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Thankfully there are some protests in India


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See this video where in our farmers in Silicon Valley of India Bangalore. They are protesting against the corporates who are going to take over lands and farming with the help of government. A point in line with the agenda21 which is openly coming out in India. These protests are happening across the country. As farmers see that there would no life for them in future. Even health cards are being issued and our PM proudly says that country is ready for vaccination, any time it will start on illiterate people slowly forcibly. I am really worried and as you can understand being a conservative country people do not come forward to talk against government that too present Modis charisma is going on unchecked, they believe him blindly and he is taking for people for a ride. Soon they may corner me and find me out. But I am not a coward and fight till the end to free my people from these devils.. in the process even if lose my life, it is worth dying for. In case I am missing please search twitter @ivsprasad7 Thank you.


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