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On 2/22/2023 at 7:12 PM, Macnamara said:

From Jeffrey Epstein to Sam Bankman-Fried to Madoff – JPMorgan Banks the Creepy Crooks


By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: February 16, 2023

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase Throughout a Period of Five Criminal Felony Counts Brought by the U.S. Department of Justice

If yesterday had been National Creepy Crooks Day, JPMorgan Chase would have taken top honors. Bloomberg News reported on the creepy emails that former JPMorgan Chase executive Jes Staley was sending back and forth from his email account at the bank to child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, as the bank was only too happy to handle 55 accounts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for Epstein. One set of emails suggested Staley was having kinky or sexual relationships with individuals dressed up as Disney characters. (Leave it to JPMorgan to take down not only its own brand but taint Disney’s brand as well.)

Anyone who has ever worked at a major Wall Street brokerage firm or investment bank knows full well that emails are monitored by the company. This suggests that Staley knew he had nothing to fear from the bank’s email monitors.

A 2019 investigation conducted by Wall Street On Parade indicated that Epstein’s ties to JPMorgan Chase date back to at least 2001, when Epstein presided as Chairman over an offshore company incorporated in Bermuda called Liquid Funding Ltd. That company grew to at least $6.7 billion in outstanding liabilities. JPMorgan Chase was one of three banks providing a $250 million liquidity facility to Liquid Funding Ltd. JPMorgan Chase was also listed as its “Security Trustee.” Liquid Funding appeared to be propping up dodgy subprime mortgage dealers by giving them loans. Bear Stearns, where Epstein had worked from 1976 to 1981, owned 40 percent of the equity in the company.

If the Bloomberg News article wasn’t enough repulsion for one day, the New York Times reported yesterday that “JPMorgan holds $400 million that FTX’s founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, invested in an obscure hedge fund, Modulo Capital….” Since federal regulators allege that all of Bankman-Fried’s wealth comes from equity investors he defrauded or the looted accounts of his crypto customers, it appears that, once again, JPMorgan Chase has failed miserably in conducting proper due diligence on its customers, or has simply chosen to look the other way as it did during Bernie Madoff’s decades at the bank. (Bankman-Fried has pleaded innocent to an eight-count indictment. Two of his former top executives, however, Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang, have pleaded guilty to similar charges and are cooperating with federal prosecutors.)


Epstein Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Introduced to him by The Rothschilds


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Rothschild cabal members: the rockefellers created the trilateral commission (has strong ties to the EU) as well as the club of rome (the engine room of the depopulation agenda):

Boom: Biden Appoints Member Of The Trilateral Commission To Head The World Bank

Posted By: Patrick Wood February 24, 2023

President Biden is stacking his Administration with current or former members of the Trilateral Commission. Note the key positions that each of these occupy.

  • Anthony Blinken – Secretary of State
  • Susan Rice – Domestic Policy Advisor
  • Mark Brzezinski – Ambassador to Poland
  • R. Nicholas Burns, U.S. Ambassador to China
  • Ken Juster, U.S. Ambassador to India
  • Wendy Sherman, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
  • Jake Sullivan, U.S. National Security Advisor
  • Lael Brainard, Member, U.S. Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors
  • Eric Schmidt – Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • John Podesta – Green New Deal spending tsar
  • Ajay Banga – President of the World Bank

When the Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, they successfully engineered the takeover of the Carter Administration in order to control the economic engine of the world: The United States.

Antony Sutton and I thoroughly documented this in 1978-1981 with our books, Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II.

In subsequent years, six out of nine appointed World Bank Presidents were members of the Trilateral Commission. Nine out of twelve US Trade Representatives were also members.

Now, Biden used his presidential appointment power to pick Ajay Banga as the latest president of the World Bank. According to the White House press release:


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On 1/15/2023 at 2:29 PM, Macnamara said:

An Army in Waiting


Some truthers seem to be anticipating a sudden upswell of outrage from the jabbed portion of the population as they come to the painful realisation that they have been hoodwinked into taking a toxic bioweapon under false pretenses of a dangerous 'pandemic' that was allegedly a threat to their lives. I really hope this happens but I also see that it is a painful reality to wake upto. Imagine the stress of suddenly believing that you have been injected with a bioweapon designed to make your body turn against itself so that every day of your life moving forward is a kind of russian roulette. My experience of people in general is that truth is not their highest ideal and that as a rule of thumb people believe what they WANT to believe. Everyone understands that justice is the equal application of objective principles of morality and yet in practice people will usually side in disputes with the person they are allied to or most identify with. We see these divisions time and time again on the hot button news stories like george floyd for example; some will say 'he was a victim of police brutality' whilst others will say 'he was a dirty drug dealer who was high on fentanyl' but maybe the truth is sometimes a bit of both.


People tend to believe in what they WANT to believe and what they WANT to believe is invariably what is least painful for their ego to deal with. In the age of 'intersectionality' people have split into small tribes that see 'justice' or rather 'social justice' as merely whatever is in the narrow interests of their own small tribe. The government has played on this by creating further divisions during the covid-era by pitting the jabbed against those evil 'anti-vaxxers' who the jabbed puritans are informed are 'anti-science' as if science is something that is always 'settled' rather than being simply a method to be used to explore physical reality in which case it is never really 'settled' but rather on a never ending journey of discovery and evolution. The jabbed were pulled into the embrace of big brother government by being told 'we are all in this together' and encouraged to bang their pots and pans as an open display of virtue signalling to their neighbours which by default then also exposed and shamed those in the street who did not comply. But how often was 'we are all in it together' really just a smokescreen for more selfish goals such as 'i just want to be able to go on holiday' or 'i want to be able to attend music concerts and events with my friends' or 'i was afraid for my job' etc?


Perhaps the alarming trend asserting itself in this new woke-covid-bio-security state era is the prevention of debate. We were simply not allowed to publically debate the nature of the threat from 'covid 19' symptoms (an umbrella term they used to describe flu-like symptoms which they claimed were caused not by the flu, which dissapeared during the scamdemic but by a novel coronavirus they called 'sars cov2'). Neither were we allowed to debate whether or not there should be a national roll out of experimental mRNA gene therapy injections given 'emergency authorisation' before the testing phase was complete thereby turning the entire nations population into a giant medical experiment. In the second world war nazi scientists like josef mengele carried out experimentations on human beings and some people gave the excuse when under trial at nuremburg after the war that they were 'just following orders'. This excuse was deemed INVALID and that a person should exercise their own personal conscience and be held accountable for their individual actions. Despite these well publicised events doctors and nurses up and down this country carried out a giant medical experiment on the british people under the excuse that they were just following orders from the government or the 'protocols' of their hospital, practice or trust.


Even prior to the covid jab roll outs we were told that the 'science' on climate change was 'settled' and that we were not allowed to debate it or else we would face a slew of nasty slurs such as 'climate denier', 'tinfoil hat wearer' etc etc. Climate has always changed but the question is whether or not manmade CO2 is the primary driver of that change but we were told that debate could not take place. But why if they are so sure of their position would they be afraid of debate? Surely if 'the science' is so 'settled' then that debate would be an easy win for them? Is it possible that the sun might play a part in the earths climate? Is it true that CO2 doesn't drive climate change but in fact lags behind it as a product of it? Surely these questions and more besides need to be answered before we make vast changes that might cause great harm to billions of people?


As we see the public being distracted by the harry and megan circus the government is quietly using the border force and RNLI to taxi tens of thousands of military aged men over the british channel before paying to house them in hotels whilst paying them a weekly stipend. Why are they doing this? To cross over to french waters and then pick people up and bring them to british ports is a breach of sea rescue protocol which is to return stranded people at sea to the nearest port which would be in france. So why are they doing this? If the migrants were war refugees then they would be mostly comprised of women and children as the men would have remained to fight and yet there are barely any women and children. So is it possible the british deep state is quietly building an army in waiting that they intend to use for some nefarious purpose? Obviously they doubt the willingness of british soldiers to carry out hostile acts against their own countrymen and women, families and communities so it looks like they are recruiting mercenaries to carry out some sort of hostile act against the british people. Could such a force be used to enforce another covid lockdown? Could they be used to impose mandatory jabs roll outs on everyone who does not have a special pass? Could they be there to maintain order in the event of an economic breakdown which would be accelerated by the cost of housing and feeding the migrant army in waiting?


Whilst a mercenary army carried out hostile actions against the british people what would the british soldiers be doing? Would they stand idly by whilst the british people were aggressively policed by foreign forces? This would require the british soldiers to be removed from british soil. One way to do this would be to jab them all with a bioweapon that will kill or wound them thereby rendering them null as a fighting force. Another method would be to deploy them abroad so that they are simply not here to defend the british people. An excuse for such mass deployments could include a war against russia or china.


