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Replacement migration


Boris and his tory government are NOT conservatives, they are globalists who are trying to turn britain into a cultural hodge-podge as fast as they possibly can. They are working for the complete dissolution of Britain and the replacement of its native population. They should be on trial for treason

Exposed: Home Office launches urgent probe into how our Border Force entered French waters to collect asylum seekers with grateful permission from a Calais patrol that was supposed to stop them - as REVEALED in captains' radio discussion

  • Channel migrants were secretly picked up in French waters by UK Border Force
  • It was orchestrated between HMC Valiant and French patrol ship Athos last week
  • During a maritime radio conversation, officers discuss 'legality' of the operation
  • UK's Valiant launched inflatable boat to collect migrants and take them to Dover
  • Home Office source said Border Force appeared to help migrants enter illegally 

By Sue Reid and David Barrett For The Daily Mail

Published: 22:01, 4 June 2021 | Updated: 00:09, 5 June 2021


New MoD scheme to allow up to 3,000 Afghan interpreters and their families to settle in Britain has 'glaring gaps' including provision for 1,010 ex-staff, warn campaigners

  • Scheme will see thousand of Afghan staff who worked for UK 'rapidly resettle'  
  • But veteran army officer Ed Aitken warned there is too 'low a bar' for rejections 
  • He warned 'around 35 per cent' of applicants face rejection and risk to lives 

By Matt Drake For Mailonline

Published: 18:30, 31 May 2021 | Updated: 18:30, 31 May 2021


Hong Kong latest: Boris Johnson offers refuge to 3 million after China crackdown

Boris Johnson is pledging to let up to three million Hong Kong citizens live and work in the UK as China enforces its authoritarian security clampdown. The Prime Minister lashed out as clashes broke out in the former British territory over communist China's new powers to punish political dissent.


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19 hours ago, Macnamara said:

Replacement migration


Boris and his tory government are NOT conservatives, they are globalists who are trying to turn britain into a cultural hodge-podge as fast as they possibly can. They are working for the complete dissolution of Britain and the replacement of its native population. They should be on trial for treason

EU looked at ‘importing 70 million Africans’ by 2035, says German MEP Gunnar Beck, denouncing ‘disastrous’ new migration pact

4 Jun, 2021 15:40

By Damian Wilson, a UK journalist, ex-Fleet Street editor, financial industry consultant and political communications special advisor in the UK and EU.

A leading figure in Alternative for Germany, tipped for victory in a German election this week, Gunnar Beck is attacking the EU’s ‘deeply dangerous’ migration pact before it’s enacted under cover of a feelgood summer.

As Germany’s ‘super election year’ focuses on the state of Saxony-Anhalt this Sunday, the disruptors in the nation’s biggest opposition party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), are poised for a shock win as its anti-immigration message resonates in the heartlands of former East Germany.

Sitting top of the most recent INSA opinion poll with 26% and having just announced its two lead candidates for September’s federal elections – both supporters of a hard line on immigration – AfD is not about to soften its message.

Germany (Saxony-Anhalt regional election), INSA poll:AfD-ID: 26% (+2)CDU-EPP: 25% (-1)LINKE-LEFT: 13%GRÜNE-G/EFA: 11% (-1)SPD-S&D: 10%FDP-RE: 8% (+2)+/- vs. 20-27 AprFieldwork: 17-23 May 2021Sample size: 1,000➤ https://t.co/obOCVirbpF#ltwlsa#Ltw#ltwsapic.twitter.com/swS8fdXXmf

— Europe Elects (@EuropeElects) May 26, 2021

Senior AfD figure and Euro MP Gunnar Beck said a strong election result would prove a useful weapon in his party’s battle against the European Union’s controversial proposed Pact on Migration and Asylum that looks to enlist its members in a centrally-run redistribution of asylum seekers across the bloc.

I have myself been working on the EU migration pact for some time and for me the enactment of such a pact would be disastrous,” Beck told RT.com. “Because the EU not too long ago was talking about importing up to 70 million Africans into Europe by 2035. In my humble opinion this is not what we need to modernise our economy.

And while the figure seems high, when the members of our migration pact campaign - including delegates from Denmark, Estonia, France and Belgium – met with the Commission just last year, that migration figure was brought up but no one at the Commission chose to deny it.

That suggestion of actively encouraging inward migration to the EU has been floating around Brussels for a while, as governments across the bloc look at ways to address the phenomenon known as the ‘greying of Europe’ where ageing populations aged 65 or older and low birthrates pose ‘considerable social, economic and political challenges in countries such as Germany and Italy’ according to the Pew Research Center, a Washington-based think tank.


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start of cyber polygon?

'The internet has broken!' Hundreds of websites worldwide are DOWN - with UK government, Spotify, Netflix and Amazon all affected

  • UK government website plus Amazon, Spotify and PayPal all down this morning
  • Millions of users across the world have reported problems accessing web pages
  • Netflix, Twitch, Pinterest and UK chemist Boots also affected by the outage 
  • The issue is believed to stem from Fastly - a content delivery network company
  • Company, which helps users view digital content more quickly, reported outage

By Sam Tonkin For Mailonline

Published: 11:11, 8 June 2021 | Updated: 11:57, 8 June 2021

Hundreds of websites worldwide are down this morning – with the UK government, Amazon, Spotify and Amazon all experiencing issues.

Millions of users across the globe have reported problems trying to access web pages, with Netflix, Twitch, Pinterest and UK chemist Boots also affected by the outage.

While the reason for the crash remains unclear, it is likely the issue is with Fastly - a content delivery network (CDN) company that helps users view digital content more quickly. 

Fastly's technology requires it to sit between its clients and their users, meaning that if the service suffers a failure, it can prevent those companies from operating on the net at all. 

Many of the world's biggest websites run on the edge cloud platform's network, hence the mass outages. 

In an error message posted at 10:58 UK time, Fastly said: 'We're currently investigating potential impact to performance with our CDN services.' 

Users took to social media to vent their frustrations about the outage.

One called it an 'internet apocalypse', while another said 'everything just shut out of nowhere'.


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Posted (edited)

BLM a vehicle for anti-white hatred


A new york psychiatrist has been criticised for admitting that she has dark fantasies about shooting white people in the head but she is just being honest. She is just providing an insight into how some people feel and it would be a fool who would gloss over this instructional insight.


There are a lot of people with strong feelings based on race and i suggest the reasons for these are due to globalisation which has done a number of things. First of all it has moved massive amounts of people around very quickly which has created 'multi-cultural' societies with 'ethnic minorities'.


