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On 2/6/2021 at 8:34 PM, Macnamara said:

tanzanian president suddenly dies in a light aircraft accident and a new president is installed with connections to bill gates and the gavi alliance


mass covid injection roll out begins across tanzania with funding from gavi



breaking news: the tanzanian president has tested positive for covid after crashing into the bush in a flaming fireball after a mid-air explosion. The world health organisation suspect that coronavirus is responsible.


Bill gates to lead a tribute and is personally funding a vaccination drive in the country to save the lives of millions. 33 leaders from around the world have welcomed the move.


***cuts to Joe Biden*** 'I am pleased to see that democracy is being upheld in the heart of our mother africa.'

Tanzania's Covid-sceptic President John Magufuli dies from 'heart complications' aged 61 after not being seen in public for two weeks amid rumours he had contracted coronavirus

  • Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan announced the death in a televised address
  • Magufuli had not been seen in public since February 27, spurring rumours
  • There was speculation he contracted Covid, but VP said he died of heart illness 

By Reuters

Published: 20:55, 17 March 2021 | Updated: 21:41, 17 March 2021


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  • 2 weeks later...

In the news


It felt like there was a little bit of a lull there for a while but there is a sense that we are due another shock to the psyche soon. In reality plenty has been happening with the suez being blocked and the covid agenda rolling forward with moves internationally to make covid-jabs mandatory for health workers which is of course merely the testbed for wider society. The psychopaths will reason: 'if health care workers accept a mandatory jab then other sections of society will too which will lead to other 'front line services' such as firefighters, paramedics, teachers, police etc being placed under mandatory jab orders. Give an inch and they will take a mile....that's how the game is played.


on the surface Saira Khan appears to be injecting (pardon the pun) a little perspective into the current debate being driven by the hysteria of the intersectionality-cult however we could consider if her defence of british social-democracy is in the long run a false-economy, but first the headline:

'I know the backlash I will get': Saira Khan claims Asian culture has held her back more than racism as she credits Britain for 'encouraging her to make the most of herself'



So yes at the moment we could argue that Britain provides people of all ethnicities and genders far more opportunities than the vast majority of nations around the world which does of course undermine the argument of the wokesters that Britain is a festering sinkhole of mysogeny and racism but lets consider the trajectory that the country is on. Currently we are seeing our economy beinf remoulded under the covid-lockdowns which will see independent businesses decimated and a corporate monopoly grow over market share in all areas. The corporations however, despite their woke rhetoric, have no interest in creating widespread employment, employee satisfaction or worker autonomy and in fact their trend has been towards replacing workers with automation, standardisation which strips away worker autonomy and specialisation which can remove the satisfaction of being involved in whole processes rather than being a cog in  a machine.


Where do the corporations intend to take us with their social democracy? Into a technocracy where most people are replaced by machines and AI and become helpless dependents on the state and its digital currency universal basic income which will of course be rationed to provide only the bare essentials of life with restrictions placed on those whose social credit scores don't remain high through fawning over the government and its minions.


Does such a future offer women (or anyone for that matter) 'empowerment' or freedom or a sense of personal self-fulfillment?

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On 2/12/2021 at 4:55 PM, Macnamara said:

No mention of henry avery in the top ten most successful pirates?

The 10 richest pirates to sail the seas

1. Samuel 'Black Sam' Bellamy: $130 million

2. Sir Francis Drake: $115 million

3. Thomas Tew: $103 million

4. John Bowen: $40 million

5. Bartholomew 'Black Bart' Roberts: $32 million

6. Jean Fleury: $31.5 million

7. Thomas White: $16 million

8. John Halsey: $13 million

9. Harry Morgan: $13 million

10. Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach: $12.5 million



Looks like the daily mail is finally acknowledging Captain Avery:



Could these Arabian coins finally solve the riddle of the world's first manhunt? Silver change found in a Rhode Island orchard may help to explain what happened to notorious 17th century pirate Captain Henry Every

  • Henry Every and his crew helped plunder an armed Mughal trading vessel
  • This created tensions between the empire and England/the East India Company
  • The English Government placed a bounty upon the murderous pirate's head
  • Captain Every and his crew fled via Bourbon and Ascension to New Providence
  • Yet news of their crimes caught up with them, and they were forced to flee again
  • Exactly where Every and most of his crew went next has remained a mystery 
  • Recently found coins support the theory that some ended up in New England

By Ian Randall For Mailonline

Published: 06:15, 1 April 2021 | Updated: 21:56, 1 April 2021

A handful of Arabian silver coins unearthed from an orchard in Rhode Island and other parts of New England are shining a fresh light on the 'world's first manhunt'.

Conducted by the English, the target was the notorious pirate Captain Henry Every and his crew, who plundered an armed trading ship of the Mughal empire.

The vessel — the 'Ganj-i-Sawai' ('Exceeding Treasure') — had been sailing to Surat, India, from Yemen, carrying pilgrims returning from Mecca as well as vast riches.

Captain Every and his crew initially took their ill-gotten gains to Bourbon (now Réunion), before making way to the island of New Providence in the Bahamas.

Yet news of the bounty placed on their heads soon caught up with them — and what happened to the pirate and many of his crew after they fled has been a mystery.

Recent discoveries — including a 17th-century Arabian coin found by amateur historian and metal detectorist Jim Bailey, 53, in Middletown — may provide clues.

The coin, thought to belong to the haul from the Ganj-i-Sawai, suggests that some of Every's crew — and perhaps even the captain himself — ended up in New England.


'It's a new history of a nearly perfect crime,' said Mr Bailey, who coincidentally works as a security professional for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections.

In August 1695, Captain Every and his crew of the ship 'Fancy' teamed up with five other pirate captains — Joseph Faro, William Mayes, Thomas Tew, Thomas Wake and Richard Want — and their vessels in the Straits of Bab-el-Mandeb.

With Every in command of the pirate flotilla, they set their sights on a convoy of 25 Mughal empire ships — including the 1,600-ton Ganj-i-sawai, which was armed with 80 cannons, and its 600-ton escort, the 'Fateh Muhammed'.

For any pirate of the time, the fleet was easily the richest picking in Asia — if not the world — and one which Captain Every told his crew would leave them glutted with 'gold enough to dazzle the eyes'.

Four or five days into the chase, the pirates caught up with and sacked the Fateh Muhammed, and a few days later — on September 7, 1695 — the Fancy and Mayes' 'Pearl' engaged the Ganj-i-Sawai, which was owned by one of the world's most-powerful men, the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

On board the Ganj-i-Sawai were not only the worshipers returning from their pilgrimage, but tens of millions of dollars' worth of gold and silver.

According to some historical accounts, the marauders tortured and killed the men aboard the Mughal vessel and raped the women in a so-called 'orgy of horror', seeking to extract information on where in her hold the Ganj-i-Sawai's treasures had been hidden.

Some versions of the story also suggest, grimly, that Captain Every himself found 'something more pleasing than jewels' onboard the vessel — often said to be the daughter, granddaughter or another relative of emperor Aurangzeb.

Having left the ransacked Ganj-i-Sawai to limp back to Surat and after compensating the crew of the Pearl for their share of the spoils, the Fancy set sail for Bourbon, today the island of Réunion, arriving two months later. 

Here, the pirates divvyed up the treasures — with each man receiving £1,000 (the equivalent of £93,300–128,000 today, and far more than any sailor could typically expect to make across their lifetime) as well as a selection of gemstones.

The attack had significant ramifications for both England and the East India Trading company — which was still recovering from the disastrous Anglo-Mughal War if 1686–90 — with the very future of English trade in India placed under threat.

Both the attack on the Ganj-i-Sawai's pilgrim travellers and the raping of the Muslim women were seen as a religious violation.

The local Indian governor took the step of arresting all English subjects in Surat, partly as retribution but also to protect them from rioting locals.

