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The big switch off. #achillesheal

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THE POWER IS IN THE PEOPLE, yes.  But how can we most effectively exercise it? 


They can’t arrest you for deleting all social media and networking outlets and switching off your phone...and yet, these are their most needed outlets of control....#achillesheal

To save me having to copy and paste, and rewrite everything, I’m just going to screenshot the thread I just created in Facebook.  





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The above was actually part 2 thoughts.  I’ll share you part 1 now.  It was a thought train set off by one of Russell Brands videos.  I’ll post the link to it here with my introductory blurb, as well with a screenshot to my conversation about it.  



I and a few friends have made quite a few posts (Facebook) about the frustrating ironic inertia in social media where a great amount of knowledge is available and shared displaying the incompetence and corruption of people in power that simply wasn’t available before the internet, and yet, the platform for response has not made the equivalent evolution, it’s very ironic.  Many of us who have remarked on this issue are sitting on a spectrum between: happy trundling along, aware of it but not identifying with it, and/or, frustrated and worried about where things are going and desperately wanting direction.  I really liked this video because it hit this irony and the issues within this spectrum with some useful “doing” thoughts and ideas, rather than the bottomless pit of thoughts and ideas that are valid and insightful but have little direction or application.  I’m definitely going to look up this documentary he’s on about.  Changes do need to come from within, but, I wonder what would happen if a mass wave of people started deleting social media/networking apps etc and switching off their phones?...Not as a one off, but as a direct social intervention/action carrying a message.






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Looking for thoughts and (if there’s other people on the same train) direction, I’ve felt helpless for so long, but this kind of feels like it might be something.  Is it? / how does it sound to you?


Im going to give this documentary RB is on about a watch first (if anyone wants to join me) and see what thoughts and feelings arise from it...

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People won't give up their phones or their social media.
The addiction they have is stronger than heroin and/or crack cocaine.
That dopamine hit, is constantly hitting you every time that like button is hit and/or a notification goes off.

Even IF Bill Gates came out and made a video, publicly stating the vaccines are poison and about control, that covid19 isn't real, and that 5G is really dangerous!
People would still line up to get the vaccine.

Nobody will give up their phone. 
Want to do a fun experiment? 
Try taking a friend or family members phone from them and watch what happens.
You will start to see how evil all of this really is.

Even monks and homeless people have phones.
They would rather believe the lie, and most people, even if they know the truth, will simply accept it as their fate.

I agree though, this IS THE SOLUTION!
But it has to be a choice, and people will NEVER choose this.  We have already crossed the line of the point of no return.
If there was a global EMP, maybe humanity would have a chance.
If people didn't have a phone, a link to the matrix,

they would never accept being in a lockdown. 

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