The phenomenon experienced by travellers of feeling uncomfortable when they suddenly find themself among people who appear or act differently to themselves, called 'culture shock' is widely known about and globalisation is essentially creating global culture shock because of the rapid social engineering going on.


That new york psychiatrist has found herself living within a population of people that look different to her and perhaps act differently and she is simply admitting that this creates negative impacts on her mental health. I actually applaud her honesty because she is not just papering over the very real impacts of globalisation and pretending that they don't exist.


The other thing globalisation has done is create a global awareness of the discrepancy between the haves and have nots which will breed resentment. Finally the sabbateans are building on feelings of resentment by pushing 'critical race theory' which is making a link between perceptions of inequalities and race.


I think there are discussions to be had about inequality in society but the discussion should begin with an understanding that the vast majority of global wealth is now held by a handful of billionaires who ironically are the people who own the globalising mega-corporations that drive the woke agenda that directs the resentment against white people in general and not the globalist elite who have been the major driver of global inequality!

'They're making me the problem': NYC psychiatrist who said she fantasized about shooting white people during talk at Yale panel said she was taken 'out of context and stands by her work' after backlash over 'deeply worrisome' views

  • Dr Aruna Khilanani has said she does not regret the word choice of her lecture
  • She gave a controversial virtual talk to Yale University staff and students in April
  • In it, she said she fantasized about 'unloading a revolver' into white people
  • She has faced criticism from university staff and others over her comments
  • On Saturday, she said her words had been taken out of context and that making the conversation about her was a way of 'controlling the narrative' around race

By Charlotte Mitchell For Mailonline

Published: 09:18, 8 June 2021 | Updated: 09:40, 8 June 2021



Another story in the news today is about the england football team taking the knee (a submissive position not historically associated with empowerment) and the tiredness amongst fans of the constant politicisation of sport and relentless social engineering that has crept into every aspect of our lives.


The ex england defender rio ferdinand has said the knee-taking is 'not political' (i've quoted him below) but this is simply not true. Black lives matter is absolutely a political agenda that has explained on its own website its marxist goals.


I wonder though how much of how some people see the world and interprete events comes down to the same psychological pressures that led to the new york psychiatrist admitting that she secretly harbours dark thoughts towards the white majority around her.


Thinking rationally the desire to shoot people comes down to a desire to have less of them in the world. There are two ways to have less of a disliked group in the world. One is to remove them from existence and the other is to turn them into a minority through MASS immigration and once this is understood then the political moves to ramp up mass migration and its increasing support amongst some of the populace becomes easier to understand


The question is: where does this leave the white population as they become the minority in ALL countries including their own native lands? How would they then be treated as they become a minority? Would the sabbateans who pay for all the people smuggling and rubber dingies used to taxi vast numbers of people across the med and into europe and then across the english channel and into britain then pay not only to radicalise those people against the host population through critical race theory but also to potentially covertly arm them?


I guess how you answer that question would come down to your own perception of how much you think the sabbateans despise white people

We are NOT racist, say England fans: Supporters blasted over booing of footballers for taking the knee say 'original message' of anti-racism gesture has been lost

  • Fan groups said that the gesture before games has now 'lost its original meaning'
  • But one senior football administrator slammed fans who heckled the footballers
  • He said that were committing 'a racist act' and cannot use anti-BLM as excuse
  • Ex-England manager Sven Goran Eriksson said he 'loves to see' taking the knee

By James Gant For Mailonline

Published: 11:25, 8 June 2021 | Updated: 12:07, 8 June 2021

Former England defender Rio Ferdinand brands fans who boo taking the knee as 'ignorant' 

Former Manchester United captain and England defender Rio Ferdinand today slammed fans who boo taking the knee as 'ignorant'.

Speaking to the FIVE YouTube channel, he said: 'These fans, these ignorant people going to these games, they haven’t got a clue.

‘They don’t know what the players are kneeling for. It’s not a political stance.

‘All these people saying, “BLM is a political movement” – [the knee] is nothing to do with [BLM]. So take that out of your mind.

‘The players, the manager are telling you, “This is not a political campaign, the reason why we kneel is nothing to do with politics”.


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Posted (edited)
On 6/8/2021 at 12:31 PM, Macnamara said:

BLM a vehicle for anti-white hatred


The other thing globalisation has done is create a global awareness of the discrepancy between the haves and have nots which will breed resentment. Finally the sabbateans are building on feelings of resentment by pushing 'critical race theory' which is making a link between perceptions of inequalities and race.


read this quote taken from a recent academic piece published in an academic journal to see how they do this:


'For Whiteness, the most perceptually available category over which to establish hierarchical relations is 'color'. Race provides 'Whiteness' its easiest target.'


This quote was taken from the following newspaper article and is an example of marxism working through academia to push an agenda that ultimately would lead to complete subjugation of ALL people under a sabbatean controlled world government. It's not 'whiteness' that has caused insatiable state-capitalist consumerism it is the sabbatean owned corporate cartels and their system of CORPORATE SOCIALISM but they are trying to pass the buck here onto white people:

American Psychoanalytic Association publishes paper by white psychoanalyst that claims whiteness is 'voracious, insatiable, and perverse - with no permanent cure'

  • Dr. Donald Moss published the article titled On Having Whiteness last month in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 
  • Moss, who teaches psychoanalysis at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute and the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, has since been slammed online 
  • Dr. Moss has previously written a number of articles for academic journals with provocative titles and messages 

By Adam Schrader For Dailymail.Com

Published: 02:58, 10 June 2021 | Updated: 05:21, 10 June 2021



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Saif Gaddafi for president of libya in 2021?


It's interesting that while Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim Gaddafi were murdered in horrific fashion his other son Saif was spared.


As Muammar and Mutassim fled approaching, western backed rebels their convoy was attacked by US predator drones and french and british fighter jets. So all three of those western powers were fully involved in the takedown of Muammar Gaddafi.


I've often wondered if Gaddafi being stabbed in the arse when he was captured was a response to his famously farting during a meeting with Tony Blair who was no doubt acting as an emissary of the sabbatean elite (the 'illuminati').


Now Saif is running for president of Libya in the 2021 elections and he is running as a 'reformer' on behalf of  the pro-Gaddafi forces. However there are signs that he is in fact working for the illuminati and therefore his role as a 'reformer' would be to act as a sop to the aggrivated pro-gaddafi forces whilst steering the country down the globalist road towards a world government run by the rothschilds and other sabbatean elites.