Meanwhile, Emperor Aurangzeb closed down four of the East India Company's factories in India and imprisoned their officers — and even threatened to attack the city of Bombay wit the goal of expelling the English from India forever.

To appease the Mughal empire, the East India Company promised to pay reparations for Every's crimes, while Parliament declared the pirates 'hostis humani generis' ('enemies of the human race').

This maritime law term placed them outside of legal protections and thereby allowing them to be 'dealt with' by any nation that saw fit.

Alongside this, the government placed a £500 bounty on Captain Every's head — one which the East India Company later doubled to £1,000 — with the Board of Trade coordinating what became the first worldwide manhunt. 

'If you Google "first worldwide manhunt", it comes up as Every. Everybody was looking for these guys,' explained Mr Bailey. 

Given their wanted status, Captain Every's crew disagreed on where to sail next.

Ultimately, the French and Danes elected to stay on Bourbon, while the rest of the crew set course for Nassau, the capital of New Providence in the Bahamas, which was considered a pirate haven.

Shortly before setting sail, Every is said to have purchased around ninety slaves — an acquisition which served the dual purpose of providing labour on the journey to the other side of the world, as well as serving as a resource that could be traded.

In this way, the pirates were able to avoid using their foreign currency, an act which would have served as a clue to their identities.

Breaking their voyage at the uninhabited Ascension Island, in the middle of the Atlantic, the crew succeeded in catching 50 sea turtles — enough food to last the rest of the voyage to Nassau — while losing 70 men who decided to remain there.

By the March of 1696, the Fancy had passed through St Thomas in the Virgin Islands — where the crew sold off some of their treasure — before dropping anchor near Eleuthera, some 50 miles (80 km) northeast of New Providence.

Masquerading as one 'Captain Henry Bridgeman', Every presented his crew to the island's governor, Sir Nicholas Trott, as unlicensed English slave traders who had just arrived from the coast of Africa and were in need of shore time.

In keeping with this deceit, the crew promised £860 — and the Fancy, once her cargo was unloaded — to Sir Trott in return for permission to make port and his keeping secret their claimed violation of the East India Company's trading monopoly.

The bribe was an attractive proposition for the governor, who also saw the benefits, with French forces reportedly en route, of having a heavily-armed ship in the harbour along with enough extra men on the island to properly man Nassau's 28 cannons.

When the Fancy was handed over to his possession, Sir Trott discovered a further bribe had been left on board for him — totalling 100 barrels of gunpowder and 50 tons of ivory tusks, as well as firearms, ammunition and ship anchors.

Sir Trott initially turned a blind eye to the pirates' possession of large quantities foreign-minted coins, as well as the patched-up battle damage on the Fancy.

However, he was also quick to strip the ship of anything valuable and — according to some accounts, deliberately arranged for her to be scuttled in order to dispose of evidence that could have later proved inconvenient for him.

When word finally reached Nassau that both the Royal Navy and the East India Company were hunting for Every/'Bridgeman', the governor maintained that he and the islanders 'saw no reason to disbelieve' the crew of the Fancy's story.

Nevertheless, to maintain his reputation, he was forced to disclose the location of the pirates to the authorities — but not before tipping off Every and his 113-strong crew, who succeeded in escaping the island before they could be apprehended.

Exactly what happened to Captain Every after leaving New Providence in the June of 1696, however, has remained unclear.

Conflicting accounts suggest he retired quietly back to Britain or some unidentified tropical island, or squandered his wealth and ended up destitute.

According to one tale, for example, the former crew of the Fancy split up — with some remaining in the West Indies, some heading for North America and the rest returning to Britain.

After this, Every and twenty of the men supposedly sailed aboard the sloop (one-masted sailing boat) Sea Flower — captained by Joseph Faro — eventually arriving in Ireland.

Unloading their treasure, however, the pirates aroused suspicion, the account goes, with two of the men arrested while Every escaped once again.

According to Mr Bailey, however, the coins he and others have found are evidence that the pirate captain first — or, at the vary least, a member of his crew — made their way to the American colonies, spending their plunder on day-to-day expenses.

The first complete coin surfaced in 2014 at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, a spot that had piqued Mr Bailey's curiosity two years earlier after he found old colonial coins, an 18th-century shoe buckle and some musket balls at the site.

Waving a metal detector over the soil, he got a signal, dug down and hit his 'paydirt' — a darkened, dime-sized silver coin that he initially assumed was either Spanish, or money minted by the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

However, it was the Arabic text on the coin, he said, that got his pulse racing.

Analysis confirmed that the exotic coin was minted in 1693 in Yemen, a fact which immediately raised questions.

As Mr Bailey explained, there's no evidence that American colonists — who would have been struggling just to eke out a living in the New World — travelled to anywhere in the Middle East for trade purposes until decades later.

Since the 2014 find, other detectorists have unearthed 15 additional Arabian coins from the same era — ten in Massachusetts, three in Rhode Island and two in Connecticut (one of which was found in 2018 at a 17th-century farm site.)

Another coin, meanwhile, was found in North Carolina, where records have indicated that some of Every's men came ashore at the end of their voyage.

'It seems like some of [Captain Every's] crew were able to settle in New England and integrate,' said Connecticut state archaeologist Sarah Sportman.

'It was almost like a money laundering scheme,' she added. 

'There´s extensive primary source documentation to show the American colonies were bases of operation for pirates,' added Mr Bailey.

In fact, he said, obscure records show that a ship named the 'Sea Flower' — the same as the vessel Every supposedly reached Ireland on — sailed up the Eastern seaboard, arriving in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1696 bearing nearly four dozen slaves.

Finding the Arabian coin is not Mr Bailey's only pirate-themed find — in the late 1980s, he also served as an archaeological assistant during explorations of the wreck of the 18th Century pirate ship the Whydah Gally off of the coast of Cape Cod.

Other archaeologists and historians have said that they are intrigued by Mr Bailey's work and find — believing it to have shed light on one of the world's most enduring criminal mysteries.

'Jim's research is impeccable,' said archaeologist Kevin McBride of the University of Connecticut, who was not involved in the research.

'It's cool stuff. It's really a pretty interesting story,' he added.

Similarly, historian Mark Hanna of the University of California San Diego — who is an expert on piracy in early America — said that when he first saw the photos of Mr Bailey's coin he 'lost [his] mind.'

'Finding those coins, for me, was a huge thing,' he added.

'The story of Captain Every is one of global significance. This material object — this little thing — can help me explain that, he added.'


Certainly, the exploits of Captain Every and his crew have inspired a variety of modern-day tales of swashbuckling — including the characters of 'Captain Henry Avery' who appear in PlayStation's popular 'Uncharted' video game series and the 2011 Doctor Who episode 'The Curse of the Black Spot'.

The pirates' flight from justice is also described in the 2020 book 'Enemy of All Mankind' by Steven Johnson.

Mr Bailey — who keeps his most valuable finds in a safe deposit box — said that he will keep on digging for artefacts. 

'For me, it's always been about the thrill of the hunt, not about the money.'

'The only thing better than finding these objects is the long-lost stories behind them,' he explained.

The full findings of Mr Bailey's study were published in the American Journal of Numismatics.


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Britain's Waffen SS?


The Nazi regime created a chivalric order called the 'SS' to create a backbone to their military into which the party recruited only the most committed people who the regime could then rely on to carry out orders, without question. The SS could be relied on by the regime to carry out tasks that regular troops might balk at.


The british government has shown itself to be hostile towards the british public by placing its population under house arrest during the covid hysteria and by ramping up its 'cyber warfare' capabilities aimed not at foreign targets but at controlling the narrative amongst its domestic populations. new surveillance laws have been created to spy on the british public along with new policing laws to control dissent. We are clearly seeing a police state emerging in the british isles that perceives the british people themselves to be the enemy.


