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On 3/16/2021 at 6:10 AM, love laugh sleep said:

Yahoo! Answers: Are Asian women a threat to white women?







Too bad that it's the result of plastic surgery, but I do think they look attractive.

The first photos shows women that I don't find attractive.


Very interesting thread. 👍


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South Korea's Secret: Parents gave eye widening surgery to a whole generation at birth.



Asian eyes


For Soo-Young Chin, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Southern California, having the eyelid surgery done at birth, as some parents choose to do to their children, is no different than circumcision or a clitorectomy. "When I was studying in Korea, I saw a lot of women with double lids. I asked one woman why, and she said it was because her whole generation was born that way. Obviously her mother had had it done to her at birth, and never told her. Well, she'll figure it out when she has kids of her own."







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In East Asia, eye jobs and nose jobs are so commonplace that they are not considered true plastic surgery. They are seen as "beauty therapy".



South Korean Parents Are Making Their Kids Get Plastic Surgery


Vice: What's the surgery scene like nowadays?


Sparkles: In Korea, we call doing your eyes and nose the "basics." They're the standard procedures.


Vice: That sounds like you're ordering a burger: "I'll just get the basics, thanks."


Sparkles: Yeah. Like, "Oh, you haven't even gotten plastic surgery yet? You should get the basics!" That's nothing. So many people do it that it's got to the point where people say things like, "But you only got your eyes and your nose done, it's not a big deal."


Vice: Do you have friends who have had plastic surgery?


Sparkles: I don't think I have a single friend who hasn't had some kind of procedure done. Everyone has something.


Vice: Were you scared before surgery?


Sparkles: I was mostly worried that people would be able to tell. I kept saying to the doctor, "Please can you do my nose as natural as possible?"


Vice: Do you ever look at old photos of yourself?


Sparkles: It's s***. Like I said, I can't even imagine my old face. Around the house, that's also a very lighthearted joke in our family. I'll say I have to set the photos on fire and my dad will throw me a lighter. The presurgery photos I've kept on Facebook aren't closeups or in focus. At first I didn't care, but then I started making new friends, so I thought I should delete them. If someone asks me if I've had my nose done, I won't lie, but I'm not gonna be like, "Hi, I'm Sparkles, I got my nose done," you know? It's not a very common topic socially—people are more interested in which procedures you had done and where.







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Korean Family Secret: “Mother-daughter combo” plastic surgeries to deceive potential in-laws.



Mothers Get Plastic Surgery to Look More Like Their Daughters


Korean plastic surgery clinics are reporting a rise in the number of mothers seeking to have plastic surgery at the same time that their daughters. Mothers seek to modify their own appearance to hide any contrast with children’s new bodies, which could lead potential in-laws to realize that the girl’s appearance is fake.


Netizens mercilessly mocked the vanity of both mother and daughter, and asked if the grandchildren will also have to get plastic surgery to hide the family secret.


Comments from Naver:



"Then they will have to get their babies surgeries right after birth, ke ke ke ke."



"Anyway, it’s game over when the daughter has a baby, ke ke ke."



"It would be rather shocking for the husbands to be deceived before marriage and then see the kid. Although I can respect her decision to go under the knife, her hubby would get pretty upset later."



What’s with getting plastic surgery before your study abroad? A study abroad is for studying, right? Or are we talking about an “adult” study abroad?







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It's not that strange considering big eyes are attractive, especially on women (but perhaps for men too, increasingly in a service based economy). East Asian countries like Japan were kind of isolated for a long time and didn't got exposed to other beauty standards. A group can be isolated and then exposed to other groups that are a better fit to their environment. This whole thing and Japan/Korea's attempt to mimic the west reminds me of the Great American Interchange. Some species got the traits to survive in a new environment, some didn't. Of course not ''palatable'' to speak of such things when it comes to humans but it's a similar principle underneath. East Asians are adapting.

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Stealth Plastic Surgery In East Asia



"Koreans want it all. Koreans are born with small eyes, wide and flat faces, and flat, low noses. What they would like are larger eyes, narrower and more oval-shaped faces, and higher and narrower noses."

- Dr. Ing Gon Kim, owner of the Apkujung Feel Aesthetic Clinic and one of Seoul's best-qualified plastic surgeons.









Definition of stealth

: intended not to attract attention

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Where's the plastic surgery?






You might be fooled by Korean actor and model Lee Jong Suk. Where's the plastic surgery?