On saif's wikipedia page we hear mention of the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF) of which Saif was the president. The logo for the charity had a clear eye of horus symbology:




At the end of Saif's wikipedia page we see some eye brow raising mentions of links to the rothschilds and rothschild agent deripaska as well as ties to the globalist London School of Economics which leads me to wonder if he is their candidate in the upcoming libyan elections:


Personal life

In 2006, the German newspaper Der Spiegel and the Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia reported that Saif al-Islam was romantically linked to Orly Weinerman, an Israeli actress and model, they dated from 2005-2011.[80][81] At the time, Weinerman publicly denied having any contact with Saif al-Islam, but she has since admitted it, and in September 2012, she asked former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to intervene in his trial in order to spare his life.[82][83]

In 2009, a party in Montenegro for his 37th birthday included well-known guests such as Oleg Deripaska, Peter Munk and Prince Albert of Monaco.[84]

British society

In the 2000s, Saif al-Islam was hosted at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle by the British royal family.[85] In 2009, he spent a weekend at Waddesdon Manor, home of financier Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, where he was the guest of Lord Mandelson and Nathaniel Philip Rothschild. He later stayed at the Rothschild holiday home in Corfu. Nathaniel Rothschild was a guest at Saif's 37th birthday celebration in Montenegro.[85][86]

Links with the London School of Economics

Main article: LSE Libya Links

Saif al-Islam received his PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2008.[87] Through the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF), Saif pledged a donation of £1.5 million to support the work of the LSE's Centre for the Study of Global Governance on civil society organisations in North Africa. Following the LSE Libya Links affair, the LSE issued a statement indicating that it would cut all financial ties with the country and would accept no further money from the GICDF, having already received and spent the first £300,000 instalment of the donation.[88]








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22 hours ago, Macnamara said:

Saif Gaddafi for president of libya in 2021?


It's interesting that while Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim Gaddafi were murdered in horrific fashion his other son Saif was spared.


Now Saif is running for president of Libya in the 2021 elections and he is running as a 'reformer' on behalf of  the pro-Gaddafi forces. However there are signs that he is in fact working for the illuminati and therefore his role as a 'reformer' would be to act as a sop to the aggrivated pro-gaddafi forces whilst steering the country down the globalist road towards a world government run by the rothschilds and other sabbatean elites


tee hee hee


Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam wants to run for Libya president

Samer al-Atrush, Tunis
Friday June 11 2021, 12.01am, The Times

Gaddafi’s son seeks Libyan presidency 10 years after NATO-backed campaign plunged country into chaos – media

11 Jun, 2021 11:48
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Just like we conspiracy 'theorists' have been saying and straight from the horses mouth:


'Their ideology is cultural Marxism!' Mom who survived Mao's purges in the 1960s says the US is 'looking a lot like China' as she slams woke Loudon County for pushing CRT in schools

  • Loudoun County School Board held a meeting on Wednesday night, where concerned teachers and parents spoke out against critical race theory 
  • Mother Xi Van Fleet told the Board that the push is 'heartbreaking' because it reminds her of her time living in Maoist China
  • Van Fleet was six years old when the Chinese Cultural Revolution began; free speech and dissent were shut down by Maoists who pushed for communism 
  • Van Fleet immigrated to the US at age 26, but believes the freedoms she experienced here are now being eroded due to fear 
  • She continued to speak out against CRT during an interview on Hannity Thursday night
  • 'What is going on in our schools and in our country is really a replay of the cultural revolution in China,' she said
  • 'CRT uses the same ideology, the same methodology, even the same vocabulary. The ideology is cultural Marxism,' she added 

By Andrew Court For Dailymail.com

Published: 16:37, 11 June 2021 | Updated: 18:42, 11 June 2021

A Virginia mom who survived China's Cultural Revolution is continuing to speak out against the teaching of critical race theory in US schools after video of her blasting the academic movement went viral earlier this week. 

Xi Van Fleet - who fled China at the age of 26 before settling in the United States -made headlines after she slammed CRT at a Loudoun County School Board meeting on Wednesday, saying it had striking similarities to theories pushed by communists in her native country. 

'CRT trains children to be social justice warriors and to loathe their country and their history... It is indeed the American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution,' she declared during her speech at the meeting. 

On Thursday night, Van Fleet appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News program, where she extrapolated on her comparison. 

'I just want to let the American people know that what is going on in our schools and in our country is really a replay of the cultural revolution in China,' she said. 

'CRT uses the same ideology, the same methodology, even the same vocabulary. The ideology is cultural Marxism.'

The Cultural Revolution - a violent political purge that occurred in China from 1966 - 1976 -  began with leader Mao Zedong attempting to destroy remnants of capitalism by shutting down debate, dissent and free speech. 

Mao enlisted the help of young university students, known as 'Red Guards', who torched books and artworks, and tried to 'cancel' those who were seen as 'ideologically impure'. 

The purge left between 500,000 and 20 million people dead in the space of just a decade. Van Fleet was just six years old when it started.


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On 11/23/2020 at 6:39 PM, Macnamara said:

Linguistic trickery


The cabal love to deploy linguistic trickery. For example anyone questioning the safety record or risk involved in any vaccination will these days be instantly slammed as an 'anti-vaxxer'. If you ever question any part of the official, state sanctioned narrative on anything then you are instantly branded a 'conspiracy theorist'. If you were to ever question the numbers involved in the holocaust then boom you'd be a 'holocaust denier'. There's no room for nuance anymore in this game of duelling narratives. [i trimmed off the rest of this post for this quote]


I just saw this story on RT of an Indian actress and film maker who is now in a sedition case because she has accused the indian government of deploying a bioweapon against the indian people, through the covid agenda. I wholeheartedly agree with her that they have but what i find interesting here is the language deployed against her. Have a listen to the following quoted rhetoric:


Lakshadweep BJP chief Abdul Khader Haji filed a police complaint, alleging that Sultana had “tarnished the patriotic image of the central government and the people of Lakshadweep.” Police registered the complaint as a sedition and hate speech case. Similarly, BJP National Vice President A. P. Abdullakutty said that Sultana had “insulted India.”



See how they twist things? This brave lady has spoken out to PROTECT india and its people but the cabals minions are trying to equate their authority with india itself.


We have seen the zionists deploy similar tricks where they try to equate anyone who questions the policies of israel with what they term 'anti-semitism' thereby trying to equate the nation of israel with jewish people as a whole as if the two things are inseparable; by extension it also implies that the government of israel represents collectively ALL jews which i'm sure many jews would not agree with.