The covid-injections are nothing more than a bio-warfare weapon being deployed against the british public with children also in the gun sights of the government:

Children 'will be vaccinated from August with up to 11 million under 18s inoculated by the start of the autumn term' as the government pushes for maximum immunity



The 'fusion doctrine' being pursued by the british government is, by the admission of insiders, seeing all the historic checks and balances on power within the british system removed and instead all the arms of the system integrated and brought under centralised control of the cabinet which has demonstrated a disdain, during the covid hysteria for any opinion that questions their central narrative. Dangerous times.


The government has announced it will cut its army by 10,000 and instead replace them with a 1000 strong ranger force of special forces troops to be deployed around the world and I wonder if this is nothing more than a move to create a modern day equivalent of the SS who will follow the orders of the central command structure of this new streamlined british fusion dictatorship.


Such a force will be trained to operate in small groups to hit select targets and within the wider context of events we have to ask if this is essentially going to be a hit squad for the new world order that is going to be used as part of an emerging globalist police force that will be deployed anywhere at anytime to crush any opposition to the new world order whether within britain itself or abroad?


Will this new ranger force be trained to work alongside equivalent forces from other five eyes (NWO) nations?

New multi-million pound elite SAS-style 'Ranger Force' to be deployed across globe

Crack army soldiers will be embedded in high-risk environments across the globe in small numbers, as Britain looks to exert influence in foreign lands as part of the UK’s biggest defence overhaul since the Cold War

By Chris HughesDefence and Security Editor
  • 18:00, 19 MAR 2021
  • Updated18:08, 19 MAR 2021

Defence chiefs are launching a new multi-million pound SAS-style “Ranger Force” which will embed deep within foreign militaries and rebel troops.

Hundreds of crack “Army special operations” soldiers will be deployed all over the world in small numbers as part of a new U.K. military strategy.


The ranger regiment was announced today as the Royal Marines revealed their new look as Britain’s Future Commando Force, showing they could work alongside rangers and foreign armies.

The elite rangers will be part of the UK’s biggest defence overhaul since the Cold War and will free up special forces for even more global counter-terror and war missions.

Sources have told the Mirror some Special Operations Rangers will be fully-trained and ready for deployment by the end of this year and eventually they will be 1,000-strong.

Today the Daily Mirror witnessed new-look Royal Marines, Britain’s Future Commando Force, practising lethal attacks and ambushes on “high value targets,” along with foreign forces.


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1 in 50 British children now autistic


so 1 in 50 british children now autistic and yet no one wants to discuss the potential environmental factors that might be causing that such as aluminium adjuvants in vaccines plus the endless harmful chemicals the corporations saturate their products with, with impunity because the british governments regulators are not regulating:

Almost 2% of Brits are autistic: Study finds rate of spectrum disorder is 'much higher' than thought - with black and Chinese children up to 40% more likely to have the condition

  • UK autism rates have also increased and show differences in ethnic minorities 
  • Autistic children are also more likely to face a 'significant social disadvantage'
  • New figures comes ahead of World Autism Awareness Day this Friday, April 2

By Jonathan Chadwick For Mailonline

Published: 16:00, 29 March 2021 | Updated: 16:00, 29 March 2021



Here's a clutch of recent newspaper articles about harmful chemicals and their effects and yet no one wants to talk about this....and this is juts the tip of the iceberg. We are under full spectrum attack under the complicit eye of our own silent government:











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The faux-nationalist egregore and the covid-enchantment


It seems with the people i speak to who say they are going to get the covid-injections that they have a subconscious perception that it is their DUTY to answer the call of the government when they receive their letter through the post and go to get their injection


Its almost as if they are under the mind control of an egregore.....like a national egregore and it seems strange to me that a tory government who are clearly part of a globalist plot to create a world government should be pushing the flying of the union jack as they are now doing however this can be better understood when we consider the hold that this mantra of 'we are all in this together' seems to have on the minds of swathes of the public


Its almost as if they feel that as members of this british national grouping we must 'do our bit' and go along with whatever the government says in a kind of latter day 'blitz spirit' kind of blind obediance


Its very odd to observe because those same people lack any of the clarity on areas such as the background to the mRNA technique or the adverse reaction statistics being published by the MHRA or even the nature of the PCR test


They have no clarity.....they merely have a vague sense that they must obey the government and i believe that vague sense is entirely constructed by the government and their social engineers in the corporate media. They have the public under a spell....a hazy spell which deliberately avoids clarity and in fact sets out to cause confusion even through the bombardment of misleading 'facts' and figures


In fact the bombardment of figures of 'cases' and 'deaths with covid' may in fact have the effect not of informing the public but of overloading their brains so that they simply give up paying attention to the data and instead abdicate responsibility for looking at data to the corporate media and government SAGE team who are two groups that should not be trusted to wield such responsibility on the behalf of anyone

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On 9/30/2020 at 5:55 PM, Macnamara said:

Aluminium in the vaccines


''Vaccine industry money has neutralized virtually all of the checks and balances that once stood between a rapacious pharmaceutical industry and our children''

-Robert F, Kennedy Jr

When it is injected into muscle, such as in a vaccine, aluminium is eaten up by macrophages which then carry it across the blood brain barrier. Once inside the brain it is able to make epigenetic alterations to the functions of genes. This can then create unintended consequences known as ‘non-specific effects’.

‘Aluminium is extremely proinflammatory, pathalogical and a genotoxic element that is particularly deleterious to the normal homeostatic operation of brain cells, especially at the level of normal cytoplasmic and genetic activities that utilize phosphate’- Bhattarcharjee 2013 PMID 23764827.

There is a lot of phosphate utilisation in the brain and aluminium has been found to be a neurotoxin at vaccine relevant doses (see Shaw 2013 PMID 23932735).

A new study has shown that the brain is not immunologically separate from the rest of the body as previously assumed (see Louveau 2015 PMID 26030524). This finding will require an entirely new look at brain function from the medical fraternity and the latest thought on vaccine function may not be up to date with this latest research.

The reasoning for this is that concentrations of aluminium have been found to increase as the arteries get closer to the brain (Battarcharjee). This is because aluminium is attracted to the brain and is carried across the blood brain barrier by macrophages.

There is currently a lack of comparable studies comparing non-vaccinated children with vaccinated children to establish what non-specific effects may be caused by vaccines, and by some estimates as many as half the paediatric vaccinations include aluminium.

Aluminium received into the body through intra-muscular injection of a vaccine is not comparable to aluminium ingested, for example through food, in terms of how it impacts the body because intra-muscular injection of aluminium stimulates a response from the immune system. According to studies, some known effects of aluminium passed into the body through intra-muscular injection include:

-Translocates from the muscle to the brain
-Is attracted to the brain and accumulates there. It increases brain inflammation and activates brain microglia (Alexandrov 2015 PMID 26265215 & Bhattacharjee 2013 PMID 23764827)
-Passes through the blood brain barrier inside macrophages (Banks 1983 PMID 6139573)
-In Bank’s study cited above the blood brain barrier became very permeable after the injections of aluminium
-Enters the brain and epigenetically alters gene function; it changes how DNA functions by affecting which genes are opened and which are closed (Hamza 2012 PMID 21601704)
-Is a neurotoxin at vaccine relevant doses (Shaw 2013 PMID 23932735)


-Changes how enzymes work, because enzymes need to be the right shape to work and aluminium can change that (Shaw 2013 PMID 23932735)
-Stimulates a response from the immune system (it forces it to over-react)
-Can go into the lymph nodes
-Can react with our proteins
-Harms cell function (it damages cell membranes and myelin and disrupts the ability of cells to regulate and to communicate with each other)
-Has an inflammatory effect
-Enters our T-cells which is what our body uses to fight infection
-Accumulates in the body for years at a time (Shaw/Tomjilenovic 2013 PMID 23932735)
-Binds to nucleotides (i.e. genetic material in the nucleus) and changes how they work (see Kawahara 2011 PMID: 21423554)
-It creates a bias towards Th2 which then affects how our immune system functions and deals with future infections (well published, numerous articles on this)
-It induces autoimmune reactions (Shaw 2014 PMID 25349607)
-It blocks neuronal signalling
-Is an antigen on its own (Levy 1998 PMID 9629674)
-Impairs cognitive and motor functions


If someone says that the doses of aluminium in vaccines are too small to be harmful then correct them and inform them that aluminium has been found to be a neurotoxin at vaccine relevant doses, see: Shaw 2013 PMID 23932735.