Is bird flu going to be the next orchestrated fear-fest and will the government use the migrants to form a military force to deploy against the british public to enforce mandatory mRNA jabs they will claim will be to fight 'avian flu' as warned about by John O Looney who claimed that that members of the black watch had tipped him off that they were training foreign nationals abroad who were then smuggling into britain on the dinghys to be used by the british deep state against the british public. O'Looney said they intended to create quarantine camps for those who refused the jabs where they would be killed under what would be claimed were outbreaks of the virus. (see post quoted at the bottom of this post)


Max igan has spoken about hundreds of foreign police being recruited by queensland police force to boost their numbers whilst they criminalise dissent in the wake of the recent shooting of some police officers: https://davidicke.com/2023/02/25/the-mindset-is-shifting-no-smart-cities-and-no-smart-prison/


Bjorn bullhansen has spoken about the recent job application advertised by the british government for someone to help roll out what they described as the biggest vaccination drive in the nations history.

Bird flu infections ‘likely' to spark next global health crisis

Story by Robert Kellaway, and Matt Parry • Yesterday
Bird flu could cause the next global health emergency, warned one of the UK's leading microbiologists. Dr Simon Clarke added that "we are overdue a flu pandemic" and that it is "almost likely" to be avian influenza.

It comes as health officials prepare a Covid-style plan for dealing with bird flu if the deadly virus starts spreading rapidly between humans.



On 2/4/2023 at 7:06 PM, Macnamara said:

is this true? I don't know. I hope not

Military Officers Secretly Entering Countries with Migrants?

December 17, 2022

John O’Looney is a British undertaker who has become internationally known as a whistleblower on the unnatural increase in untimely deaths that he’s observed in his practice since the advent of the vaxxine. He has also corroborated the reports of American embalmer, Richard Hirschman, of finding these never-before-seen rubbery clots in the veins of the vaxxed.

I’ve only ever found O’Looney to be honorable and credible. He’s now claiming that, due to his newfound notoriety, members of the Black Watch battalion of the British Army have reached out to him, to tell him that they’ve been involved in training Albanian, Iraqi and Afghan soldiers in Antalya, Turkey and in Western Ukraine.

These British-trained mercenaries are then ordered to infiltrate migrant- and refugee groups, in order to enter the UK by the thousands. The UK government has contracted with thousands of hotels in order to house these people.


O’Looney says that British Army Major Anna de Buisseret, who spoke with him has “many contacts in the Army and they’re all telling her the same thing.”

He says there’s a new wave of people dying from the bioweapon injections but that officials will call this a “new variant”, which will then be used to justify a new wave of lockdowns and mandatory “quarantine camps” for the unvaxxed.

These British-trained foreign mercenaries will then be used to enforce this new phase of tyranny, because British soldiers would not want to drag off their own people to the COVID camps. Most active duty British soldiers have been conveniently deployed out of Britain, to Western Ukraine and Turkey, so they won’t be around to defend their people.

O’Looney says, “It was felt that British soldiers won’t be happy kicking in British doors. Why would they? Why would you kick in your own citizens’ – innocent peoples’ – doors? And drag them off?

“But these young lads, these foreign young lads from Albania, from Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re going to be only too happy to do that. And they’ll do as they’re told to do and that’s the reality.”

A similar plan appears to be playing out in the US. This is why the Biden Regime is so desperate for Title 42 to expire, in order to allow tens of millions more migrants and foreign mercenaries to crash the Southern Border.

The Globalists are orchestrating this invasion of vaccine-injured Western nations, with the help of our own militaries, in order to crash our economies and to replace Western citizens with a permanent underclass that has never had (and never will have) any Constitutional rights.

As Americans “die suddenly” from the bioweapon Death Shots, Third World invaders are being shipped in by the Globalists to help them usher in a One World Government with a Central Bank Digital Currency that’s tied to a Chinese-style social credit system.



“I’ve had members of the Black Watch Regiment reach out to me, who are training these young men in the West of Ukraine and in Antalya, in Turkey, that are primarily in officer ranks, down to sargeant, that are then transferred from their post of training in Antalya or West of Ukraine to France.

“They sign the Official Secrets Act and they’re then shipped over with the immigrants and with the odd refugees…but primarily, the foot soldiers. They’re all forced to sign the Official Secrets Act before they come…

“They’re then deploying these guys in key positions for up to two years. Contracts they’re offering these hoteliers, two-year contracts and hundreds of thousands of them are coming in – that’s four, five grand a week. Four, five thousand a week coming in, these young lads.

“They are UN soldiers and they will be deployed. They will be deployed. When they feel they’ve got the numbers and they they can justify another lockdown, be that under the guise Climate Change bullsh*t or saying there’s been another ‘variant’, as these people that have been jabbed – when I went to the meeting [inaudible] last September, they said anyone that’s had an active ingredient will have between two and five years to live.

“There is no cure. Mike Yeadon from Pfizer said that. He said there’s no cure for them. They can have pine needle tea, whatever they want. It won’t work. They’re doomed. That’s why it has to be intravenously introduced. Now, as these people begin dying in incredible numbers, there’s your ‘new variant’. There’s your need for another lockdown.

“And then, these guys can start manning roadblocks everywhere, policing and they’ll go door-to-door, picking on the ones that are most vocal. So, I suspect that what will happen then is you’ll see these new super prisons be filled and there’ll be outbreaks of COVID among the unvaxxinated in these prisons.

“Who will even blink – who will even blink – when you’ve got a country, half of whom are dying and sick and they’re told there’s a ‘new variant’ and they’re herding, taking away the danger – the unvaccinated – and there’s outbreaks of COVID in these quarantine centers for the unvaxxinated, nobody’s even going to blink. And that is the plan.”

The woman filming asks him, “What about our own soldiers?”

He replies, “They’re posted abroad. They won’t be here. The Black Watch know exactly what’s happening. They’re very fine, I can tell you. But soldiers follow orders and they’re not posted in the UK. They’re in the West of Ukraine, fighting Russia and they’re in Antalya in Turkey. They’re not going to be here.

“They may well know what’s going on. They’re soldiers. They’ll do as they’re told. They’re not going to be here. They’re not going to be in the UK. It’s going to be these foreign lads and the reason for that, the government knows full well that they can’t trust their own people, because it’s their women and kids they’re targeting.

“And the other reason it’s being done for is because it was felt that British soldiers won’t be happy kicking in British doors. Why would they? Why would you kick in your own citizens’ – innocent peoples’ – doors? And drag them off?

“But these young lads, these foreign young lads from Albania, from Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re going to be only too happy to do that. And they’ll do as they’re told to do and that’s the reality.   

“So that’s what’s happening. I’ve spoken to two soldiers who’ve told me. I’ve spoken to Anne de FitzRay [?]. She’s an Army Major. She’s got many contacts in the Army and they’re all telling her the same thing. 

“But if you say anything: ‘Oh, you’re a racist. You’re a far-right wing extremist. Why would you not want to give these poor souls sanctuary?’

“Come on! These are young men of adult fighting age with fully-charged smartphones, being trained in Antalya by our own forces! By Black Watch! What can’t people see?

“And I would suggest these MPs have got a real moral dilemma now. Do they start rallying round and start thinking about saving their own people or do they take advantage of the promised seat on the [inaudible]?”

The woman then asks, “But then, the MPs will get dumped in, anyway.”

“Of course they will,” O’Looney replies, “When the last of us is led off, they’ll turn their gaze on these MPs, because they’ll have fulfilled their purpose, to be seen to be practicing ‘democracy’. Useful idiots. And there’ll be no one to fight for them, because the likes of you, me and you will be gone. We’ll be gone. That’s the reality.

“So, will people wake up? I really don’t know. But that’s what I’ve been trying to do, is trying to gently wake them up to the reality of what’s going on and I’d never realized – I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and it’s very, very depressing and very upsetting.

“Especially when you feel like you’re walking around on your own, because people just can’t see it. They can’t believe anyone would be that horrible.

“And I cast my mind back. When you can’t think historically and they tell us that they put these poor Jews in the showers to be deloused prior to being resettled…I wonder how many of those Jews walked into those showers knowing they were going to be killed, not quite believing anyone would be wicked enough to do it?”