Even the term 'anti-semitism' is itself linguistic trickery because 'semitic' is simply a collection of languages of which arabic is one and therefore arabs are semites. This means that when the israeli state persecutes arabs the zionists are themselves 'anti-semites' but obviously they are trying to take ownership of the term to the exclusion of others.


We have seen some other interesting examples recently of linguistic trickery. We had president biden for example saying that 'the government IS the people' which is a complete distortion of reality. Joe biden stole the US election and sure as heck does not represent the interests of 'the people'. Joe biden represents the interests of the corporate-socialist monied-elites who are behind the polarising 'woke' agenda.


This brings me to the fifth example of linguistic trickery I will flag up which i saw in the newspapers today. The extremist group 'stonewall' has attempted to equate 'gender critical' comments to 'anti-semitism':

A new front has opened up in the woke wars of Whitehall amid a split at No 10 over calls by Liz Truss for the Government to snub the diversity charity Stonewall. Ms Truss, the Equalities Minister, has told friends that she thinks Whitehall should pull out of the charity’s Diversity Champions scheme, under which employers pay Stonewall for advice on how to implement equality laws and policies. She voiced her opinion after Nancy Kelley, Stonewall’s chief executive, recently likened ‘gender critical’ beliefs to antisemitism. But The Mail on Sunday understands that 45-year-old Ms Truss’s call has opened an inter-generational divide inside No 10.



These neo-marxists and corporate-socialist lackeys are dangerous extremists whose behaviours are absolutely a direct threat to the stability of British life centred around the family and community and their distortions need to be pulled into the light of day and challenged in public forum.

Edited by Macnamara
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14 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

These neo-marxists and corporate-socialist lackeys are dangerous extremists whose behaviours are absolutely a direct threat to the stability of British life centred around the family and community and their distortions need to be pulled into the light of day and challenged in public forum.


Extremist group stonewall pushing their social engineering onto the children in schools. You have to ask why schools are paying stonewall to come into their educational environments? The answer must surely be that head teachers are receiving instruction to do so from above from teaching associations and even the government itself and they are simply complying as a culture of fear has been created in britain such as those created under previous communist regimes throughout history which have all invariably led to the mass slaughter of portions of the population.

Diversity charity Stonewall is accused of selling 'dangerous' transgender advice to schools - including that a trans child can use a toilet which matches their gender

  • Stonewall is making thousands of pounds by enrolling schools on to programme
  • It's a programme of transgender guidance that critics have branded 'dangerous'
  • Schools can apply for awards and buy online training courses through charity 
  • Opponents claim some of the material used is inaccurate and even unlawful 

By Sanchez Manning, Social Affairs Correspondent For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 01:49, 13 June 2021 | Updated: 01:49, 13 June 2021

Embattled diversity charity Stonewall is making hundreds of thousands of pounds by enrolling schools on to a programme of transgender guidance that critics have branded ‘dangerous’.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that hundreds of primaries, secondaries and colleges – both state and private – have paid up to £1,000 each to join the charity’s School & College Champion scheme.

As well as applying for awards to recognise their gay, lesbian and transgender ‘inclusion work’, schools can buy online training courses, further swelling the charity’s coffers. But opponents claim some of the material used is inaccurate and even unlawful.

The row comes as Stonewall faces an exodus from its controversial Diversity Champion scheme for employers amid claims it imposes trans ideology at the expense of free speech.

The charity says its programme of awards for schools helps ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans students feel ‘valued, respected and represented’. One booklet advises teachers not to reveal a pupil’s ‘transgender identity’ to anyone outside the school – including their parents – unless the child gives permission. Another says: ‘Under the Equality Act, a trans child can use the toilets and changing rooms that match their gender’.


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22 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

We have seen some other interesting examples recently of linguistic trickery. We had president biden for example saying that 'the government IS the people' which is a complete distortion of reality. Joe biden stole the US election and sure as heck does not represent the interests of 'the people'. Joe biden represents the interests of the corporate-socialist monied-elites who are behind the polarising 'woke' agenda.


Monied elites pushing woke, neo-marxism for the sabbateans; it is a revolution FROM ABOVE with social engineering being forced down onto the wider public by the corporate socialist elites who control the worlds wealth and they are not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. They are doing it to remould society into a giant technocratic slave plantation.

REVEALED: The one-percenter salaries of NYC's elite private school principals who push woke weaning Critical Race Theory on their students

  • School tax filings, seen by the New York Post, reveal 7 school heads received over $1 million each in total compensation in the year ending June 30 2020 
  • The biggest earner was Thomas Kelly, who earned $1,272,141 as principal at Horace Mann in the Bronx
  • At Riverdale Country Day school, principal Dominic Randolph took home total earnings of $1,075,504, including $1,018,857 salary
  • Spence school, the all-girls school in the Upper East Side, paid head Bodie Brizendine $886,860 in salary  
  • Brearley head Jane Foley Fried, was paid $939,622; parent Andrew Gutmann hit out at the school this year over its woke antiracism 'obsession'
  • Dalton's Jim Best took home $937,973 total compensation; Best is stepping down this year amid controversy over an 'obsessive', antiracism agenda 
  • The school was embroiled in further controversy this month as parents fumed that first-graders were shown sex ed videos on masturbation 
  • Several elite NYC prep schools are coming under fire from parents complaining about the 'woke' ideology being taught to children

By Rachel Sharp For Dailymail.com

Published: 03:49, 13 June 2021 | Updated: 04:51, 13 June 2021

Headteachers at elite NYC private schools where parents are up in arms about critical race theory lessons are earning salaries in excess of $1 million a year.  

School tax filings, obtained by the New York Post, reveal that seven school heads took home more than $1 million each in total compensation in the year ending June 30 2020. 

Another three broke the $900,000 benchmark, putting them all in the nation's top one percent of earners.  

Their hefty salaries come amid a growing number of controversies at several of the elite NYC prep schools where some parents and teachers have complained about the 'woke' ideology being taught to children. They have accused their schools of 'woke-weaning' the kids by indoctrinating them with critical race theory lessons from an early age. 


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Thoughts of the day


The very politically correct informational pamphlet that the scottish government sends you with your letter inviting you to participate in the stage 3 medical trials for the mRNA injections burns with a green flame.