The aluminium cover up...

Keele University Cancels All Aluminum Research after Scientist Links Aluminum in Vaccines to Human Health Problems

Global Research, April 02, 2021
Vaccine Injury News 30 March 2021

The UK’s prestigious Keele University is suddenly shutting down the work of world-renowned aluminum expert, Christopher Exley, Ph.D. Keele is aggressively blocking donations for aluminum research and suppressing any science that exposes the toxic side of the vaccine industry.

University officials shut down Exley’s website and are actively blocking any charitable funds to his research team. These philanthropic funds have been used for nearly four decades to support Exley’s research on the bio-inorganic chemistry of aluminum and to better understand aluminum’s role in neurodegenerative diseases. Exley’s passion is “to understand aluminum in all living things” and to show how aluminum’s impact on human health represents “the greatest untold story of science.” Exley’s work has been cited in Alzheimer’s research, among other important public health issues. His research group has published important scientific insights in more than 200 peer-reviewed publications.

In 2021, Keele University’s dean of natural sciences wrote to Exley and explained that “the university will no longer provide facilities to solicit or enable restricted charitable donations” to Exley’s research group, effectively banning any research on “the bio-inorganic chemistry of aluminum and its links to neurodegenerative disease.” The ban includes a stoppage of all “donations from individuals, groups, charities and foundations.” The University most recently refused a $15,000 donation from Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


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On 12/3/2020 at 9:53 PM, Macnamara said:

Disruption to cell membrane affecting hemostasis?


There are reports of issues occurring with people suffering from coagulation of the blood which is being labelled 'covid'. Covid is acute respiratory distress which the official narrative is blaming on a novel virus they have named sars cov 2.


My hypothesis is that we aren't dealing with a novel virus however and are instead dealing with an abnormal physiologic condition caused by exposure to harmful environmental factors such as microwave radiation from 5G and/or viral interference from flu vaccinations.


Non-localised thickening of the blood could be caused by some process in the body either being switched on or being switched off by that environmental factor. If Thrombin is the sole relevant initiator of coagulation then could there be some non localised injury that is affecting the ability of cells to control the nature of their membrane surface which may then be affecting thrombin production?


well it seems all the chat these days is about blood clots....


Dr Yeadon seems to be saying that the spike protein created by these covid injections causes cells to stick together


The scientists themselves talking about the blood clots being associated with the astra zenica injections are saying that at the moment they can't identify what the mechanism is causing the blood clots and yet I've put forward a plausible explanation of the cause of this months ago in this thread. Lets re-cap:


Molecular Mimicry—Understanding the Link between Vaccines and Autoimmune Disease
March 20, 2018
By the World Mercury Project Team

The pathogenic hallmark of autoimmune disease is the production of proteins called autoantibodies, whereby the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own organs, tissues and cells instead of fighting external pathogens. Vaccines can prompt autoantibody production through a mechanism called “molecular mimicry.”



New Cause of COVID-19 Blood Clots Identified

November 02, 2020 2:00 PM
Outside of novel coronavirus infection, these clot-causing antibodies are typically seen in patients who have the autoimmune disease antiphospholipid syndrome.
Now we’re learning that autoantibodies could be a culprit in this loop of clotting and inflammation that makes people who were already struggling even sicker.”

Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Vaccines

May 2015

Molecular mimicry has been proposed as one of the mechanisms by which experimental APS can occur in association with pathogens.
The Key to Covid


The key to unlocking covid is to understand that the flu vaccinations have been causing the production of autoantibodies through molecular mimickry and these are then causing peoples immune responses to misdirect against them. This piece below from the daily mail speaks about a study that has found these autoantibodies in people with covid 19 symptoms. It is the vaccines themselves which are causing covid:

'Autoantibodies' make some people more likely to suffer severe coronavirus symptoms and cause 'long Covid', scientists say

  • People with coronavirus have high numbers of 'autoantibodies' in their blood
  • Block body's Covid-tackling antibodies and attack several areas, including brain 
  • Could account for why some Covid sufferers experience long-lasting symptoms 

By Jemma Carr For Mailonline

Published: 20:53, 13 December 2020 | Updated: 22:50, 13 December 2020



Microwaves (5G) can activate dormant viruses

J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol. 1997;16(2-3):205-7.
Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells.

Why many of those struck by Long Covid may be suffering from glandular fever: Blood tests on some patients are coming back positive for ‘reactivated’ Epstein-Barr - and it could lead to a range of effective treatments

  • Most would test positive for antibodies to Epstein-Barr virus if given a blood test
  • Tests carried out on long Covid patients are recording another type of antibodies
  • They suggest virus has ‘woken up’ and body is responding by fighting against it

By Jo Macfarlane for The Mail on Sunday

Published: 22:05, 13 March 2021 | Updated: 08:09, 14 March 2021

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On 3/18/2021 at 10:48 AM, Macnamara said:

Meanwhile people are told to not eat eggs and avoid butter and fullfat milk which are all healthy things to consume. So instead people eat margerine, which destroys heart-health, drink weak, watered down milk with no nutritional value and avoid eggs which are a great source of protein! The doctors never help people to change their diet and reduce their heart and health problems that way and instead just give them synthetic, big pharma products which cause negative, knock-on effects to carry on the spiral of intervention!

Low fat diets decrease men's testosterone levels by up to 26%, boosting the risk of heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's, study warns

  • Low-fat diets appear to decrease testicular testosterone production, study says
  • But the individual effects of low-fat diets on testosterone may differ by ethnicity
  • Researchers admit that dietary fat is a controversial topic in nutritional science 
  • Testosterone levels that are too high or too low can cause various problems

By Jonathan Chadwick For Mailonline

Published: 15:49, 8 April 2021 | Updated: 17:06, 8 April 2021

Red meat, meanwhile, contains monounsaturated fat, saturated fat and zinc, all of which are likely to increase testosterone levels. 

'There is some truth to the stereotype of masculine men eating lots of red meat,' Whittaker said.

'Grass fed meat has more monounsaturated fat than saturated fat, so is a safe way to boost your testosterone levels whilst not increasing your risk of heart disease.'



This is why they want us eating a vegan diet and synthetic meat: go make us WEAK. Bill Gates is also investing in dimming the sunlight through geoengineering because dimming the sun means people will get less vitamin D which is vital for the immune system. So if Bill can block out the sun and get us eating GMO foods he will trash peoples immunity causing a crash in public health

Vitamin D and the immune system

Free PMC article


It is now clear that vitamin D has important roles in addition to its classic effects on calcium and bone homeostasis. As the vitamin D receptor is expressed on immune cells (B cells, T cells, and antigen-presenting cells), and these immunologic cells are all capable of synthesizing the active vitamin D metabolite, vitamin D has the capability of acting in an autocrine manner in a local immunologic milieu. Vitamin D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses. Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity and an increased susceptibility to infection. As immune cells in autoimmune diseases are responsive to the ameliorative effects of vitamin D, the beneficial effects of supplementing vitamin D-deficient individuals with autoimmune disease may extend beyond the effects on bone and calcium homeostasis.