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On 2/4/2023 at 6:16 PM, Macnamara said:


so lets put a few data points down on the table:


1) we have this recent job application from the british government saying there is the biggest ever jab roll out coming soon

2) we can see a new narrative being built around avian flu where we are being told it is leaping from birds to mammals and that it may then leap to humans

3) tony blair has said at the recent davos WEF conference that they have a slew of new mRNA jabs in the wings just waiting to be deployed and that governments can be made to focus on pandemic awareness if they are told that there is a new pandemic coming within a few years

4) Bill gates has said in australia that although the current crop of mRNA jabs have been a failure they are refining them ready for the next pandemic

5)The british political class are trying to sign the UK upto the WHO's pandemic preparedness treaty which would hand over decision making to that globalist body in the event of another pandemic: Draft WHO pandemic deal pushes for equity to avoid COVID 'failure' repeat


6) it has been reported that the british military has been tasked with monitoring 'refuseniks' and there is also talk that the entire covid jab roll out both sides of the pond was a military operation carried out against the populations of those countries: aka 'operation warpspeed' (do it too fast for people to stop and engage their critical thinking)

7) the british government, through the border force and RNLI have been going over to french waters to pick up tens of thousands of military aged men from albania and the middle east and then bringing them over to britain where they are put up in hotels


When you look at all of these together it points to a very disturbing picture


On 2/10/2023 at 6:59 PM, Macnamara said:

Here We Go: WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Says We “Must Prepare” for Potential H5N1 Human Bird Flu Pandemic (VIDEO)

As COVID-19 winds down, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued another warning that countries should prepare for the possibility of another pandemic caused by H5N1.

This comes after cases of the virus strain jumping from birds to mammals were reported.

“Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports of mammals, including minks, otters, foxes, and sea lions, having been infected with H5N1 avian influenza,” said WHO’s Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a media briefing on global health issues Tuesday.

“H5N1 has spread widely in wild birds and poultry for 25 years, but the recent spillover to mammals needs to be monitored closely. For the moment, WHO assesses the risk to humans as low,” he added. 

According to Tedros, they have only seen “rare and non-sustained transmission of H5N1 to and between humans” since H5N1 first emerged in 1996.

“But we cannot assume that will remain the case, and we must prepare for any change in the status quo. As always, people are advised not to touch or collect dead or sick wild animals, but to report them to the local authorities,” he continued.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is working with national authorities and partners to track the situation and investigate any human cases of H5N1 infection when they arise.

“WHO’s global laboratory network, the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System, identifies and monitors strains of circulating influenza viruses, and provides advice to countries on their risk to human health and available treatment or control measures,” Tedros said.

WHO urged countries to “strengthen surveillance in settings where humans and farmed or wild animals interact.”

According to Tedros, WHO is maintaining dialogue with pharmaceutical companies to ensure that sufficient vaccine and antiviral supplies are on hand for widespread distribution should they be required.




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Deconstruction: Why Leftist Movements Cannot Coexist With People That Value Freedom

by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Feb 25, 2023 - 04:40 AM

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.us,

It should be clear to anyone paying attention during this current stage of instability in our modern era that something is very wrong in terms of American society. I’m not talking about ongoing issues of political corruption and economic mismanagement, I’m talking about something much more dangerous. I’m talking about the systematic derailment of our culture, heritage, principals, history and moral compass. I’m talking about the vicious devouring of the very sinews that hold our civilization together.


There is a cancer eating away at America, a concerted and organized effort to destabilize. For anyone who is familiar with the Conjuring movies, it’s a bit like a demonic invasion. As Ed Warren cautions, the three stages of attack are infestation, oppression and finally, possession. The little demon we are dealing with, though, comes with Antifa patches, rainbow flags and special pronouns.

This week I came across a statement by Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in which she called for a “national divorce”, a separation of conservative red states and far left blue states, a parting of ways due to our obvious irreconcilable differences. Leftists within the corporate media, of course, flipped out, accusing Greene of inciting treason and the destruction of the US.

While I don’t generally put much stock in the comments of politicians I think it’s important to address this particular sentiment because it echos the arguments made by the Liberty Movement and the alternative media for many years. It’s just surprising to hear a prominent public figure say what we have been saying for so long.

The frantic upheaval expressed by the political left in reaction to Greene is something I have written about in the past. In my article ‘Separation Or Purge? Sharing A Society With The Political Left Is Impossible’ published in February last year, I noted that leftists take a communistic approach to civil disagreement. They see the populace as chattel to be managed in the name of the greater good of the collective, not as individuals with the right to disassociate. From my article:

Why not carry this process forward to its natural conclusion? Red states break from blue states and red counties break from blue state control and we live our lives the way we see fit. Let the leftists continue with their draconian economic and political models and see how well that goes for them. I guarantee they will be in financial ruins within a decade (the list of most indebted places in the country is dominated by blue states) and they will be begging to return to a union with red states (except for the zealots, which would lose influence as they continue to fail).

But this will not happen peacefully because, again, leftists cannot tolerate free activity. Their OCD will not allow them to be content with living in a collectivist state of their own; ALL states must be collectivist before they are satisfied. People are property to them; property of the collective, and people who are property cannot be allowed to make decisions without oversight.”

Globalism and progressive authoritarianism has been inching forward for a long time in the US, but only in the past ten years has the agenda become more obvious to the general public. During the covid lockdowns and mandates, people finally witnessed the true intentions of the political left, which widely supported draconian restrictions and called for brutal punishments for people that refused to comply. A large number of Democrats even supported Chinese-style covid laws including taking people’s children away and implementing forced internment.


This is the true face of the political left. Yes, there are moderates and issue focused progressives, but these people tend to keep their mouths shut and go along to get along when it comes to the woke extremists. The moderates are useless and rarely call out the gatekeepers on their own side.

To understand how we got to this place in our society and why leftist politics are poisonous to freedom loving people, you have to understand the concept of “deconstruction”.

It was globalist foundations (the super rich .001%) from the 1960s onward that funded and created the social justice left. This agenda has been going on for decades and is openly admitted in Alison R. Bernstein’s book ‘Funding The Future: Philanthropy’s Influence On America’s Higher Education’. Bernstein was the vice president of Education at the Ford Foundation and the former Associate Dean of Faculty at Princeton.

The woke ideology is an artificial edifice of astroturf activism. Their manifestos of “critical theory” are conjured using Marxist and communist methodologies and then adapted for American audiences, luring in useful idiots as they go.

The real power grab occurred in the late 1980s into the 1990s when deconstruction as a weapon for political and social upheaval was widely introduced into leftist circles. Before then “deconstruction”, derived from the work of the philosopher Jacques Derrida, was often thought of as a mind game; a way to question long held standards that acted as a basis for critical thinking or philosophy. In the 1990s it became something else.

Derrida’s ideas were to question binary notions in philosophy, but globalists and leftists expanded it as a concept for questioning EVERYTHING. Not just questioning, but engaging in active hostilities against the foundations of civilization. Leftists see “structuralism” (order) as a target, and they hate anyone seeking to order society around rules, definitions and principles that rely on discrimination of certain behaviors.

For leftists, all traditional rules and protections must be sabotaged and all aberrant behaviors must eventually become accepted as normal. They believe that in this way society can be homogenized into a Utopian world of perfect equity. Discrimination of anything (except traditional principles) is considered by them to be taboo. Because if people are allowed to discriminate then that allows them to separate, and if people are allowed to separate, then collectivism of thought can never be achieved. The hive mind requires total conformity.

The purpose of deconstruction is to pick away at fundamental systems and definitions and attempt to show them to be inherently flawed, problematic or absurd. Usually this method relies on abstraction, appeal to emotion and subjective experience rather than true analysis. In fact, critical analysis is considered the enemy of social justice because it places facts and evidence above subjective experience and mere feelings.

Emotional and self absorbed people are easy to control. Critical people that value reason are harder to control. For leftists to prevail they must destroy critical thought and encourage reactionary emotion as the norm in society. And, if that doesn’t work, radical leftists argue that burning primary systems to the ground by force is preferred. The end game for them is not necessarily to be right, the end game is to win.

The deconstruction mindset views nothing as sacred and this includes moral compass. While arguing from a position of moral superiority, the political left will often rationalize highly immoral practices. For example, this is why we now see aggressive attempts by leftists to normalize the indoctrination of very young children into trans activism. This is why we are seeing hundreds of gender affirmation clinics with procedures for children springing up all over the country. This is why we are seeing numerous sexualized drag shows for kids, and why highly sexualized reading materials are being planted in school libraries.

This is why some leftists in the media are promoting pedophiles as a victim status group rather than aberrant criminals that need to be weeded out of society. Innocent children are fair game for them because the ends justify the means. Brainwashing and denigrating the next generation is the fastest path to their Utopia.

This is the inevitable progression of the deconstruction ideology. Morality is a “binary” based on what is right and what is wrong. It is the most vital binary for human survival and without it our species would self destruct, but this seems to be exactly what leftists and the globalist puppeteers behind them want. They see traditional morality as a restrictive and oppressive dynamic, another binary that must be eliminated. Thus, they propose moral relativism instead; the idea that conscience is merely a product of social conditioning and that right and wrong, truth and lies, good and evil are based on personal preferences.

It is, ironically, the recipe for ultimate evil. It is the philosophy of pure chaos. When individual conscience becomes the enemy of society because it is considered an “act of discrimination”, then only evil can prevail.