In 2005, Lee Jong Suk was a guest on the TV show 'The Truth Game'. He appeared as a 'flower boy' fashion model.






Lee Jong Suk appears to have gotten stealth plastic surgery.





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Beauty Nationalism in Japan:

Plastic surgery for Japanese children is commonplace.



(Japan) Cosmetic Surgery For Children Becoming Commonplace


Cosmetic surgery for elementary school children has become commonplace.


We’re given no indication of how many patients are involved nationwide, but we are told what 90% of them are after: folded eyelids, to make their eyes look bigger and their faces more Western.


Exceptions duly allowed for, however, “the overwhelming majority,” Shukan Shincho hears from a surgeon, “are out to look like some celebrity or other."


“The ‘junior idol’ boom started in 1995,” the magazine hears from an “idol watcher.” “Since then, the competition among would-be child stars has grown intense, and plastic surgery among them is routine. Over the past few years, that has trickled down into the ranks of ordinary elementary school kids.”


We hear of one woman who, in tears, begged a surgeon to fold her daughter’s eyelids. For some reason, she didn’t want her husband to know that she’d had her own eyelids surgically folded as a child. If the daughter’s eyelids also displayed the fold, the husband would assume the trait was hereditary.



Comment by Weasel:



Cosmetic surgery for children becoming commonplace


About 20 years late with this story.




Comment by judochick:


omg i always thought that some kids in japanese dramas looked like they had some work done. i guess they did LOL




Comment by TokyoGas:



We hear of one woman who, in tears, begged a surgeon to fold her daughter’s eyelids. For some reason, she didn’t want her husband to know that she’d had her own eyelids surgically folded as a child. If the daughter’s eyelids also displayed the fold, the husband would assume the trait was hereditary.


hahahaha. I have been saying this for years. People getting face work done and not letting their partner know. A kid is popped out with different eyes, nose or something and panic sets in.




Comment by bdiego:


For some reason, she didn’t want her husband to know that she’d had her own eyelids surgically folded as a child. If the daughter’s eyelids also displayed the fold, the husband would assume the trait was hereditary.


As silly as it sounds, this problem is going to get real serious in the next couple of decades. I just imagine all handsome and beautiful couples in Korea with their ugly children asking "Was I adopted?" Whereas in Japan where there's a bigger taboo, you have wives scheming to hide their past.






【Eng】Japanese high school girls' talk



Japanese girls talking about their plastic surgery.

They said some of their friends even went to other countries to get plastic surgery.





After Japanese people get plastic surgery, they may delete all digital photos pre-surgery and burn physical copies of photos.

"In fact, I have a friend who got both blepharoplasty and a nose job done a few years back and she has removed every single picture pre-surgery from her facebook account. In addition, I remember reading an article about Japanese plastic surgery and the girl interviewed mentioned the same thing – she deleted all digital photos pre-surgery and even burned (yes burned) her physical copies of photos."






Eyes Wide Open: Surgery to Westernize the Eyes of an Asian Child


While surgery to widen the eyes of children, even newborns, is reportedly common in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, no statistics are available on its use in children in the United States.


In an article in Salon in 2000, Christina Valhouli wrote of families traveling from the United States to Taiwan or Korea to obtain the surgery, but no hard data are available on how often that occurs.







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East Asia's Invasion of the West Through Video Beauty Filters Must Be Stopped



Japanese Women Before Video Beauty Filters


They had white face powder, make-up, permed hair and an early version of plastic surgery.








Historical photos cannot always be trusted. Photo editing was extremely common in the 1860's-1910's.


"That Waist!" - Photo Editing at the Turn of the Century





Tiktok’s viral video is a fake - Horrifying body editing app


Danae Mercer:


This video went VIRAL - and it’s entirely fake. 

Just watch the LINES whenever the model’s body gets close. 

See how they start to wobble? To wibble? Or even just to get a bit fuzzy? 

It’s because a VIDEO APP is pulling in the model’s body here, expanding it there - and sometimes straight lines get sucked into the process. 

Technology like this is increasingly common. 

Here I’m showing you an app that SHRINKS my waist, enhances my tatas, gives me longer legs, and even offers a full-face editing option. 
And it took less than a minute to do. 

My point here is NOT to shame the original poster. I once edited myself thinner in my photos, and that headspace was a really ill, really unbalanced one. 

My goal is to show YOU what to WATCH FOR. To stress how SIMPLE this kind of VIDEO EDITING is, how COMMON. 

And to remind you, day after day, that the internet is so curated. 
Online isn’t entirely real. 
And you, you’re doing just great. 