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The 5G kill switch


The risk with slow kill methods is that the public will become savy to the programme and resist but if they are culled suddenly then there will be no mass push back. This could be achieved through a gene drive kill switch activated by 5G and implanted in people in a microchip. 5G can then be used as the trigger to trigger the microchips. Bill Gates says he wants to use gene drive technology to combat 'invasive species' like mosquitos but clearly he and his billionaire eugenics chums see wider humanity as the invasive species that they want to cull.

Bill Gates Backs Birth Control With Wireless On-Off Switch

10/07/2014 13:57 BST | Updated 07/12/2017 03:18 GMT

Gates is backing a long-lasting implantable birth control device that can be turned on and off with a remote control. With this device -- a tiny hormone-emitting microchip -- women who decide they are ready to conceive can essentially flip a switch and start trying, according to the MIT Technology Review.The Bill and Melinda Gates' foundation gave $4.6 million to the Massachusetts-based startup behind the device, MicroCHIPS in January.The tiny chip is designed to be implanted under the skin and stores a supply of the pregnancy-preventing hormone levonorgestrel in hermetically sealed reservoirs on a microchip inside the device. An electric current passes through the ultra-thin seal to melt it, releasing 30 micrograms of the hormone per day.



Pentagon scientists reveal a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show symptoms and a filter that extracts the virus from blood

  • Scientists at the Pentagon's secretive unit are researching viruses and developing pandemic cures 
  • They work at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and other Pentagon laboratories
  • DARPA's teams saw COVID-19 infected 1,271 onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt as the virus spread unchecked
  • In response they have developed a microchip to detect asymptomatic COVID in a bid to prevent an outbreak
  • The chip is inserted below skin and triggers a sensor if COVID infects the body 
  • DARPA have also created a filter which can remove COVID virus from the blood when attached to dialysis
  • They are working on a vaccine that would work against all coronaviruses, even ones not yet identified
  • The team also successfully manufactured antibodies against Spanish Flu 

By Harriet Alexander For Dailymail.com

Published: 03:40, 12 April 2021 | Updated: 07:15, 12 April 2021

Pentagon scientists working inside a secretive unit set up at the height of the Cold War have created a microchip to be inserted under the skin, which will detect COVID-19 infection, and a revolutionary filter that can remove the virus from the blood when attached to a dialysis machine. The team at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have been working for years on preventing and ending pandemics.


Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Influence – Part 2: The COVID-19 Operation

May 28, 2020

Gene drives are a controversial genetic extinction technology promoted as a way to eliminate mosquitoes with malaria, agricultural pests, and invasive species.

Coincidentally, in 2016, the US National Academy of Sciences released a report on gene driving which was co-funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. DARPA is also invested in gene drive research....in 2017 Independent Science News released a report detailing how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paid PR firm Emerging Ag $1.6 million to “recruit a covert coalition of academics to manipulate a UN decision-making process over gene drives.”





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So when will the Bill Gates of the world remove themselves to save the world from manmade climate change? Or when will they give up their personal fortunes so that they stop being such a menace to existence on the planet?

World's wealthiest people are 'elite polluters': Richest one per cent produce DOUBLE the combined carbon emissions of the poorest 50 per cent, report reveals

  • The report comes from the UK-based Cambridge Sustainability Commission 
  • It was compiled by 31 experts tasked with finding ways to best tackle emissions
  • The panel recommend deterring people from frequent flying and driving SUVs
  • They also said the wealthy should be encouraged to better insulate their homes

By Ian Randall For Mailonline

Published: 17:42, 13 April 2021 | Updated: 18:32, 13 April 2021

The richest one per cent of the world's population produces double the carbon emission of the poorest 50 per cent combined, according to the UN.

And the so-called 'polluter elite' of the wealthiest 5 per cent have contributed to 37 per cent of the growth in emissions from 1990–2015, experts have calculated.

This disparity in pollution is highlighted by a recent report from the UK-based Cambridge Sustainability Commission on Scaling Behaviour Change. 

The document was compiled by 31 environmental impact experts tasked with exploring ways to best scale up actions to tackle carbon emissions.

Actions suggested by the panel include deterring people from frequent flying and driving SUVs — as well as convincing the wealthy to better insulate their homes.

To this end, the report has urged the UK Government to reinstate air passenger duty on UK return flights and the recently-scrapped Green Homes Grant scheme.

The report adds to the on-going debate about 'equality' in tackling climate change.

Poorer nations with smaller emissions budgets — such have India — have long argued that they should be allowed to pollute more on the scale of wealthier nations.


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The angle of repose


I've noticed that a lot of trees have been cut down along railway embankments and then the stumps drilled so that the roots will die. We had a pretty bad railway crash in Scotland this last year resulting in several fatalities (see excerpts from wikipedia below).


I'm not an expert but I am aware that different materials have different angles at which they can be heaped before they overcome friction and slip. This angle is called the 'angle of repose'. Rain decreases the friction of materials and therefore alters the angle of repose. This means that materials may appear stable until they become water logged at which point they will skip. Trees are fundamental in holding up embankments and if those trees are chopped down and their stumps drilled then their roots will rot and decay and there will no longer be anything holding up the railway embankments. Will this not result in more landslips over the next few years especially as heavy rain alters the angle of repose of the soil, sand and aggregate that makes up the embankments?

Stonehaven derailment

The Stonehaven derailment was a fatal railway accident that occurred at 09:38 BST on 12 August 2020, when a passenger train hit a landslip, near Carmont, west of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, following severe rain. Of the nine people aboard, three were killed, and six were injured.

The accident was the first in the United Kingdom in which a passenger was killed on a train since 2007, the first major accident involving a High Speed Train (HST) since 2004 and the first in which a train hit a landslip involving a fatality since 1995.The stretch of the Dundee-Aberdeen line where the derailment occurred has had problems with mudslides in the past. On 22 October 2002, it was closed due to a landslide at Carmont, during torrential rain and gales.[6] A Network Rail (NR) report from 2014 included Carmont in a "list of sites which in recent years have been greatly affected by earthslips”. The track operator’s report said improvement work had been carried out at Carmont, specifically, "remediation of cutting slope following emergency, after mudslide due to flooding".[7] The Office of Rail and Road (ORR), responsible for the safety regulation of Britain's railways, noted a spike in lineside landslips, demonstrating the "vulnerability" of the network, in their 2019–2020 Annual Safety Report, published in July 2020.


A joint investigation by the ORR, Police Scotland and the British Transport Police is being directed by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.[52] In parallel the RAIB will carry out an independent investigation.[52] Inspectors from both the ORR and RAIB were dispatched to the site on 12 August.[53][54] The RAIB expected to conclude its on-site investigation in early September.[44]

On 13 August, Grant Shapps ordered Network Rail to produce an interim report on the "wider issues" that may have resulted in the crash.[55] The interim report was duly published on 1 September.[22] He also asked Network Rail to carry out resilience checks on other areas of the network potentially subject to flash flooding in "the next few days, few hours". A final report was expected later in 2020.


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The fake left circle the wagons to protect their assets


Facinating to watch the big-tech mega corporations with their roots in the intelligence sector protecting their fake-left assets...It's a revolution from above people! It is funded and controlled by the corporate elites who fund and control fake-left movements that they pretend are grassroots movements to fool people into supporting them and their hidden agenda. Look at how the big tech companies will go out of their way to shutdown efforts to expose various aspects of the cabals fake-left agenda:

Facebook censors DailyMail.com story on BLM co-founder's multi-million dollar LA property empire 

  • Users that wanted to share links to the DailyMail.com were met with a message that said it 'couldn't be shared'
  • The same article in Black Enterprise was allowed to be shared by Facebook users
  • Black Enterprise and DailyMail.com both cited the New York Post in their stories
  • Twitter recently suspended sports writer Jason Whitlock for sharing the story
  • The story noted that Patrisse Cullors, 37, had spent $1.4 million on a Los Angeles property 

By Harriet Alexander and Dailymail.com Reporter

Published: 01:57, 16 April 2021 | Updated: 10:59, 16 April 2021


Twitter suspends Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe after undercover scoops on CNN's pro-Biden, BLM & Covid-19 propaganda

15 Apr, 2021 22:05 / Updated 11 hours ago
Twitter has banned Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe for alleged violation of its policies on “platform manipulation and spam,” silencing his account amid a series of undercover scoops on CNN's propagandist tactics.