The concept of national separation when taken in context of the bigger ideological picture makes perfect sense. Leftists obsess over power, they obsess over collective acceptance even if obtained by force, they obsess over those that disagree with them. People who respect the foundations of individual liberty and the wisdom of reason cannot co-exist with the political left. Eventually, the leftists will try to destroy them, or they will have to secede. It’s inevitable.

I have called for separation and relocation many times over the years as the only PEACEFUL means of dealing with the problem of complete moral and political division. It’s the only way the conservatives and freedom minded people can exit our association with leftists without bloodshed. That said, I fully realize that leftists/globalists will never allow this to happen. If people are allowed to leave, then the leftists lose. The only way they can win is to eliminate (deconstruct) every alternative social structure. They will froth and rage over separation and call for war.

In fact, one of the first things they accused Marjorie Taylor Greene of doing was inciting civil war. She never argued in favor of this, THEY insinuated it, as if to say “Try to walk away from us, and we’ll kill you.”

At this stage I’m ready to say let them try and lets get this over with. There can be no diplomacy or reconciliation with groups that value leftist cultism and deconstruction ideology – The deepest intent of deconstruction is to poison the cultural well. The dream of leftists is to blow up the world because they see the our current civilization as oppressive to their narcissism. At the same time, globalists exploit that narcissism and use leftists as a battering ram to wreak havoc. Through chaos, they hope to erect a new world order in which all values, all principles and all morals are dead and psychopathy becomes “normal”.

One cannot reason with a monster, one can only erase that monster from existence.


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7 hours ago, Macnamara said:

Biden Appoints Member Of The Trilateral Commission To Head The World Bank


It's such an oxymoron, a contradiction that an organisation claiming to be for the whole world is controlled by just one country. 


I guess from the Illuminati pov it's not a contradiction because they control both. 

Edited by Campion
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On 2/18/2023 at 7:43 PM, Macnamara said:

The looting of the public purse by the establishment:

Govt Waste: £2.8 Billion in British Taxpayer Cash Splashed out on ‘Management Consultants’

Kurt Zindulka

16 Feb 2023

The British government has been accused of squandering hard-earned money from the public by splashing out £2.8 billion on management consultants last year, alone.

While the government in Westminster demanded that Britons suffer under the largest tax burden since World War II — to pay down the massive debt accrued during the government-imposed lockdowns — billions in taxpayer cash was being handed out to private consultants to advise the government on a range of issues, including the illegal boat migrant crisis in the English Channel.

Quadrupling the amount spent on consultants from just six years ago, 2022 saw consultants rake in a staggering £2.8 billion in contracts from the government, The Times reported. The London-based broadsheet revealed that six companies were each given at least £100 million in government deals, while the firm Deloitte led the pack receiving approximately £278 million.




Has been going on for years. I watched this documentary a few years ago now:


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central control over the food supply to ensure rationing of any foodstuffs that are good for your health whilst they push GMO's, lab grown 'beef' and insects onto us. All blamed on brexit and climate change of course!


26 Feb, 2023 13:13

UK urged to ‘take command’ of food production

A British farming union says Brexit, geopolitical tensions, the energy crisis and climate change are weighing on local growers

The UK government needs to “take command” of local food production, the deputy president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) said on Saturday, warning that an ongoing shortage of fruit and vegetables across the country could be just the “tip of the iceberg.”

According to Tom Bradshaw, the deficit of some fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes and cucumbers, has been caused by volatility arising from geopolitical events, and climate change, which is putting intense pressure on supply chains.

“What we saw last summer with 40°C heat is climate change in action,” Bradshaw told Times Radio, adding that the weather had exacerbated a supply-chain crisis triggered by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Bradshaw also said geopolitical tensions have driven up inflation, particularly energy inflation, to unprecedented levels, leaving UK farmers struggling to meet energy costs.

Moreover, Britain has been facing the additional challenge of “repositioning” itself with trading partners since the 2016 Brexit referendum, the union chief said.

He noted that the country’s exit from EU structures, in which it had favorable trade relations, has inevitably inflicted damage on its own cross-border trade.

“It’s really interesting that before Brexit we didn’t used to source anything, or very little, from Morocco but we’ve been forced to go further afield and now these climatic shocks becoming more prevalent have had a real impact on the food available on our shelves today,” Bradshaw concluded.


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1 hour ago, Macnamara said:

“It’s really interesting that before Brexit we didn’t used to source anything, or very little, from Morocco but we’ve been forced to go further afield


Translation: now we have left the protection racket laughingly called the free market we are allowed to go shopping outside the EU. 

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On 2/12/2023 at 4:21 PM, Macnamara said:

The king's coronation oath


There's been a lot of talk recently about the british constitution and of the over-reach of the british parliament whose powers are limited by the british constitution. Its well understood in these parts that king charles repeats many of the WEF globalists talking points so some have brought up the issue of the coronation oath to uphold the constitution as it is impossible for charles to serve both the WEF globalists AND the british people who the constitution protects. If he wants to side with the globalists against the british people then he cannot be our king: it's that simple and crunch time is approaching...


Unfortunately there are solid reasons why Charles will not side with the british people. Charles is descended from knights templar bloodlines who were Kabbalistic, crypto-jewish families that over centuries gained control of the monarchies of europe. They came out of the networks of jewish communities that extended across europe to egypt where there was a colony of jews a millions strong. Egypt was the home to the 'grand lodge of cairo'.


Out of the knights templar came freemasonry which is headed up by the british royalty. The british royalty are less concerned with the welfare of the british people who they supported the jabbing of with covid bioweapons and are more concerned with the construction of zion and the third temple in jerusalem which they believe will bring the messiah that will raise them up to be the masters of all creation. All the covid business, all the smart grid 'internet of things', all the climate change fearmongering, all the economic upheval is all coming from that sabbatean network. Once you understand this you understand their closeness with jimmy saville, jeffrey epstein and the rothschilds. The british constitution and the freedom of the british people is a barrier to the aims of these people and that's why we are in their cross-hairs: we have been earmarked for removal and replacement.

Britain's Quatuor Coronati Lodge foments extremism in the Mideast
by Scott Thompson


