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Ascension Island

Rachel Underhill

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Radio 4 this morning reported that the uk government want to send asylum seekers to the volcanic island with 2 air bases on it one British the other American and nothing else. The only people living there are for servicing the air bases.  Its 4000 miles away guarding the Falklands. Why on earth would uk spend a load of money doing that.  Its reported on FT news.

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I guess the idea is that if you pick up migrants in the channel and then bring them into the Uk and then put them up in 3 star hotels before releasing them into the british public while giving them welfare paid for through the increasing taxation of working british people then you are in fact INCENTIVISING economic migrants to enter britain illegally


So if you don't want the country to be swamped by poor, unskilled and mostly young male, economic migrants who may be radicalised against britain and its people by marxists pushing critical race theory then i guess the aim is to try and DIS-INCENTIVISE them from trying to come to the country

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