The social media giant told O'Keefe on Thursday that his account was permanently suspended and will not be reinstated, citing an allegation that he used fake or multiple accounts to manipulate conversations on the platform. Twitter said in a statement to The Hill and other media outlets that “you can't artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts.”

The shutdown came after O'Keefe posted three straight days of scoops in which CNN technical director Charlie Chester is shown on video, talking to an undercover reporter. Chester, who reportedly thought he was talking to a Tinder date, told the reporter about CNN's propagandist efforts to oust President Donald Trump, its fearmongering about Covid-19 to boost ratings and its efforts to make Black Lives Matter look good.

[see veritas videos here]:



Meanwhile we have the marxist BLM founder complaining that she feels got at on social media because her $3 million purchases are being exposed and yet her own organisation BLM is currently hounding a drill sergeant at his home address who told a black loiterer to get out of his community. Clearly the BLM founder doesn't like getting a taste of her own medicine:

'Marxist' Black Lives Matter co-founder DEFENDS her property empire and says she didn't use BLM funds to buy the four homes - before breaking down in tears after revealing she has 'spent the last week with security'

  • Patrisse Cullors responded to criticism saying it is 'categorically untrue' and 'incredibly dangerous' to suggest she used organization funds for her homes
  • Cullors described the scrutiny over her property empire as a 'racist and sexist' attack by the 'right-wing media' in an interview for Black News Tonight Thursday
  • The 37-year-old broke down in tears as she revealed she has 'spent the last week with security' after her homes were first pictured in the media
  • She also shielded criticism from some on the left who have questioned whether her ownership of four homes contradicts her ideology as a 'trained Marxist'
  • Cullors dismissed this criticism saying she has invested in the properties to provide for her family and sees her wealth 'as my family's money, as well'  
  • Cullors set up BLM with Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi back in 2013
  • It emerged last week that Cullors had bought a $1.4 million home in the largely white district of Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles
  • The New York Post reported that Cullors also bought three other homes since 2016 at a total cost of around $3 million 
  • On Tuesday the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation said it had not paid toward her homes and she had not been paid by BLM since 2019 

By Dailymail.com Reporter

Published: 17:39, 16 April 2021 | Updated: 19:09, 16 April 2021


Leaving under cover of darkness: Video shows moment Army drill sergeant flees his family home after BLM protesters rallied outside in the wake of him being charged for shoving a black man

  • Jonathan Pentland, 42, on Monday aggressively confronted a young black man
  • The man was outside his house in Richland County, South Carolina 
  • Video of his altercation in the Summit neighborhood quickly went viral Monday
  • The three-minute clip shows Pentland repeatedly scream at the man
  • Identified only as Deandre, he is told to 'go away now' before being pushed
  • Cassie Pentland, his wife, can also be heard shouting at the black man
  • Dozens of BLM protesters rallied outside his home on Wednesday  
  •  On Wednesday Pentland was charged with assault, Richland County Sheriff said 
  • Pentland is suspended from drill sergeant instructor role pending investigation
  •  In the early hours of Thursday Pentland was spotted fleeing his house
  • Do you know the victim? Email us at [email protected] 

By Ariel Zilber and Harriet Alexander For Dailymail.com and Matthew Wright For Dailymail.com

Published: 06:07, 16 April 2021 | Updated: 13:55, 16 April 2021





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14 hours ago, Macnamara said:

Meanwhile we have the marxist BLM founder complaining that she feels got at on social media because her $3 million purchases are being exposed and yet her own organisation BLM is currently hounding a drill sergeant at his home address who told a black loiterer to get out of his community. Clearly the BLM founder doesn't like getting a taste of her own medicine:

Black man who was told he'd 'come to the wrong neighborhood' by aggressive Army Drill Sergeant, 42, 'is mentally ill and has been committed to a facility'

  • Jonathan Pentland, 42, on Monday aggressively confronted a young black man named only as Deandre
  • Deandre is mentally ill and has been committed to a facility following the incident in a quiet gated community, DailyMail.com can reveal 
  • Pentland has been charged with third degree assault and battery
  • Deandre had been facing charges of trespass and animal cruelty from different incidents, but he has now been determined mentally incapable of standing trial


what was the guy doing in that closed cul de sac?

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On 1/7/2021 at 2:17 PM, Macnamara said:

The coming war on cheese


'war on cheese? what the hell are you talking about Mac?!'


Well think about it we have seen various agendas pushed by the corporate media and education establishments and by all the complicit media luvies such as veganism and blm. With the veganism agenda we have seen calls for people to give up meat and there have also been noises made about eating lab grown meat and insects


Cheese, like meat is nutritious and packed with protein. Also cheese is mostly produced from cows milk and cows and come under fire from the end 'climate change' brigade so if they want less cows around then they will also by extension cause less cheese to be around!


Cheese is also enjoyable to eat and therefore good for morale so that's one more reason why the technocrats would want to micro-manage its distribution.


A further reason why the globalist central controllers and their neo-marxist footsoldiers would hate cheese is that it is something that shows regional diversity as different people around the world have expressed themselves differently through cheese! Cheese making is a craft skill in and of itself and anyone can make cheese which also means that it can allow self-sufficiency outside of the corporate monopoly. The wokesters talk about 'diversity' but really that is an inversion as they are trying to mingle everyone together to create a single homogenous society with the same corporate pseudo-mono-culture and the vast diversity of cheese with its regional flavours would be a direct challenge to that monocrome vision of the future society


So yeah....i'm just waiting for some sort of campaign against cheese to be launched...



Environmental Activist Says Cheese is Racist, Dairy Shouldn’t Be Served in Schools

Because some black people are lactose intolerant.

Published 2 days ago on 14 April, 2021
By paul Joseph watson

An environmental activist is petitioning her local council to remove cheese and other dairy products from the school menu because she claims the food items are “racist.”

Yes, really.

Extinction rebellion member Alison Plaumer told local officials at a Brighton and Hove City Council meeting that dairy is racist because black people are more likely to be lactose intolerant.

“Arguably, there is a racist element to serving dairy too much because 65 per cent of the world’s population are lactose intolerant, many from the BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) community,” said Plaumer.

She is demanding plant-based only food be introduced at all state run schools for two days a week and for council events to be completely plant-based once the pandemic is finished.

Plaumer launched the campaign despite the fact that children already have a vegan option every day.

“If people think food is racist then they are not qualified to be near a school,” said one respondent in reaction to the story.

The drinking of milk to symbolize white supremacy is a years old 4chan invented meme that was created to troll racism-obsessed leftists.

Now they’re seriously talking about it as a social justice cause in government meetings.


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Prepping for cyber polygon


The cabal are already telling us what their next move is going to be with a cyberwarfare drill in which the global financial system is going to be crashed.


We know the cabal want to create a world government with a digital currency so we know that they need to somehow transition us to that which requires a controlled demolition of the current financial paradigm. Usually a drill is then followed by the actual event for example the drills carried out before 911 or the london bombings or event 201 before the covid-hysteria etc so precedent suggests that cyber polygon will be a drill that will go live.