....and in the news today:


We europeans are descended from neanderthals who did not 'die out' but rather interbred with homo sapiens. They live on still in some of us. They are not 'extinct' and they were not retarded beasts but intelligent, artistic, vocal and social beings as archeology will continue to prove.

Neanderthals and Homo sapiens lived TOGETHER in Israel's Negev Desert 50,000 years ago, carbon dating research finds

By Chris Ciaccia For Dailymail.Com

Published: 22:08, 15 June 2021 | Updated: 09:20, 16 June 2021



Cultural marxist sabotage of the education system means that despite endless flows of money and technology flowing into schools kids have less and less of a grasp of the basics of education. You don't need apple tablets and endless 'initiatives' you just need a good teacher and blackboard. Cut the BS and get back to doing the basics well.

John Lewis boss says firm has to give new staff basic literacy and numeracy classes because they have been 'completely failed' by education system

  • Dame Sharon White said young staff hired did not have 'functional literacy' skills
  • She warned less academically-inclined kids were not always reaching potential
  • Her comments were made as she spoke to the Times Education Commission
  • Commission is examining the future of education in light of the Covid-19 crisis

By James Robinson for MailOnline

Published: 08:19, 16 June 2021 | Updated: 11:07, 16 June 2021



Another well funded, globalist stunt trying to create a false impression of grassroots climate activism in order to build support for the green new deal fourth industrial revolution where you will 'own nothing and be happy (probably dead from ADE from the covid injections)':

Two spectators are hospitalised with head injuries in botched Greenpeace stunt horror at France-Germany game as paraglider protesting against VW hits spidercam wires and hurtles into stands

  • Greenpeace protester lost control during a paragliding stunt at last night's Germany-France game in Munich
  • He clipped wires for the aerial 'spidercam' TV camera attached to the stadium roof and veered towards fans
  • Two people were injured as he whizzed inches over the heads of people preparing for the match to begin
  • The Greenpeace activist, a 38-year-old German, was protesting against Euro 2020 sponsor Volkswagen
  • He was arrested after crashing on the pitch, and those injured were taken to hospital. Greenpeace apologised
  • Find out the latest Euro 2020 news including fixtures, live action and results here.

By Jack Newman For Mailonline

Published: 21:56, 15 June 2021 | Updated: 10:06, 16 June 2021



See all the ribbed cloud patterns in the sky? That's ionospheric heating through HAARP. They are meddling with the climate:

UK will be hit by 'food shortages, power cuts, floods and catastrophic heatwaves every TWO years by 2050': Damning report slams government for failing to prepare homes and services for devastating climate change

  • Flooding caused by rising seas, landslides, heatwaves, droughts and river destruction are all predicted
  • Food shortages and power cuts are also threats linked to global warming, says Climate Change Committee
  • Report produced by 450 experts found average UK temperatures had risen by 1.2C since the 19th century
  • It said by 2050 a heatwave similar to that in 2018 will fall every other year and summers will be 10% drier

By Colin Fernandez Environment Correspondent For The Daily Mail

Published: 00:01, 16 June 2021 | Updated: 10:55, 16 June 2021


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Strange military deaths part 1


T E Lawrence immortalised in the david lean movie 'Lawrence of Arabia' died under strange circumstances. It was said he died in a motorcycle crash and he is depicted in the film riding his motorbike around the country lanes too fast and then crashing.


However there has always been a persistent rumour of a black car being at the scene of the crash. Lawrence was right at the heart of the cabals move to dismantle the ottoman empire and redraw the map of the middle east which obviously would have two objectives in mind: one to pave the way to a zionist homeland and two to secure the oil fields.


The 'sykes picot' line was famously drawn across the desert in a straight line, with a ruler which did not take into account the complex tribal landscape over which the cabal wanted to exert its influence.


What did lawrence know? After gaining some fame in his own life and writing about his adventures amongst the arab tribesmen in his book 'the seven pillars of wisdom' he retired to a small one bedroom cottage in the country which didn't even have a toilet. Clearly he was not a man for the fripperies of life and perhaps he was seen as a liability by those in the know. Apparently he left his manuscript for the 'seven pillars of wisdom' on a train by accident and then re-wrote the entire book from memory. The copy i read had a nice sketch by the scottish artist James McBey on the front who was a friend of my family. 



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Strange military deaths part 2


Denied a Victoria Cross, Paddy Mayne nevertheless became one of the most decorated soldiers in the british army. A character who gathered a lot of stories about him his known feats during wartime are legendary. However like lawrence he struggled to adapt to civilian life after the war and also died in a motor crash when he was driving home after a freemasonic lodge meeting.


The story of the origins of the SAS, which mayne helped found, are covered in the book 'rogue heros' which muir posted about before his posts were lost in the hack. Apparently the writer of the 'peaky blinders' TV series is to make a film of the book. In the book some SAS raiders seek shelter in a bedouin tent in the north african desert in which was a small baby. That baby was Muammar Gaddafi.


Paddy is said to have crashed into a farm vehicle but I wonder if being the spiky character he was whether or not he was seen as a loose end by the british establishment that refused him the victoria cross?




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Strange Military Deaths, part 3: The Deepcut Murders


5 soldiers died in recent years in Deepcut barracks, in separate incidents, under strange circumstances.


Sean Benton was shot 5 times. 3 other privates were also shot and then the fifth person died of an overdose. It looks very much like someone was walking upto privates and giving them a summary execution. How could they get away with this?


Now it transpires that a fifth person died of an overdose amidst rumours of bullying and the police officer investigating the murders was not informed of this by the military.


Is the military protecting someone?

Grieving father of soldier who died at Deepcut barracks demands public inquiry after details of a fifth suspicious death at the base emerge

  • A fifth solider died at the army's Deepcut barracks between 1995 and 2002 
  • Previously, four privates died at Deepcut and were found with gunshot wounds 
  • Private Anthony Bartlett was found dead there in 2001, of suspected overdose

By Marc Nicol For The Daily Mail and Danyal Hussain For Mailonline

Published: 13:40, 11 June 2021 | Updated: 01:08, 12 June 2021

The grieving father of a soldier who died at Deepcut Army barracks demanded a public inquiry last night after details of a fifth suspicious death at the base emerged.

It had been thought that four young soldiers died there mysteriously between 1995 and 2002.

The cases triggered police investigations and an independent review by a High Court Judge.

But it has now been revealed that a fifth soldier, Private Anthony Bartlett died of a suspected drug overdose at the Surrey barracks in July 2001. 