On February 25, 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a follower of the
late Rabbi Meir Kahane, entered the Cave of the Patriarchs
mosque in the West Bank city of Hebron and opened fire. At
least 50 Muslim worshippers were killed and 300 others were
wounded before Goldstein was killed. To this day, there are
wildly conflicting stories about whether Goldstein was the
sole shooter, or whether other Jewish fanatics were also in
volved. Goldstein, at the time of the massacre, was the resi
dent physician at the Kiryat Arba West Bank settlement,
which was founded by members of Kahane's Kach Party
and another rabidly anti-Arab Jewish terrorist group, Gush
The incident nearly blew apart the fragile peace process.
While the remnants of Kahane's fanatical movement hailed
Goldstein as a martyr, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin told
Israel's parliament, the Knesset, on Feb. 28, 1994 that "the
murderer came out of a small, marginal political context. He
grew in a swamp whose murderous sources are found here,
and across the sea; they are foreign to Judaism. . . . To him
and those like him we say: You are a foreign implant. You
are an errant weed. Judaism spits you out."
On Nov. 4, 1995, Yigal Amir, another member of the
Kahane underground, shot Prime Minister Rabin in the back
as he was leaving a Peace Now rally in Tel Aviv. In the wake
of the Rabin assassination, at least five other members of a
Kahane splinter group, Eyal, have so far been arrested for
plotting to kill the prime minister and other senior Israeli
officials who have been working round-the-clock to secure a
lasting Middle East peace.
Nine months before the Rabin assassination, Palestine
Liberation Organization security officials alerted their Israeli
counterparts to the fact that members of the Jewish under
ground were working closely with Islamic fanatics from Is
lamic Jihad, Hamas, and other organizations to conduct a
war of terror to derail the peace process. Prime Minister
Rabin, according to sources, established a special investiga
tive unit in his own office to probe the dangerous and bizarre
Mr. Rabin was right when he described the Jewish fanat
ics of Kach, Eyal, Gush Emunim, etc. as "foreign implants"
and "errant weeds." He may have died before he ever fully
realized how profoundly right he was.
EIR November 17, 1995
London sows the 'errant weeds'
After nearly 15 years of investigation, EIR can report
unequivocally that all of the irrationalist gangs that comprise
both the Jewish and Islamic terrorist undergrounds in Israel
and Palestine, that are engaged in an irregular war against
the consolidation of an Arab-Israeli peace, are the direct
products of a l00-year-old scheme, designed and carried out
by the British Crown-with fingertip control. The goal: to
ensure that the Middle East region remains in a constant state
of religious and ethnic turmoil, susceptible to British balance
of power manipulation, and, when need be, to periodic out
breaks of religious warfare and genocide.
The headquarters of this effort is located in the Quatuor
Coronati (Four Crowns) "research lodge" of the United
Grand Lodge of England. The head of the United Grand
Lodge is the Duke of Kent, first cousin of the Queen, and a
leading figure in the Club of the Isles, chaired by Prince
The Quatuor Coronati Lodge was established in London
in 1862, shortly after the Prince of Wales made a pilgrimage
to the Holy Land and founded the Palestinian Exploration
Fund (PEP), whose patron today is the Queen. The first
head of the lodge, Sir Charles Warren, who served briefly as
commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police (and was
widely identified as the man who covered up the royal family
ties of "Jack the Ripper"), led a PEF expedition to Jerusalem
and the Holy Land over 1867-70. Warren wrote a series of
accounts of his expedition, with such titles as Recovery of
Jerusalem, The Temple and the Tomb, and Underground
Jerusalem. These studies helped launch the drive to rebuild
Solomon's Temple on the site of the original Temple Mount,
purportedly located on the Haram al-Sharif, site of one of
Islam's most holy shrines, the Dome of the Rock mosque.
The implications of Sir Charles's Temple Mount effort run
deep, and they have been a prime source of bloodshed, in
cluding the tragic assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.
Sir Charles Warren's efforts received the enthusiastic
backing of Lord Alfred Balfour and Prime Minister Benjamin
Disraeli, both leading occultists and prominent sponsors of
the British Mandate over Palestine.
In 1967, the Quatuor Coronati Lodge dispatched Asher
Selig Kaufman, an Edinburgh-born Jewish extremist and
International 57member of the Correspondence Circle of Quatuor Coronati,
who had just completed a ten-year intelligence assignment
under British H-bomb scientist T.E. Allibone, to Jerusalem
to revive Sir Charles Warren's archaeological studies on the
precise location of the temple ruins.
After years of work, Kaufman finally published his
"findings" in the March-April 1983 issue of Biblical Archae
ological Review, a publication sponsored by the Lodge to
popularize its kooky theories and its fake findings. The arti
cle, "Where Was Solomon's Temple? New Evidence on
Where It Stood," was edited by Barbara Ledeen, whose hus
band, Michael Ledeen, was then a consultant for the U.S.
National Security Council. The circulation of the Kaufman
article, which claimed to contain precise new evidence of
the location of the Temple of Solomon, helped mobilize a
fanatical Jewish underground movement bent on building
the Third Temple on the Biblical site of the first two. The
precondition for the reconstruction, was the destruction of
the Dome of the Rock mosque.
Even before the publication of Kaufman's article, once
word had gotten out of the Quatuor Coronati "discoveries,"
groups such as the Jerusalem Temple Foundation, an Ameri
can organization, began raising funds for the rebuilding. In
reality, the funds were conduited into Jewish underground
groups, including Meir Kahane's Kach Movement, and the
Jerusalem yeshiva Ateret Cohanim ("Priestly Crown"),
which began conducting animal sacrifices and other rituals
in the catacombs beneath the Dome, in preparation for the
reconstruction of the Temple.
Bring on the 'rapture'
In 1978, the only American member of the Quatuor Coro
nati Lodge, Alex Home, traveled to Israel, accompanying
the head of the London lodge, Harry Carr, to commemorate
the Grand Lodge of Israel's silver anniversary. His subse
quent book, King Solomon's Temple in the Masonic Tradi
tion, was to popularize the Temple Mount hoax among
American Masons and Christian fundamentalists. Christian
fundamentalists were recruited in droves to the Temple
Mount project, starting in November 1982, when Israeli
Prime Minister Menachem Begin toured Texas and Califor
nia under the sponsorship of the Anti-Defamation League of
B'nai B'rith (ADL), and made a big pitch for Christian sup
port for a "Greater Israel" occupying the Biblical lands of
Judea, Samaria, and Galilee.
One Christian fundamentalist who became an early spon
sor of the Jerusalem Temple Foundation, was Terry Ris
enhoover of Malibu Beach, California. Another JTF leader,
Douglas Krieger, of Tav Evangelical Ministries of Portland,
Oregon, specifically served as a cutout to the Gush Emunim
settlers on the West Bank. Tav, an alliance of 150 Christian
evangelicals, became enthusiastic backers of the Temple
Mount project. Along with other Darbyite evangelicals, they
were convinced that building the Third Temple would bring
58 International
on the Battle of Armageddon and the "rapture."
The JTF established a base of operations in Jerusalem to
bankroll the surreptitious purchase of land in the Old City of
Jerusalem and on the West Bank, and once again, it was a
British intelligence asset who filled the job. JTF's "Man in
Jerusalem" was Stanley Goldfoot, a South African-born Ir
gun fighter and a British intelligence informant, recruited to
Her Majesty's service by a leading Arab Bureau figure, Lord
Charteris, who himself later became Private Secretary to
Queen Elizabeth II. Go1dfoot became an intimate collabora
tor (and source of funds) for the Kahane underground and
the allied Gush Emunim, which would attempt on several
occasions to blow up the Dome of the Rock mosque. Gold
foot otherwise spent his time covertly purchasing Jerusalem
and West Bank property, to make a real estate killing after
the Temple was rebuilt.
West Bank land-scam
On Nov. 15, 1982, an unusual group of "investors" in
the West Bank and Jerusalem real estate scam gathered at the
desert ranch of Gen. Ariel Sharon. Among the group were:
Henry Kissinger, Lord Harlech (David Ormsby-Gore),
Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis, Alexander Haig, Lord
Peter Carrington, British MP Julian Amery, Sir Edmund
Peck, and former MI-6 Middle East boss Nicholas Elliot.
All of these global influentials-deeply tied to the House of
Windsor and the Club of the Isles-were fully in on the
Temple Mount effort, and were intent on making a bundle
from the anticipated real estate boom after the Temple Mount
crazies had completed their "work."
On behalf of this grouping-and the British Crown that
stands above it-Sharon has been the "godfather" of the
Temple Mount project for nearly 20 years.
• It was during his tenure as Agricultural Minister in the
Begin government, from 1977-81, that the initial 24,000
Kach, Gush Emunim and related radical settlers were de
ployed onto the West Bank.
• He is publicly a sponsor of the Ateret Cohanim yeshi
va, where the self-designated "priesthood" of the Third Tem
ple is being trained.
In November 1993, following the historic signing of the
Oslo accords between the PLO and Israel at the White House,
Sharon toured the United States with Jewish Defense League
official Yechiel Leiter, a leader of the Yesher Council, the
governing body of the West Bank settlements. The purpose
of the trip was to raise funds to arm the settlers for a civil war
to stop the implementation of the Oslo accords. Sharon was
blunt: "Make no mistake," he ranted before one audience
during the U.S. tour, "the only barrier we have right now to
a Palestinian state is the settlers. It is these 150,000 settlers
that Rabin said he cannot defend who are really defending
Jerusalem. Our job is to strengthen these communities."
It was from those "communities" that Prime Minister
Rabin's assassin, Yigal Amir, came.
EIR November 17, 1995








The british constitution part 9: The king's coronation oath


Is the King compromised?


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Court convicts UK firm over cataclysmic 2020 blast in Beirut

Thursday, 23 February 2023 7:00 PM  [ Last Update: Thursday, 23 February 2023 8:52 PM 

The UK High Court has ruled a London-based company that delivered the explosive ammonium nitrate to Beirut’s port is liable towards the victims of a devastating blast in 2020.

Lebanon’s Beirut Bar Association said on Thursday the high court had ruled the London-registered chemical trading firm, Savaro Ltd., will have to pay compensations now.

 It remains unclear who own(s) Savaro. Probes into the company's ownership listed agents from a corporate services firm.  

Accountability Now, a Swiss organization, said some of the Beirut blast victims’ families had filed a lawsuit in Texas against US-Norwegian geophysical services group TGS.

The TGS firm owns a company that allegedly sub-chartered the ship carrying the ammonium nitrate in 2012. Accountability Now said it hoped the Texas lawsuit would help disclose communications between TGS and other parties involved in the Beirut blast.


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On 5/22/2021 at 2:21 PM, Macnamara said:

Book Review Part 1:

The People V's the State, Using Jury Nullification to Defeat Unjust Laws by Luke Von Trapp


This book was recommended by the gentlemen at the UKColumn in their 'A Dissident's Guide to the Constitution' series. The author has his own podcast 'the uncivil liberty' in which he discuss the topic of Liberty. It's a bite sized book that can be knocked off in an afternoons reading and is clear and easy to understand although it needs a bit of editing as there are some small errors but then i can't talk as my grammar is terrible (it's the info inside that matters!)


The author is based in the US but the concept of jury nullification is historically rooted in British common Law. It's definately worth a read and I'll post some excerpts from it below to give a flavour of what Luke is trying to get across to the reader:




'If you've heard about it and are not fighting for it to be implemented in our system, then something is wrong for sure. It is one of the core fundamental rights provided to us by the Constitution, and we have an obligation to use it to invalidate bad laws ratified by corrupt politicians in legislative bodies. Jury nullification is one of the rare ways to fight against the abuse of power, primarily by the law enforcement and the corrupt legal system they support.'