What does this mean for us folks on the street though shipmates? Some scenarios that have been discussed in the past include the declaration of a bank holiday where accounts are frozen whilst the banks carry out a bail-in where they take a slice of peoples savings. This was trialed in cyprus years ago where they swiped a load of money from russian millionaires. However cyber polygon suggests an even more ambitious move in which the entire financial apparatus becomes sabotaged. Could this mean a destruction of the current fiat currencies that would see peoples savings wiped out in a stroke? Could this mean mere short term disruption to financial services or could it mean a complete restructuring of the economy to a new global and digital currency run by the central banks on their blockchains?


Either way I feel it has to hurt mainstreet otherwise it won't have the impetus to bring about real change. If the public are panic'd then they will more likely accept a solution that is suddenly foisted upon them in order to be able to buy essential groceries and pay bills etc. So I think cyber polygon will need to remove peoples access to their finances. Will their finances be wiped out forever or converted to a new currency? Either way it may be a good idea to prep for the coming crisis.


Some people will of course turn to crypto-currencies such as bitcoin but if there is a global cyber-crisis could this not see the internet disrupted and peoples access to bitcoin trades disrupted? Can cryptos be relied upon in such a crisis? Silver offers a solid and tangible alternative that can be used in small enough denominations as to be practical in an ad hoc black market economy of essential goods and services whilst official finance channels are down.


There is no point owning gold and silver certificates as gold and silver in other peoples vaults can simply be impounded by the authorities. Physical ownership is necessary.


Next a supply of the essentials of life is a good idea: a stock of food, a water filtration system, some emergency petrol (you won't be able to carry out any transactions eg at petrol stations or shops etc) and fuel for your heating and cooking.


Off griders will of course fair best under such circumstances and as we see the cabal mess with the economy it will become increasingly apparent why some of us have been pushing the idea of self-sufficiency for so long along with the need to build communities of like minded people with who you can barter essential goods.


Turning your garden over to growing food instead of other purposes as well as developing useful skills and knowledge are a good idea. If there is no internet then its back to books for knowledge so ensure a good library of factual books.


We have allowed ourselves to become too reliant on the corporations and the internet and this makes us easier to control. We need to roll that back and cyber polygon will be their way to exploit our dependence on their corporate monopoly

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Regarding books....computers/smartphone hardware should last a lifetime

1 terrabyte hard drive should contain 20 million books (that might or might not be an exaggeration)

Even no electricity or conventional batteries can make alternative batteries water wind solar powered

All of this at practically no cost

Should have enough information to keep reading non stop for 5000 years

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Englandspiel part 6


A book about an SAS raid behind enemy lines during the D-day landings landed in my lap and being a page turner i took a break from 'A Life in Secrets: The story of Vera Atkins and the Lost Agents of SOE' and raced through that instead. By a quirk of fate the exact page at which i then resumed reading the vera atkin book was the point where the story of that SAS raid and the story of veras agents intersect.


The SAS raid was one of incredible daring which saw the raiders pioneer a new method of extraction whereby a converted bomber swooped into occupied territory to pick them up with the catch being that the rendezvous point was in the middle of a german military airfield! Once the germans had figured out that the plane wasn't one of theirs all hell broke loose and the SAS raiders managed to escape on board the plane after leaving timed detonation charges on planes in the airfield for good measure.


Unfortunately that same team were then intercepted on their next raid leading to some of them being executed. It is that execution that then led to an investigation by an unofficial SAS team who sought to track down the SS soldiers responsible. That team worked alongside Vera Atkins who herself traveled into continental europe behind the retreating germans to try to find her missing agents.


The book about the SAS raid was 'SAS Band of brothers' by Damien Lewis.


The SAS soldiers were shot under Hitlers 'commando order' which ordered the execution of any parachutists as spies even if they were in military uniforms. This lead to the killing of 250 agents. To get this into some perspective lets consider that SAS operations led to the killing of 3500-4000 german troops, the surrender of 15-20,000 german soldiers, 750-1000 vehicles destroyed or damaged, 25 trains blown up and countless railway lines put out of action so no wonder the nazis were angry!


In the name of impartiality though i want to point out something. Churchill created SOE to carry out what he called 'ungentlemanly warfare' and they and the SAS pursued a direct policy of attempting to assassinate nazi officers to 'cut the head off the nazi snake' so it is little wonder that the nazi high command felt things had become personal. In the light of that it seems unsurprising that they would respond by shooting the very assassins sent to kill them.


If this seems like an unpatriotic thing to say then lets consider the scene described in the book where the SAS raiders come across some stacked shells by a railway with a guard hut nearby. They place explosives on the shells and pause to feel sorry for the unsuspecting soldiers in the hut who will be blown to smithereens. In order to achieve this operation they have to sneak up on a guard and stab him in the neck. It seems that britain wasn't really playing cricket but when their enemies then responded in kind it was called 'war crimes'. I'm not sure I would take kindly to people sneaking up behind my men and stabbing them in the neck either. If killing people in cold blood makes something a war crime then weren't those german soldiers also killed in cold blood?


In the SAS book we learn about the SOE agent named Starr who became a double agent assisting german intelligence with their counter measures they called 'funkspeil' or radio game in which the germans would turn an SOE agent and get them to send radio messages to london to trick them into sending agents and supplies into a trap.


Some people claim that the loss of 40 SOE agents was down to negligence but consider the capture of 'Norman' who had sent 149 perfect messages to london prior to his capture which all contained the required 'security check' that let london know that the message was legitimate. Once captured however norman did not use the security check and instead of taking this as proof that he was now in german hands, SOE in london simply told him that he wasn't using his security checks thereby dropping him in the shit with his captives. There are numerous examples of SOE in london letting down agents like this who had all done their job professionally and followed their training only to be screwed over by London.


This has led to speculation that agents were deliberately sacrificed by SOE in order to give credibility to turned agents to enable them to pass false information to the germans about troop build ups as part of Operation Overlord

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On 4/17/2021 at 10:32 PM, Macnamara said:

Englandspiel part 6


The SAS soldiers were shot under Hitlers 'commando order' which ordered the execution of any parachutists as spies even if they were in military uniforms.


CORRECTION: I'm not sure that the commando order was to shoot people in military uniform which is why the SAS men were made to change into civilian clothing before being driven out to the execution site


One interesting question to ask though is to what extent agents and SAS personnel sent behind enemy lines were informed of the commando order and the danger that they would then be in if caught...

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On 4/16/2021 at 8:56 PM, Macnamara said:

The fake left circle the wagons to protect their assets


Facinating to watch the big-tech mega corporations with their roots in the intelligence sector protecting their fake-left assets...It's a revolution from above people! It is funded and controlled by the corporate elites who fund and control fake-left movements that they pretend are grassroots movements to fool people into supporting them and their hidden agenda. Look at how the big tech companies will go out of their way to shutdown efforts to expose various aspects of the cabals fake-left agenda:

Facebook censors DailyMail.com story on BLM co-founder's multi-million dollar LA property empire

REVEALED: Twitter, Facebook and Netflix moguls have donated $7.5M to 'Marxist' BLM co-founder who is pushing their 'net neutrality' policy as their tech firms block users sharing critical stories about her

  • Report reveals $7.5 million in donations from moguls to groups tied to Cullors
  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook co-founder, and wife of Netflix CEO gave
  • Cullors in turn spoke out out in favor of content giants' pet policy goals 
  • Facebook and Twitter are also quick to censor perceived criticism of Cullors 

By Keith Griffith and Harriet Alexander For Dailymail.com

Published: 03:55, 25 April 2021 | Updated: 16:02, 25 April 2021

Tech moguls who made their fortunes from Facebook, Twitter and Netflix have donated at least $7.5 million to groups tied to BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who has in turn publicly backed their policy goals, according to a new report.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, and Patricia Ann Quillin, the wife of Netflix's billionaire CEO, all gave generously to Cullors' PAC and associated charities, according to the New York Post

Cullors for her part has strongly advocated for 'net neutrality', a policy that financially benefits online content providers such as Netflix and social media sites. 