Wiggles and jiggles and real human shapes and all. 






Live-streamers use scary make-up to look perfect on camera (Before Filters)




The Chinese live streamers without filters Shocking 😮







Catfishing just got a whole lot easier with these Asian beauty filters.
In this video, I react to some before and after videos of those who use filters and even try it myself.





Chinese app face and body filters! Can change your whole figure




How chinese app legs filters work




China Live Stream Face Filter Fail!


China Fact Chasers:

Watch as a man's face morphs into an alien on some Chinese live stream commercial.


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In China, video beauty filters result in no natural beauties.



Chinese Live Stream Face Filters Keep Failing




Matthew Tye -- laowhy86:
"Every single one of them is, as you've seen, because you've seen the livestreaming industry in China. They use face filters."


Winston Sterzel -- SerpentZA:

"Yeah. You don't get. There's no natural beauties out there."




SiewHei Lou:
Their face filters technology is the most advance in the world.




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Beauty Nationalism: Faking The East Asian Bust

Part 1




Asian Women Have Greater Abdominal And Visceral Adiposity Than Caucasian Women With Similar Body Mass Index


Our findings build on limited past evidence, suggesting that Asian women carry greater abdominal and visceral fat when compared with Caucasian women with similar overall adiposity. This may contribute to their elevated metabolic risk for obesity-related diseases.


Compared with White women, Japanese American women tended to have a shorter standing height, lower leg-to-height ratio, lower hip circumference and a smaller chest depth.


Compared with White women, and despite similar BMI and DXA total or percent fat mass, Japanese American women had a significantly greater mean waist-to-hip ratio, measured either at the navel or immediately above the iliac crest, due to their lower hip circumference.


Our findings confirm previous studies that reported a high prevalence of central obesity among Asian ethnic groups.






Note: A high waist-to-hip ratio means that the waist and hips are relatively the same size. A low waist-to-hip ratio means that the hips are much larger than the waist.






Complications From Injectable Materials Used For Breast Augmentation


Near the end of World War II, prostitutes in Japan used industrial-grade liquid silicone extensively. United States servicemen preferred women with larger breasts than those of Asian women. Barrels of industrial-grade silicone began to mysteriously disappear from Japanese docks, destined for injection into the breasts of these enterprising ladies, to cater to their potential clients.






South Korea Leads The U.S. In Breast Implants




According to a new study from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, South Korea not only leads the world in plastic surgery operations, but they have now topped the U.S. in breast augmentation.






Plastic Surgery In Seoul, Korea


In 2011, Robert Kim published a video about plastic surgery in Seoul, Korea on his YouTube channel Printing Paris Barcelona Rome Milan Singapore Hong Kong Printing Japan Korea.




Video Description:

"The Top Plastic Surgeons and Top Plastic Surgery Clinics in Seoul Korea are also the top plastic surgeons in the world. In this video, we explain why. And why women in Seoul not only get cosmetic surgery done for vanity, it's a necessity to get eye nose and breast augment surgery done in the intense life of Seoul Korea. Graphic extreme make overs and shocking before and afters shown."


In the video at 11 seconds, Robert says this.

"93% of all women have had plastic surgery done, here in Seoul, Korea."


Robert replies to a comment.

"yep. 93%. I got that number from 3 different cosmetic surgeons. I can give you their direct contact info if you want to fact check. PM me."




Padding The Truth


When Marissa Kennedy told her Chinese friends about her struggle to find a good bra in Beijing, they had a big laugh together. Her friends joked that she should get "smaller boobs."


Two years ago, Kennedy ran out of the bras that she had stocked up on in the U.S. before coming to China. She went shopping at many stores and encountered shop assistants who were very willing to help, but she never found a bra in her size. "They were so very small," said Kennedy.


The size issue is not the only problem for most female expats. Kennedy, who has lived in China for six years, also finds Chinese lingerie to be "too heavily padded" and very stiff compared to the soft fabrics that she's used to, with "too many laces and buttons and crystal decorations."


Because Asian women's breasts are comparatively smaller than those of Western women, domestic designs usually use thick pads and high sides to squeeze the breasts up and towards the center, to resemble the movie stars and models. 


"Almost every bra you see in a Chinese store has lace and embroidery, usually in the same patterns, and three-fourths cups with thick pads," Li said.