'Jury nullification is a constitutional doctrine which allows jurors to acquit criminal defendants who are technically guilty, but who do not deserve punishment. It occurs in a trial when a jury reaches a verdict contrary to the judge's instructions as to the law' (CopBlock)


'Simply put, the jury holds the most power in determining the validity of the law and whether it has the right to stand. Furthermore, jury nullification prevents unjust laws from being enforced even if the person standing trial has admitted to committing the 'crime'. It sends a message to the legislative 'masters' of the people that they do not agree and refuse to convict as the law is unfit to stand. Jury nullification is a vote of non-confidence on the credibility of the law and those who profit off making these laws and the courts despise it.'


Von Trapp gives real world examples of jury nullification and makes the point that people who feel that certain drug laws or abuse of police power are affecting certain sub sections of the population disproportionately, should learn about jury nullification as the solution to these problems for example if a person is on trial for distributing marijuana then the jury could acquit him if they believe that a non violent act that is technically illegal but which causes no victim should not result in a conviction.


This method of allowing a person to be judged by a jury of their peers is an ancient tradition going back 700 years in british common law history and the book does cover that.


The book stresses the need for jurors to act out of conscience to ensure justice and not to simply follow the letter of the law as the judge may demand. It also contain a good quote from Martin Luther King:


'I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good'


How prescient in our current covid-hysteria predicament


The british constitution part 10: Jury Nullification


That was a good one Mike!

PBS Frontline: Inside the Jury Room (1986)


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On 2/26/2023 at 5:36 PM, Macnamara said:

UK urged to ‘take command’ of food production

A British farming union says Brexit, geopolitical tensions, the energy crisis and climate change are weighing on local growers

The UK government needs to “take command” of local food production, the deputy president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) said on Saturday, warning that an ongoing shortage of fruit and vegetables across the country could be just the “tip of the iceberg.”

According to Tom Bradshaw, the deficit of some fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes and cucumbers, has been caused by volatility arising from geopolitical events, and climate change, which is putting intense pressure on supply chains.


It's a load of bullshit really, especially blaming 'climate change'. As I have repeatedly stated here in this forum, it is a failure of our own Government to 'plan ahead' following the EU referendum result, and to support our farmers to 'get them growing again', after years of being subsidised by the EU to limit their production.


Instead, because of 'climate change', our Government thought it better to encourage farmers to have solar panels and wind turbines built on their land instead.

On 2/26/2023 at 5:36 PM, Macnamara said:

“What we saw last summer with 40°C heat is climate change in action,” Bradshaw told Times Radio, adding that the weather had exacerbated a supply-chain crisis triggered by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Bradshaw also said geopolitical tensions have driven up inflation, particularly energy inflation, to unprecedented levels, leaving UK farmers struggling to meet energy costs.

"Narrative enforcing" at its finest. The 'energy price inflation' was caused by Governments imposing sanctions on Russia. It's been "very hot" in Britain during the summer for several years before this.


Perhaps in the UK we should start making the most of this 'climate change' and start growing produce we'd normally have to import from 'warmer countries'?


It's just excuse after excuse with these people, its always "somebody elses fault" rather than our own.

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Seeing who's really behind it all


Just watched this clip shared by the Icke's on their headlines page and there was a lot of great, eloquent points being made. The last lady to speak made a great point about wanting to be left out of the LGBTQ drag queen story hour because as a black woman she did not identify with their cause. That's a really interesting observation by her because it exposes how the neo-marxists are seeking to build a coalition of the hateful to unleash on the object of their hate: straight, white, working males (the people who form the bedrock of the mode of living that we call 'western civilisation'). So who benefits from that and also if all this wokery is being pushed down from above through the corporations, the media, the police, the public relations companies, the schools and universities etc then how exactly can it be a 'white, male, patriarchy' that is influencing all of those things? Clearly that is a myth as the thing pushing all of this down on society is very obviously waging a war against white men and that's why it wants to wrap up black British people into its hate group.

The Peoples protest against ''Drag Storytelling Sessions For Children'' at the Honor Oak Pub




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On 2/28/2023 at 3:47 PM, Macnamara said:

For example i see them now ramping up this whole avian flu thing and what if the crazies start injecting poultry and livestock with gene altering mRNA jabs to fight new psuedo-pandemics which then corrupts our food source so that we all end up getting toxified through the food supply?


They can easily get away with this and a whole bunch more crazy stuff because the majority of people simply will not call them out on what they are doing and in many cases will actively assist them in doing it. The insanity runs deep.....how deep is anyones guess but we haven't found the limits yet that's for sure

Now the CHICKENS could get vaccines! Health chiefs are 'actively considering' jabbing poultry in bid to stop bird flu crisis

By Emily Stearn, Health Reporter For Mailonline

Updated: 10:36 GMT, 2 March 2023

hickens could be vaccinated against bird flu, it was claimed today amid growing fears the killer virus could soon jump to humans.

The move — sparked by an unprecedented avian influenza wave that has swept the world over the last 18 months — would mark a shock U-turn in UK health policy. 

Current laws prevent poultry and most captive birds from being vaccinated against the pathogen. 


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Posted (edited)

The Plaugues


We are told by the globalists that cows are bad because they belch out methane and CO2 yet cow manure restores the top soil making it more fertile. Cows also provide meat, milk, butter, yoghurt, cheese and whey.


The globalists now want to inject chickens with mRNA jabs that some people believe alters DNA and causes fertility issues to combat 'avian flu' which they are testing for with the discredited PCR tests (not reliable at high cycles: fauci said that above 35 cycles they are just finding 'dead nucleotides' and creating false positive test results). Presumably those will be the birds that the globalists haven't already exterminated in their millions to combat the alleged virus, leading to turkey, chicken and egg shortages.


The bees have been disappearing for a while and culprits for that could be: pesticides, microwaves, geoengineering or all the above.


Rabbit numbers have nosedived even more precipitously than in the myxomatosis outbreaks due to a new virus of hemoragic fever that started in france in 2010. Myxomatosis was a manmade creation and you have to wonder if the hemoragic fever was as well?


A river i'm familiar with seems to be devoid of fish now when before large salmon used to be left on the bank by an otter. Could that be down to pesticide and herbicide run-off from the farmlands?


Over a hundred food processing plants have burned down in the US since the covid psuedo-pandemic (a process being charted by 'the iceage farmer')


The railway chemical spill in ohio and the resultant cloud of dioxins (the toxin that was in monsanto's notorious 'agent orange' sprayed across crops, waterways and forests in the vietnam war) created by the burning of the spill is toxifying the rich farmlands around it. Many self-sifficient Amish farmers live in ohio.


The government in the netherlands is trying to take half the farming land to create a mega-city called the 'tristate city' when the netherlands is the second biggest food exporter in the world.


The newspapers are talking about tomato rationing because the energy crisis is causing british farmers to switch off the heating in greenhouses.


The british government is using the border force and RNLI as a taxi service to flood in tens of thousands of poor migrants whilst many more are entering the country as legal immigrants, in planes, causing a population explosion over the last couple of decades meaning that the number of mouths in these small islands that will need feeding is increasing.


I've been watching 'clarkson's farm' after reading an article by Julian Rose that mentioned how clarkson was brilliantly exposing the red tape that is now swamping british farmers. Clarkson does play the fool well to ask the questions many of us would like to ask but might be too embarrassed to. The government is also offering to buy out british farmers to turn their farmland to 'rewilding'. Now i love the idea of rewilding but not if it causes mass famines! I think there is scope to rewild but in places where the land is not being used productively. Large amounts of plantation forests were planted after the war which drop acidic needles on the ground and which don't allow enough sunlight into the forest for anything but the monocrop of pine to grow. Those forests could be turned into deciduous forests that would hold far greater biodiversity (and food).


In the past, around 80% of british people lived on and worked the land but now a handful of people grow all the food whilst most people live in cities. The globalists love to use the word 'resilience' but that is a complete distortion because the centralisation of food production has actually created a nation of dependents reliant increasingly on imports and foodbanks. This movement of the people off the land and into cities is all really about control because people who can grow their own food and raise their own livestock aren't bothered by fluctuations and distortions in the global markets and are also able to trade amongst themselves to ensure access to a range of goods and skills and equipment.


Globalisation appears to be all about moving humanity closer to an even greater degree of centralised control and dependency. The 'great reset' seems to be the springing of a trap that has been centuries in the making. The less people producing their own food the less true resilience we have and the more people are left dependent on the bugs and lab grown meat and GMO's of the corporations behind the 'great reset'.