Remarkably, the 26-year-old’s death was not included in any of the inquiries into the suspicious deaths and probes into claims that Army instructors abused and bullied recruits.

Just two months after the tragedy, Private Geoff Gray, 17, died of gunshot wounds while on guard duty. 

To this day his family dispute the coroner’s conclusion that their son took his own life. 

Anthony Bartlett, was found dead after a suspected overdose in July 2001 at the Deepcut barracks

Anthony Bartlett, was found dead after a suspected overdose in July 2001 at the Deepcut barracks

Last night, Private Gray’s father, also called Geoff Gray, said: ‘There must now be a public inquiry... I am more convinced than ever that there was foul play in my son’s death. 

'Why are we just learning now that Private Bartlett died in suspicious circumstances so close to when Geoff died?’ 

Privates Sean Benton, Cheryl James, Geoff Gray and James Collinson were found dead at the barracks in Surrey amid allegations of a culture of bullying and abuse. 

However, it has now emerged that another private, Anthony Bartlett, was found dead after a suspected overdose in July 2001.

The detective who investigated later deaths at the Barracks hit out at the news and said it was 'staggering' he had not been told about it.  

Retired Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton said the death of Private Bartlett had been hidden from him.

The MoD rejected any claims of a cover-up and said the coroner found the fifth death had been an accident.   

Privates Benton, James, Gray and Collinson all died of gunshot wounds in the barracks. 

The Army said the deaths were suicides though their families disagreed.   

DCI Colin Sutton investigated the deaths of Pte Grey and Pte Collinson 

Pte Bartlett died just two months before but Mr Sutton says he was not informed of the death. 

He died after an overdose of Co-Proxamol, which is a strong painkiller.

Pte Bartlett had been prescribed the painkiller by Army doctors for acute Achilles tendonitis.  

James Collinson who died from gunshot wounds at the Deepcut Army Barracks
Private Geoff Gray aged 17, who was found with two gunshot wounds in his forehead

James Collinson (left) who died from gunshot wounds at the Deepcut Army Barracks.  Private Geoff Gray (right) aged 17, who was found with two gunshot wounds in his forehead

Private Cheryl James
Private Sean Benton, who was the first of four young soldiers to die of gunshot wounds at the Deepcut Barracks in Surre

Private Cheryl James (left) was also found dead of gunshot wounds. Private Sean Benton, who was the first of four young soldiers to die of gunshot wounds at the Deepcut Barracks in Surrey

Ex-DCI Sutton said:  'Nobody told me about it,' he said. 'If you're the senior investigating officer looking at the deaths of two soldiers at Deepcut and there's another death of a soldier that you're not told about, you know, it's just staggering to me.

'I just don't understand how that information can be kept from an investigation team that's looking at this at that barracks.' 

Sean Benton was the first private found dead at the barracks, after he was found in July 1995 with five gunshot wounds.  

Private Bartlett, from Dumfries and Galloway, was found to have overdosed on a painkiller he had been prescribed for an ankle injury. An inquest in 2001 ended in a verdict of accidental death from acute poisoning from the drug.

Cheryl James was found dead in November that year. Pte James, 18, was undergoing initial training when she was found dead with a bullet wound between her right eye and the bridge of her nose in November 1995. 

Private Benton and Private James’s deaths were declared suicides after second inquests. An open verdict was reached at Private Collinson’s only inquest. 

Private Geoff Gray aged 17, was found with two gunshot wounds in his forehead in September 2001.  

James Collinson was 17 when he was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head at the barracks. 

The Ministry of Defence denies that it sought to hide a fifth death at Deepcut.

It also insists the Armed Forces do not tolerate abuse, bullying or discrimination.


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Strange Military deaths part 4


Final agony of RAF volunteer killed by sarin - in Britain

As the inquest into the death of a 'human guinea pig' at Porton Down opens, a witness breaks 50 years' silence to recount the horrors he saw
Antony Barnett, public affairs editor
Sun 28 Sep 2003 12.07 BST
The following correction was printed in the Observer's For the record column, Sunday October 5 2003


Like most 19-year-olds, Alfred Thornhill had never seen anybody die. When the fresh-faced trainee engineer from Salford answered his call for National Service, he thought he could handle anything.

Dispatched to the ambulance service, the self-confident teenager arrived for a month-long posting at Porton Down, the Government's top-secret chemical weapons laboratory in Wiltshire. He was proud to be doing his bit for his country.

But nothing could have prepared the young Mancunian for the horrific events he witnessed on a May morning in 1953. Answering an emergency call, he witnessed scenes which would haunt him for half a century and thrust him to the centre of an inquiry into one of the darkest hours of British military history.


Until today Thornhill - now a 70-year-old pensioner - has never spoken publicly about what he saw. He feared the Ministry of Defence would send him to prison.

He has now broken his silence to tell of the day he arrived at Porton Down's gas chamber and saw the convulsing body of 20-year-old Ronald Maddison thrashing around on the floor, spewing substances from his mouth.

Thornhill's eyewitness testimony will form a key plank of the reopened inquest into Maddison's death, which is due to be heard in the next few weeks.

Maddison, an RAF engineer from County Durham, had been used as a human guinea pig by MoD scientists experimenting on the lethal nerve gas sarin. Like hundreds of others from the armed forces, Maddison had volunteered for the trials, believing he was going to Porton Down to take part in some 'mild' experiments to find a cure for the common cold. Instead, by dropping sarin onto Maddison's skin, they used him to help determine the dosage of the lethal nerve agents.

Thornhill's accounts of the agonising last hours of Maddison's life shines a light into the murky past of this secretive establishment and the shocking experiments carried out on volunteers. Hundreds are suspected of dying prematurely or going on to develop illnesses such as cancer, motor neurone disease and Parkinson's. Despite the grief and fury of survivors and their families, over the decades successive Governments have sought to bury the scandal. But Thornhill's testimony could change all that.

'I had never seen anyone die before and what that lad went through was absolutely horrific... it was awful,' he said. 'It was like he was being electrocuted, his whole body was convulsing. I have seen somebody suffer an epileptic fit, but you have never seen anything like what happened to that lad... the skin was vibrating and there was all this terrible stuff coming out of his mouth... it looked like frogspawn or tapioca.'


Thornhill recalls a number of scientists standing around Maddison. 'You could see the panic in their eyes - one guy looked as if he was trying to hold his head down. There were four of us who picked him off the floor and put him in the back of the ambulance. He was still having these violent convulsions and we drove him to the medical unit at Porton.'