And the cozy relationship has even seen Facebook and Twitter censor perceived criticism of Cullors, with Facebook going so far as to block users from sharing a DailyMail.com article detailing a controversy over her expensive real estate holdings.

Groups tied to Patrisse Cullors, the activist who co-founded Black Lives Matter, have received at least $7.5 million in donations from tech moguls tied to Twitter, Facebook and Netflix

Of the donors named by the Post, Moskovitz his wife Cari Tuna have given the most generously, donating more than $5.5 million from 2017 to 2020, according to public records cited by the Post. 

Moskovitz, 36, was one of the co-founders of Facebook. He left the company in 2008, but retained a 2 percent stake that puts his net worth at nearly $20 billion.

His donations went to Dignity and Power Now, a non-profit started by Cullors, and Reform LA Jails, a California PAC she co-founded to lobby for civilian oversight of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. 

Dorsey, who has an estimated net worth of $14 billion, chipped in $1.5 million last year through his #startsmall philanthropy initiative.

That money went to Black Lives Matter and The Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of activist groups founded by Cullors. 

Quillin, the wife of Netflix billionaire Reed Hastings, donated $250,000 to Reform LA Jails in 2020. 

Cullors in 2015 described herself as a 'trained Marxist', and last December elaborated on her views, saying 'I do believe in Marxism.'



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Woke hypocrisy


BBC TV presenter sue perkins decrying the tens of thousands of people protesting the trashing of our rights and freedoms this month:




Yet the previous month she celebrated the gathering of people for the sarah everard vigil:







These people huh? Zero self-awareness...

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MHRA data creeping into the mainstream media?


In the independent media the UKColumn regularly reports on the data from the governments regulatory body the MHRA which covers the reported adverse reactions to the covid vaccines. They point out the deafening silence from the corporate media that refuse to look at that vital information which is needed in order for people to make an informed choice about their healthcare.


Today however the daily mail has a piece on the 1500 people reporting tinnitus after having the covid jabs which i suppose is a start but why has the mail zeroed in on one of the LEAST disturbing forms of damage from the injections? Why not cover any of the many deaths or other horrendous injuries that have been caused by the covid jabs?

The patients who blame their tinnitis on Covid jab: At least 1,500 people complain that they developed ringing in the ears after their vaccine

By Pat Hagan for the Daily Mail

Published: 22:02, 26 April 2021 | Updated: 22:43, 26 April 2021

The MHRA has received almost 200,000 yellow-card reports from patients suspecting they have experienced vaccine side-effects.


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Passing on a protein...


The covid mRNA jabs create a spike protein which some scientists are saying will destroy female fertility. Some doctors are even claiming that the spike protein can be transmitted from those who have been jabbed to those that haven't been.


Bill gates is a driving force behind these jabs and he is also a driving force behind the genetic modifying of mosquitos and its interesting that those mozzys are being altered to PASS ON A PROTEIN. Look at this line from the piece below:


The GE mosquitos, developed by Oxitect, have been modified to pass on a particular protein when they mate, which ensures female offspring do not survive the next generation.  


Here is the main piece:

Florida residents claim 'pest control trial' that will release up to a BILLION genetically engineered mosquitos in the Keys to reduce species carrying diseases is 'TERRORISM'

  • Trials of the first-ever US release of genetically engineered being this week
  • Florida has been chosen due to its influx of  Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
  • This species, which comes from Brazil, carries Zika and other diseases
  • The modified mosquitoes pass a specific protein to females during mating
  •  This ensures female offspring do not survive the next generation
  • However, residents are furious about the 'live experiment'
  • Some are saying the release of up to a billion is an act of terrorism  

By Stacy Liberatore For Dailymail.com

Published: 00:15, 27 April 2021 | Updated: 08:13, 27 April 2021

The Florida Keys will soon be buzzing with close to a billion 'fraken-squitoes' – gene-hacked mosquitoes aimed at eradicating a disease carrying mosquito.

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) and Oxitec, a British biotech company, are starting the first-ever U.S. release of genetically engineered (GE) Aedes aegypti mosquitoes this week, which will see up to a billion over a two-year period.

The project aims to reduce the numbers of Aedes aegypti, one of several mosquito species that can carry diseases including dengue, chikungunya, Zika and yellow fever.

Floridians, however, are calling on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to end 'this live experiment' saying they are being subjected to terrorism by the FKMCD.

The trial is set to begin this week, with the first phase releasing up to 144,000 GE mosquitoes over the next 12 weeks. Ultimately, up to a billion will be released in Monroe County.

The GE mosquitos, developed by Oxitect, have been modified to pass on a particular protein when they mate, which ensures female offspring do not survive the next generation.  

With fewer females in each subsequent generation, the researchers hope overall mosquito populations in the region will decrease along with transmission rates of disease passed through mosquito bites. 

Barry Wray of the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition said: 'People here in Florida do not consent to the genetically engineered mosquitoes or to being human experiments.'


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The satanic counterfeit


Mark Passio says that the four pillars of satanism are:

1. Self preservation is the highest aspiration

2. There is no such thing as the objective difference between right and wrong

3. social darwinnism

4. Eugenics


Passio says that in order to place themselves as the undisputed masters of creation they pursue a policy of INVOLUTION where they seek to cause the opposite of evolution for the masses. Their goal is to sabotage and to lower the consciousness of everyone else so that they emerge as the top dog.


As we see the covid gene mutating jabs being rolled out onto the populace before the safety trials were even complete it is becoming very clear that they are trying to create a modified or synthetic race of people. In fact when you look across the entire board it becomes clear that they are trying to create a counterfeit of everything as if they are trying to create a counterfeit of creation itself as some sort of rebellion against the creator.


Instead of real money of gold and silver they have created a counterfeit fiat currency and a fractional reserve banking system. Instead of plant medicine they have pushed allopathic medicine and its synthetic alternatives. Instead of the food that nature provides they are pushing synthetic meat and GMO's and in the realm of cybernetics they are working on brain implants that could rob people of their freewill. They are working hard on 'augmented reality' and virtual reality and it seems that they would like to be able to merge us with their smart grid AI and place us in a matrix-like alternative and counterfeit reality.


How deep does this process go? It occurred to me that they have subverted the legal system away from common law to parliamentary statute which does not recognise the role of a jury in law creation. Under the common law a jury decides what the law is because if they go against an existing law then the law falls as it does not marry up with the consensus morality of society. Clearly then the satanists have set about trying to change the consensus morality of society through cultural marxism in many areas of life such as popular culture and education in order to create a counterfeit legal system.


The satanists work through Hollywood to create movies that shape peoples perceptions of what is wrong and what is right and they do this through a process of spell casting because in the process of watching a movie a person becomes entranced in that they are said to have 'suspended their disbelief'. This entire covid-hysteria is essentially the same thing where they have turned our reality itself into one of their movies in which there is a story-line and actors in order to get the public to suspend their disbelief and forget what is real so that they perceive reality to be a false, counterfeit perception. Movie making has equipped them with the tools for this society wide social engineering programme.


Another of their tools is social media which encourages people to always look outwith themselves for validation which in turn makes them constantly measure themselves against others which in turn drives materialism as people elevate material things in their value system so that they stop seeking self fulfillment from within and through contentment with what they have. In a world of materialist competition a  person can never have enough and will always pursue their own greedy self interest which then creates a counterfeit experience in this reality where people are pulled away from the true great work which is elevating their own consciousness and then helping other people to do the same.


By lowering the consciousness of the masses the satanists are pursuing a neo-feudal new world order where a technocratic class of satanists wield total power over everyone else through a two tier system. To achieve this they are destroying the middle of society and using woke, authoritarian-left footsoldiers like Antifa and BLM to agitate for changes that will ultimately impinge on the freedoms of the middle eg freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to bare arms.

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