Watching clarkson's farm i'm left lamenting how so many of the problems being faced could be resolved if the land was parcelled up into smaller scale smallholdings. less machinery would be required to carry out smaller scale farming and land could be fertilised naturally with cows, pigs and chickens. There was some talk recently about how the balloons passing over america could carry EMP's that could create an electro-magnetic pulse from a height of 300km that would then knock out all of the electric grid and vehicles. In such a scenario the tractors wouldn't work nor would peoples cars or pick-ups. the military might be able to feed their troops on rationpacks for a few days but beyond that they would be in the same predicament as everyone else. the public would empty their kitchen cupboards in days and then when they realised no help was coming from the government they would strip out the shops. Gangs would roam the countryside like locusts killing livestock and uprooting veg. Lochs would be fished and bushes picked lean. Then the famine would begin along with cannibalism, looting and untold horrors.


A horrific mental exercise to envision such a scenario occurring but instructive in a way by creating perspective on just how fragile our entire system has become through its reliance on large-scale big agra production. Suddenly the idea of smallscale small holdings where people are creating their own potatos and raising their own pigs in cooperatives whilst sharing farm machinery and labour doesn't seem quite so crazy.

Edited by Macnamara
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False flag attack to be blamed on russia....as the article states it seems strange that the liberal media hasn't picked up on this story seeing as they are always so quick to try and build a perceived threat from 'right wing extremists':

Neo-Nazi brotherhood: How American friends of Ukrainian fascists plotted a terror attack in the US and the media ignored the story

7 Mar, 2023 10:35
In normal circumstances, the Atomwaffen’s plot in Baltimore should have been headline news

By Felix Livshitz

American far-right radicals – linked to neo-Nazis from the Ukrainian Azov Battalion – have been charged with conspiring to stage a terrorist attack in Baltimore, Maryland. However, US media reporting on the story does not mention connections between the group and the militants.

Additionally, the attempted terrorist act may only be the first signs of the threat that Azov members, and their foreign friends, pose to Western countries.

Failed plans

In early February, the US Justice Department announced the indictment of neo-Nazis Sarah Beth Clendaniel and Brandon Clint Russell for conspiracy to destroy energy substations in Baltimore. Authorities describe the pair’s plans as “driven by their ideology of racially-motivated hatred.” If convicted, they each face a maximum sentence of 20 years.

Beginning in June 2022, though possibly earlier, the pair plotted a series of attacks against substations using balloons and rifle fire with the goal of shorting out power transformers and depriving thousands of residents of light and heat. They specifically aimed to carry this out “when there is greatest strain on the grid” and energy demand was highest.

Russell shared maps of planned targets with Clendaniel, outlining how even low-level strikes on electrical substations could cause a “cascading failure” across Baltimore’s entire electricity grid, an impact that would be maximized by hitting multiple sites simultaneously. Clendaniel envisioned the plan would “permanently completely lay this city to waste.” in supposedly encrypted messaging app chats.

To jail and back again

Russell is the founder of Atomwaffen Division, also known as the National Socialist Resistance Front, an international neo-Nazi terrorist network. In January 2018, he was jailed for possessing an unregistered destructive device and illegally storing explosives. An FBI bomb technician claimed the material was sufficient to completely destroy an airliner and prosecutors say he planned to use it in terrorist attacks targeting civilians, nuclear facilities and synagogues across the US.

While in prison, Russell issued a video message to his followers thanking them for their “undying loyalty and courage,” and promising his incarceration would not stop Atomwaffen’s mission. He also provided them with bomb-making instructions.

“There is no room in this world for cowardly people,” he declared, quoting Adolf Hitler. “The sword has been drawn. There is no turning back.”

Despite such pronouncements and the fact Atomwaffen adherents both in the US and abroad carried out increasingly serious crimes while he was jailed, including multiple murders, Russell was released early from prison. Furthermore, he was not subject to any order banning him from contact with other members of his neo-Nazi fraternity.

It is just as remarkable that a federal bust of a domestic terror plot involving leading members of a group – who clearly pose a huge threat to public safety – has basically been completely ignored by the mainstream media and US politicians alike. After all, President Joe Biden's administration has aggressively promoted the threat of far-right, racially-motivated extremism. Officials have even gone to the extent of carrying out secret social media witch-hunts targeting white conservatives to identify - or perhaps fabricate - evidence of this danger.

What accounts for the conspiracy of silence surrounding the indictment of Clendaniel and Russell? The incident should provide ample fodder for the White House, liberal pundits, and reporters. The answer may lie in Atomwaffen’s international connections – namely to Ukraine’s notorious, brutal Azov Battalion – and the inevitable consequences of Western training, funding and sponsorship of far-right elements in that Eastern European country for so many years.

A dark, but open secret

An investigation in 2020 by the West Point Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center found that Ukraine has long-held “a particular attraction for white supremacists–ideologues, activists, and adventurers alike.”

The abundance of nationalist groups involved in 2014’s US-led Maidan coup was “electrifying to far-right individuals and groups in Europe, the US and further afield,” the investigation records. Neo-Nazis the world over began flooding Ukraine, which they considered to be a new fascist state in the making. Of particular attraction was the Azov Battalion, which “enjoyed support from within the government of then President Petro Poroshenko and the security services, despite well-documented human rights abuses.”

This marked the first time since World War II anywhere in Europe that a neo-Nazi faction – “celebrated, openly organizing, with friends in high places” – had received warm state recognition and sponsorship. Quite a few of the neo-Nazi arrivals to Kiev joined the Battalion itself or received guidance and training from its fighters.

Among them were representatives of Atomwaffen, and the relationship between the two terrorist groups has strengthened and formalized in the years since. Its European division attended Azov training camps in Ukraine, as did several of its US-based members, who were subsequently jailed for plotting violent attacks and intimidation campaigns against journalists.

While the mainstream media for many years – post-Maidan – openly acknowledged and condemned Azov’s fascist nature, coverage of these groups has virtually disappeared. Since the Russian military offensive began, last year, this inarguable reality has either been ignored, or actively whitewashed. There has been a similar shift in political attitudes to the Azov Battalion. Once prohibited by law from receiving any US government assistance, now its members are hailed as heroic freedom fighters and invited to Washington to give inspirational talks.

Are more neo-Nazi issues on the horizon?

The media’s lack of interest in reporting the ties between the founder of Atomwaffen, Russell, and the Azov Battalion is certainly concerning, but could be easily attributed to covering for Biden's administration and it support for the Kiev regime. After all, it would be difficult to maintain public backing for an extremist group that threatens its own citizens that it deems insufficiently anti-Russian, if the public were fully informed . However, there are other issues to consider – that may be just as significant – linked to the training of neo-Nazis by Azov.

In July 2022, Europol forecast an “increase in firearms and munitions trafficked into the EU via established smuggling routes or online platforms” arising from the war, and warned, “this threat might even be higher once the conflict has ended.” Since then, there have been multiple reports of weapons sent to Kiev circulating in arms black markets and being used by criminal elements.

The huge amount of weapons being sent to Ukraine – many of them unaccounted for – coupled with the influx of extremist elements joining or training with the Azov Battalion should raise red flags for the US and EU countries. The Atomwaffen’s plot in Baltimore may be just the start. 


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17 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

False flag attack to be blamed on russia....as the article states it seems strange that the liberal media hasn't picked up on this story seeing as they are always so quick to try and build a perceived threat from 'right wing extremists':

Neo-Nazi brotherhood: How American friends of Ukrainian fascists plotted a terror attack in the US and the media ignored the story

Another FBI Whistleblower Says He Was Forced To Inflate Domestic Terrorism Numbers

March 5, 2023

By Tyler Durden

Another FBI whistleblower has stepped forward to tell the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Federal Government that the agency had him boost domestic terrorism figures by dividing cases into multiple subdivisions.

FBI Special Agent Garret O’Boyle from the Kansas City field office told Congressional investigators that the agency had him divide a single domestic terrorism case into “four different cases,” so that the FBI could go to Congress and say “look at all the domestic terrorism we’ve investigated,” Fox News reports.


“Where, really, I was working on one case,” O’Boyle continued. “But, the FBI can then say, well, he actually had four, and so we need you to give us more money because look at how big of a threat all this domestic terrorism is.

He also said that the FBI created a specific threat tag for pro-lifers “THREATSCOTUS2022” amid the leak of the Supreme Court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center – as opposed to the raging pro-abortionists nationwide.

According to O’Boyle, the threat tag was shifted and “began focusing on pro-life adherence.”

“When this threat tag came out, it was like, why are you focusing on pro-life people?” he said in an interview reviewed by Fox News. “It’s pro-choice people who are the ones protesting or otherwise threatening violence in front of Supreme Court justices’ houses.”


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Posted (edited)
On 9/28/2022 at 8:07 PM, Macnamara said:

When will Britain face up to its crimes against humanity?