By the time he reached the unit, it had been cleared of other casualties and there were men in white coats standing around a bed.

Thornhill was told to carry Maddison over and it was then that the young ambulance driver saw a second image that would haunt him for decades.

'I saw his leg rise up from the bed and I saw his skin begin turning blue. It started from the ankle and started spreading up his leg. It was like watching somebody pouring a blue liquid into a glass, it just began filling up. I was standing by the bed gawping. It was like watching something from outer space and then one of the doctors produced the biggest needle I had ever seen. It was the size of a bicycle pump and went down onto the lad's body. The sister saw me gawping and told me to get out.'

The next day Thornhill was 'devastated' when he was told by a medical officer that the young man had died. He recalls the whole medical unit stinking of Dettol as if it had been sprayed everywhere to decontaminate the rooms. Thornhill was asked to drive the body to the mortuary at Salisbury General Hospital and instructed to take the back roads.

At the time, Thornhill was suspicious of what had happened and why he was told to take such a strange route to the hospital, but he simply followed orders.


'There was a lot of talk among the squaddies about nerve gas and mustard gas and the like, but nobody really knew what was going on. In those days you trusted the authorities and didn't ask too many questions. You kept yourself to yourself.'

There was another reason why Thornhill kept quiet. 'I was called into an office and read the riot act by a medical officer. He made me sign something and told me if I ever spoke a word about what I saw at Porton Down I would be sent to prison. I was frightened and didn't want to go to jail, so I didn't tell any of the other lads what I had seen.'

Over the years, Thornhill has had frequent flashbacks of the terrible events he witnessed, but has never mentioned them outside his immediate family. 'I used to see things on the news and on TV that used to bring it all back to me. I remember seeing the news about Saddam Hussein gassing the Kurds and I couldn't stop thinking about that young lad.'


For 50 years, Thornhill found it difficult to stop wondering who the dying man was. 'I noticed his blue RAF trousers under the blue boiler suit, but that's all I ever never knew about him. I thought he might be married and his wife or parents would want to know what happened and that there was somebody with him when he died. I was recently engaged and I would have hoped somebody would have done the same for me.'

Yet it was only this summer when he heard a report on a local Manchester radio station about a police inquiry into the death of the RAF engineer Ronald Maddison at Porton Down, that it all fitted into place. 'I stopped in my tracks when I heard it. I knew that was it him, that it was Maddison. It was the right date, he was in the RAF and they said it was the only person who had died at Porton.'

Thornhill telephoned the Wiltshire police who were conducting the inquiry and a team travelled to Manchester the next day to interview him. He gave them a nine-page statement detailing all he knew and saw at Porton Down during his time there. An original MoD inquest was held in secret in 1953 and recorded a verdict of death by misadventure.

Although the police inquiry into events at Porton Down found insufficient evidence to mount a criminal prosecution, their findings were passed to Lord Chief Justice Woolf who ruled that the inquest must be reopened. Lawyers for Maddison's family and the hundreds of other volunteers who have suffered subsequent illnesses are hoping for a verdict of 'unlawful killing'.

Thornhill now wants to meet Maddison's family so he can talk to them about what he saw. 'What that lad went through was horrendous, it shouldn't have been allowed to happen to anybody. We talk about Saddam Hussein gassing his own people but what we did at Porton Down was the same... I want his family to have some justice.'


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On 12/8/2020 at 3:20 PM, Macnamara said:

A government review of human rights? Is that to look into how they can change the law to make it possible to impose mandatory vaccines?

Government launches independent review of the Human Rights Act

A panel of experts will examine whether there is a need to reform the Human Rights Act in an independent review launched by the government today (7 December 2020).

Published 7 December 2020
From: Ministry of Justice
  • expert panel will examine how the Human Rights Act (HRA) is operating 20 years on
  • review expected to report its recommendations in Summer 2021

The review will be led by former Court of Appeal Judge, Sir Peter Gross, and will consider if the HRA needs updating after 2 decades of being in force.

As promised in the Manifesto, it will take a fresh look at the Act – how it operates and protects human rights – to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the society it serves.



here they come:

Care staff may have to get a flu jab too: Nursing centre workers could be forced to have flu vaccine despite backlash over mandatory Covid jabs

  • From new year, care home workers will need to have both doses of covid vaccine
  • And the new rules may compel NHS and care staff to also have a flu vaccine 
  • The GMB warned that as many as one in three carers could consider leaving jobs
  • Just 69 per cent of staff in older adult care homes in England are fully vaccinated

By Daniel Martin for the Daily Mail

Published: 22:40, 16 June 2021 | Updated: 00:42, 17 June 2021

Hundreds of thousands of NHS and care staff could be forced to have jabs for flu despite a backlash against mandatory Covid vaccines.

Matt Hancock announced yesterday that, from the new year, care home workers will need to have had both doses of a coronavirus vaccine.

The Health Secretary said officials would also consult on whether NHS staff should be forced to have the Covid jab before being allowed on to the front line.

And they will examine whether the rules should compel NHS and care staff to have a flu vaccine.

Unions reacted with fury to the announcement yesterday. The GMB warned that as many as one in three carers could consider leaving their jobs if vaccinations became compulsory.


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On 6/11/2021 at 7:04 PM, Macnamara said:



Dust in the eyes of the profane




Yesterday David posted a zoom call by the Hardwick Alliance (HARE) in which they discussed the takeover of the green movement by the monied elites behind the big corporations who have created the current system of state-capitalism or what David has called 'cartelism' because it is simply corporate monopolisation of the economy.


One of the posters Sandi Adams mentions how the elites who are pushing the whole fake-environmentalist movement where they are trying to remould the economy to a 'green' technocracy were caught calling the mass of humanity 'cannon fodder'. At the level of the rothschilds the cabal are as Mark Passio would say a priesthood of dark occultists. They call the uninitiated masses 'the profane' and all of their perception management through the corporate media, which they own, is dust in the eyes of the profane. Indeed all these well funded, orchestrated climate activism stunts including the 'extinction rebellion' group are really just a psyop to create the false impression of a grassroots upswell of environmentalism to fool the public into going along with certain agendas.


The corporate elite are the biggest polluters on the planet along with the US military to which they are joined at the hip as part of what president eisenhower called the 'military industrial complex'. So the dark occultists don't really care about the environment, they care about CONTROL. Telling people that the CO2 they produce is the problem and not the toxic chemicals cranked out by the corporate cabal is about CONTROL because they can then argue that they should be able to micro-manage your life through top-down, centralised control in order to manage your CO2 output.


