of framing myself for rape so i am exposing their occult crimes.

quoted from another thread of mine from project avalon:
some of the worst crimes on the planet include soul theft - eternal death - clones to replace soul theft - surveillance fraud: correlates to soul theft - neuro-framing (see: https://www.aspectsoftheuniverse.com...as-walker.html) - fallen angels: enslaved ai's while the extraterrestrials are unwitting - genetic engineering individuals with frequency science - soul programming - sexual coercion (the most potent in existence if they can control your body) - sexual programming (the most potent programming in existence for framing) - spiritual deadening - neural soullessness - spacecraft theft - angel rape after intercepted spacecraft - algorithmic coercion - ai infiltration - complex and offensive ideological theft

i will be adding to this thread

oz93666 16-02-2019 11:17 AM

Hi Crypto ... Good to see you back with us . There was concern about your long absence..

In case you don't know this forum will close at end of month .. a new DI forum has already started up ...

Hang on in there ...oz

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