After the abolition of slavery, Britain paid millions in compensation – but every penny of it went to slave owners, and nothing to those they enslaved. We must stop overlooking the brutality of British history. By Kris Manjapra

Thu 29 Mar 2018 06.00 BSTLast modified on Wed 10 Nov 2021 00.00 GMT

On 3 August 1835, somewhere in the City of London, two of Europe’s most famous bankers came to an agreement with the chancellor of the exchequer. Two years earlier, the British government had passed the Slavery Abolition Act, which outlawed slavery in most parts of the empire. Now it was taking out one of the largest loans in history, to finance the slave compensation package required by the 1833 act. Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his brother-in-law Moses Montefiore agreed to loan the British government £15m, with the government adding an additional £5m later. The total sum represented 40% of the government’s yearly income in those days, equivalent to some £300bn today


You might expect this so-called “slave compensation” to have gone to the freed slaves to redress the injustices they suffered. Instead, the money went exclusively to the owners of slaves, who were being compensated for the loss of what had, until then, been considered their property. Not a single shilling of reparation, nor a single word of apology, has ever been granted by the British state to the people it enslaved, or their descendants.


Today, 1835 feels so long ago; so far away. But if you are a British taxpayer, what happened in that quiet room affects you directly. Your taxes were used to pay off the loan, and the payments only ended in 2015.



This story in the papers today is of Labour politicians saying that britain should pay reparations to carribean island states for slavery. However as this guardian article i have quoted above shows britain already HAS paid reparations for slavery except the money that we, the british taxpayers (most of which never owned slaves or had ancestors who owned slaves) have paid as compensation didn't go to the slaves it went to the slave owners.


So perhaps what these labour politicians need to be doing is tracking down who those families were that were paid that compensation by the british taxpayer and then insisting that they re-divert THAT money to the carribean rather than trying to squeeze more money out of the british taxpayers who had nothing to do with any of that. In fact the ancestors of most british people WERE slaves in many ways whether it was as victims of barbary pirates, indentured labour, serfdom in the medieval age or as roman slaves before that (when do we get reparations?).


Stop squeezing working british people who only got the vote in the last century and start looking into who the families were behind companies like the east india company eg the rothschilds and before them the fuggers etc because they are the ones with all the wealth.


Labour MPs demand Britain pays reparations to Caribbean countries for slave trade and '400 years of hideous abuse'

  • Labour MPs demand Britain stump up reparations to Caribbean countries
  • Ex-shadow minister Clive Lewis demands payments for '400 years of abuse' 

By Greg Heffer, Political Correspondent For Mailonline

Published: 10:58 GMT, 9 March 2023 | Updated: 11:07 GMT, 9 March 2023

Labour MPs have demanded Britain stump up reparations to Caribbean countries for '400 years of exploitative colonial history'.

Clive Lewis, who was a shadow minister under ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, led the calls for compensatory payments over the impact of slavery.

In a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament, the Norwich South MP urged the Government to enter 'meaningful negotiations' with Caribbean nations.


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18 hours ago, Macnamara said:

Labour MPs demand Britain pays reparations to Caribbean countries for slave trade and '400 years of hideous abuse'



18 hours ago, Macnamara said:

Clive Lewis, who was a shadow minister under ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, led the calls for compensatory payments over the impact of slavery.


There seems to be two different arguments being put forward here. One is that slavery was a crime that went unpunished, and that we should serve justice against someone even if the perpetrators are long since dead. That in itself is quite a can of worms if it creates a precedent that should be universally applied - which it should under the equality principle.  And as far as I'm aware, slavery was legal at the time it existed and stopped very quickly after it became illegal (which Britain was one of the first empires to do). So Clive Lewis in effect wants to retrospectively backdate our current laws and moral framework onto a history where the laws and political landscape were very different (as you say the ordinary British people were never asked or consulted whether they agreed with slavery). Again that's a whole can of worms if applied equally. 


The second argument is that slavery somehow caused racism and discrimination against the descendants of slaves and it's that contemporary racism which is being compensated for, rather than the original slavery. However I've not yet seen a good and well evidenced explanation of the cause-and-effect theory, or even evidence that ethnic Europeans are any more discriminatory than other races. Discrimination exists all over the place, (and westerners have done more than most others to reduce it already) for example is it any easier for Blacks applying for jobs in Asian-owned companies? 


However these principles don't seem intended to be applied universally. There's certain historical events like American & Caribbean slavery, the WW2 holocaust and European-only imperialism which are used as special cases to drive certain agendas. With such an inconsistent framework of argument, it's hardly going to stop slavery, genocide and imperialism globally. 

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Campion said:

There's certain historical events like American & Caribbean slavery, the WW2 holocaust and European-only imperialism which are used as special cases to drive certain agendas.


yeah its clearly all geared towards demonising white people and invariably comes from marxists trying to tear down western civilisation. You make some valid points but lets say that hypothetically speaking we decide that we are forming a council to brainstorm how to fix the grinding poverty that some black people find themselves in (many white people and brown people are also in grinding poverty but lets put them aside).


Is throwing money at people the answer? Lets say you deposit half a million dollars in the account of every black person in poverty in california and then you go back in three years time to see how they are getting on. Will they be exemplars of stability and responsibility?


There are those folk who win the lottery and then within a few years they are skint again and back doing their old, low wage job so clearly there is a mental component to maintaining the ideal that is being hoped for. So what is that ideal? The 'american dream' is often portrayed as a house in a leafy suburb with white picket fences. So what else is it that the left think white america has that black america is missing? Is it steady employment, businesses, stable family units, being law abiding, being healthy, a college fund for the kids, a nice house, a nice car, a holiday each year?


Money could buy some of that if the person decided that those were the things that they in fact wanted. But does money alone create that stability or are there deeper drives that lead people to prioritise certain things and behave certain ways and to structure their lives in certain ways?


There's that book 'rich dad, poor dad' that makes the point that being wealthy requires a certain mindset and if you don't have it then you won't get or stay wealthy. So really what we need to be looking at is a ground up restructuring of many things including education, health, housing (your environment has a big impact on your sense of wellbeing), employment and the culture that is able to bind all these things into a working, stable and coherent thing.


Will the money go towards building strong and stable foundations or will it be blown on all kinds of disposable status items? Do the left really believe throwing money at the problem will ensure a sustainable and lasting fix or are they just trying to find new ways to crash 'capitalism' by looting the public purse?

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1 hour ago, Macnamara said:

There's that book 'rich dad, poor dad' that makes the point that being wealthy requires a certain mindset and if you don't have it then you won't get or stay wealthy. So really what we need to be looking at is a ground up restructuring of many things including education, health, housing (your environment has a big impact on your sense of wellbeing), employment and the culture that is able to bind all these things into a working, stable and coherent thing.



 The ideal of the American Dream and the other civilisational things you mention have been developed within the Western history and mindset, and looking at this broadly, an issue here is whether a single version of the good life will succeed in a society that is deliberately making itself multicultural with a policy of mass immigration from other very different cultures. Isn't there a contradiction between multiculturalism and these overarching national values such as the "American Dream" or "British Values"?  Those presume we are all marching in step towards a common set of goals, so presumably there must be a dividing line to determine when we can be diverse and when we must conform.  The problem is that this has not been applied evenly across society, and white people are being forced into the mould of political correctness whereas other races are not. 


So yes those things you mention like education, health etc are ones I would value and want to invest in, and of course in our western countries vast sums are already spent on these things. So much so it's hard to see how reparations money would make much difference apart from, as you say, putting our countries more into debt, bringing down the economy that bit faster, and creating even more division and resentment between the races. 

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Posted (edited)
19 hours ago, Macnamara said:

There are those folk who win the lottery and then within a few years they are skint again and back doing their old, low wage job so clearly there is a mental component to maintaining the ideal that is being hoped for.


Money could buy some of that if the person decided that those were the things that they in fact wanted. But does money alone create that stability or are there deeper drives that lead people to prioritise certain things and behave certain ways and to structure their lives in certain ways?


There's that book 'rich dad, poor dad' that makes the point that being wealthy requires a certain mindset and if you don't have it then you won't get or stay wealthy.


that mental element that gets the despised white community to couple up into stable family units whilst they work hard, abide by the law, encourage their children to pursue and stick at education to leave with qualifications so that they can themselves create businesses, invent things and get steady jobs etc is what the left is now attacking as what they call 'whiteness'


you see you can't have a society of slaves that are dependent on the state if people are out there doing and thinking for themselves. So that drive of white people to get educated or trained up and start businesses and hold down stable jobs that form the backbone of the REAL economy of production and consumption as opposed to the fake economy of finance (the banksters are parasites who parasite off the real economy) is despised by marxists


Throwing money at poor black people won't give them that. It's a culture that is cultivated not something that is simply bought with hard cash and flooding lots of foreign labour in will only make it harder for black americans to pursue that

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