But i wanted to comment on the mindset of the elite. They refer to the initiated as 'the profane' because they perceive reality differently to the masses. They have a deeper level of perception which is why they use the language of symbols which impact on the subconscious. To the uninitiated a symbol simply appears to be what it is on the surface but to the initiated the symbol has layer upon layer upon layer of meaning and is in fact a key to a vast storehouse of knowledge.


The initiated are by degrees given the key to that knowledge and are then able to see beyond that veil whilst the masses remain spiritually blind.


The question then for those looking to bring about a true green transformation that works WITH nature and not against it is how to raise the consciousness of humanity in order that they too embark on that intuitive journey into the ineffable but with the desire for greater connection with nature rather than as a means to control their fellow man.


This must begin with switching off the technology given to us by the corporate cartels and immersion in nature of which we are a part. Transhumanism is the cabals attempt to pull us out of that connection and into their counterfeit reality.

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The corporate socialists are looking to eviscerate the middle class which grew up out of trade to overturn the two tiered fuedal society of peasants ruled over by barons. Their vision for the world is to create another two tiered society of disempowered, deskilled, unpropertied serfs ruled over by an all powerful technocratic elite.


To achieve this they are going to come after the wealth of the middle class and destroy the jobs of the workers through automation, artificial intelligence and outsourcing jobs abroad due to the new 'work from home' laws which will mean that a global work force can now compete for those jobs because if they are done at home it doesn't matter to the corporate elites if that home is in the UK or china. Its a good time to develop real skills and knowledge as the days of paper shuffling are coming to an end.

REVEALED: Biden's 'death tax' that would mean middle-class families inherit smaller estates and would break his promise not to hike rates for Americans making less than $400K a year 

  • President Biden's plan to impose capital gains tax on estates of less than $11.7 million would mean a 'new death tax' according to critics
  • New analysis suggested the plan could badly affect families whose only assets are real estate
  • Authors calculated that the children of a hypothetical widow whose home increased in value could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars more
  • But Biden and his wife would likely not be affected despite being worth millions of dollars more 

By Rob Crilly, Senior U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 22:18, 16 June 2021 | Updated: 07:45, 17 June 2021

President Biden has promised not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000 but plans to end an inheritance loophole could do just that, according to a new analysis that suggests a widow with nothing to pass on to her children but her home could be badly hit by proposals that would leave the Bidens' personal fortune untouched.

Tucked away in Biden's American Families Plan is a revision to the way capital gains taxes are paid on estates when people die.

Critics have dubbed it a 'middle-class death tax' and say it will mean thousands of people having to sell assets to meet tax bills they would not get under existing law.

'The American Families Plan as proposed would impose a new death tax that would punish middle class individuals who chose to invest in America and leave something for their children rather than spend every dollar, said Hank Adler, associate professor at Chapman University and co-author of the new study.

'The plan does not move the goal posts, it totally changes the rules of the game.'


Get back to work! Furious bosses condemn Whitehall blueprint to give workers the right to work from home forever and make it ILLEGAL to force them back to the office, warning it will lead to 'zombie UK'

  • Proposed law change could make it impossible for employers to insist on their staff attending the workplace
  • The Government will consult on the plan over the summer, ahead of possible legislation later this year
  • The move is likely to spark a backlash amid fears it could damage productivity and harm certain sectors

By Jason Groves Political Editor For The Daily Mail

Published: 22:05, 16 June 2021 | Updated: 08:34, 17 June 2021

Millions of office staff would be given a 'default' right to work from home under post-pandemic plans from ministers.

The proposals would change the law to make it impossible for employers to insist on staff attending the workplace unless they can show it is essential.

The Government will consult on the plan – part of a drive to promote flexible working – over the summer, ahead of possible legislation later this year.

The move is likely to spark a backlash amid fears it could damage productivity, harm businesses that rely on workers going into the office and prevent a return to normality in town and city centres. 

A report from Tony Blair warned this week that almost six million white-collar jobs were at risk of being shipped abroad if the work-from-home revolution continued.



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Strange military deaths part 5


Hector Archibald MacDonald, known as 'fighting Mac' or by his gaelic name that translated as 'hector of the battles' was a crofter who rose through the ranks to general by dint of his own talent as a soldier. However he was embroiled in a scandal involving accusations of sexual relations with teenage boys and is said to have shot himself in a hotel room in Paris. Were the rumours true however or was he the victim of a character assassination by the british establishment? I don't know the answer to that. Certainly he remained well respected for his achievements in his native scotland and a nice piece of music was created in his memory.





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Strange military deaths part 6


In 1994 a chinook helicopter carrying all the top intelligence officers covering northern ireland crashed into a hillside in the mull of kintyre on its way to a meeting at fort george near inverness.


25 intelligence experts and 4 crew died. Initially the crash was blamed on pilot error but this verdict was overturned in 2011 after campaigning by the pilots families.


Was it a genuine accident or where the most hard headed people removed from the chessboard as part of a peace process negotiation with the IRA?

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Down with macronism!


A french guy recently slapped Macron when macron approached the french public as part of his tour of the nation. Now obviously i don't condone violence but it did send a strong message that the first thing that happened to macron when he tried to launch a charm offencive on the french public is that he got slapped.


The police arrested the man and raided his home to try and understand his politics. They described his politics as a mish-mash and the corporate media were quick to try and portray the man as a fantasist because he was involved in reenactment groups and had cried out an old royalist warcry: 'Montjoie Saint Denis'. But if you look again you see a young man that has actually engaged with the history of his country and has gained a wider historical perspective that sees how macronism is a threat to all that he loves about his country.


A knight has a code and DUTY to protect his country. It's easy to mock such a guy but what are many other people his age doing? Likely they don't even know a royalist war cry nor could they tell you the first thing about french history and as they have become increasingly disconnected from their past and their culture they have less and less care of what they are losing because they lack the perspective to even understand what it is that they are losing



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Unvaccinated people made to wear skull and crossbones symbol in Covid spread crackdown

POLICE in India have pinned skull and crossbones signs to people who have not received the Covid vaccine.

PUBLISHED: 14:33, Fri, Jun 11, 2021 | UPDATED: 15:14, Fri, Jun 11, 2021
Rural officers made some people wear the signs saying “do not come near me, I am not vaccinated. Please stay away from me”. Those who were vaccinated were given a sign with the colours of the Indian flag that read “I am a patriot as I am vaccinated”.
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