Ugh, bra shopping in China was an absolute impossibility for me (small frame Ds). I'd look at a bra that looked slightly bigger than normal, think "hmmmm, that looks about right", then on closer inspection realise that in fact it was an A-cup with three inches of padding instead of the normal two.








I'm almost always around a 36C (USA).

In Asian sizes, I'm an 80F.






Dangers of Underwire Bras




Stephanie Relfe:


Note from an email I received:

I had a chiropractor whose own *non-lactating* wife had been self-serve purchasing a 38C underwire bra. He had to keep clearing her lymph in the axilla area. I measured her on one of my visits and she measured a 42B—not her college size from a different era. She got a soft-cup sports bra and he never had to clear her again while she wore it. However, her breasts are spaced wide apart and designers for the various companies do not take that into consideration.

Asian women are wide spaced also.



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Beauty Nationalism: Faking The East Asian Bust

Part 2




Dressed to Kill


Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer:


A 1990 Japanese study, "Breast form changes resulting from a certain brassière," written by K. Ashizawa and published in the Journal of Human Ergology, provides an important example of the effect of at least some bras on breasts. This study was designed to find ways to enlarge a woman's breasts. After three months of brassiere constraint, all the subjects experienced smaller underbust circumference, but enlarged chest circumference. The distance between the right and left nipples became wider, and the breasts tended to hang down. In other words, the breasts swelled under the influence of the bra. What could cause this swelling? The build-up of lymph. These breasts suffered from edema caused by the use of a certain bra.










Japanese women's breast size boasts 40 years of continued growth


Shuko Sakata, manager of brand marketing at Triumph.


"We manufacturers have become better at teaching customers the correct way to select a brassiere. When putting on their bras, women tend to lean forward and by so doing gravity collects fleshy parts on the sides of their torso to fill up the cup. That alone can increase cup size by as much as two sizes."


Mutsuko Taniguchi, a veteran stylist with some 40 years in the trade.


"These days when women put on their bra, they press in their flesh from four directions -- from the sides below their arms, up from their stomach area and then downwards from their collarbones. Doing this produces more cleavage, and posture benefits from an overall improvement."






East Asian bras are a weapon. They help East Asian women to reshape their silhouette.


Bradelis is a Japanese lingerie brand.








Secrets of the Japanese swimsuit modeling world: Fake breasts and lots of pee


Walk into any Japanese bookshop or convenience store and you’ll find magazine racks full of photo collections of gurabia, the country’s term for sexy but not-quite-naked models. One gurabia recently revealed some things fans might rather not have known about the industry.


Spilling the beans was 25-year-old Mai Nishida. The Kyoto native, who’s been at the gurabia game since 2006, appeared on broadcaster TV Asahi’s late-night talk show Masahiro Nakai’s Me ni Naru Toshokan last Tuesday, where she gave an insider’s perspective on some of the goings-on in her field.


Nishida, who, yes, has appeared in DVDs and Blu-rays with titles like Mai Life, Mai Baby, Mai Time, and Mai Honey, claims that the vast majority of her fellow gurabia have had breast-enhancement surgery, pegging the portion with fake breasts at an overwhelming 90 percent.






Stealth Breast Augmentation In East Asia


Definition of stealth

: intended not to attract attention

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary


To secretly increase breast size.




Azabu Skin Clinic (Tokyo, Japan):


Breast Augmentation using Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Small volumes of Hyaluronic Acid are used in this multiple injection method to gradually increase fill breast, increasing overall size. Injections into various layers of the breasts, such as under the mammary glands, pectoral major muscle and fat tissue, are made to attain a breast which look and feel natural.


Autologous Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer breast augmentation (also known as breast augmentation with fat grafting) uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of the body and inject it to enhance the breasts. This is a breast augmentation option for women who are looking for an increase in breast size that has natural looking results with very minimal downtime and no scarring.


Teardrop Shape Breast Implants

These breast implants look more natural, because the bottom of the breast is fuller than the top. As the name suggests, this gives the breasts a more tear-dropped shape.






Omotesando Skin Clinic (Tokyo, Japan):


Hybrid Breast Augmentation is a procedure that combines silicone implant and a condensed rich augmentation procedure done by injecting patients' own fat. By having fat around the breast implant, patients can get a natural and comfortable finish since fat transfer can create more breast tissues.


In hybrid breast augmentation, fat injection is performed alongside implant placement to give a more noticeable enlargement as well as a natural finish.


By using a combination of implants and fat injection, the patient can get a significant increase in size while getting a soft and natural bust line. It is also softer to the touch compared to just having a breast implant.



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