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Please read this post and make the connection!!!


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This some will say war or experiment between several groups of extraterrestrials, time & mind control war/experiment but more like an ancient argument, aliens conflict over world management and on the way of managing the world. In these groups one can see the bad side of the argument on the human race. In all groups you can see common factor of mind control technology!

As strange as it sounds these aliens have the ability to manipulate the timeline/space-time.

All that is written in the Bible is their manipulations by several groups of aliens. They simply run the world by mind control. All the people who reported hearing a voice in their head was actually their mind control technology.

This mind control technology is allowed an experiment between different approaches of cultural psychology by different extraterrestrials.

And the Qanon movement is the result of all this.A movement that demands to expose all the corruption and truth that the administration has hidden from the public over the yearsBut the biggest lie is hiding information from the public about extraterrestrials and as for that I doubt Qanon intends to reveal yet!

Technology, Time manipulation, Space warp / Warp drive, Telepathy and Mind control, Physical body control by mind control.


Through the Looking-Glass, Alice and The Mad Hatter = Time Manipulation = Extraterrestrials
Mandela Effect = Time Manipulation = Extraterrestrials
Arcturians/Pleiadians/Targeted Individuals/Starseed = Mind Control

Find the connection!
Think Roswell 1947
Think of Eisenhower's 1954 meeting
Eisenhower's meeting - Russia meeting
Cuban missile crisis meeting consequence...
Think Montauk
Think George Orwell
Think Hive mind
Who controls the media? Is it really us?

Looking glass was a project to understand how time manipulation works?
Q uses it as an analogy to the book Through the Looking-Glass.
The book is about an entity that controls time and has the ability to manipulate time.
And the question is from where the knowledge about time manipulation came from.

Mind control since when?
Throughout human history people have testified that they heard telepathic voices or messages through dreams.
These voices and messages were in a variety of languages and were interpreted as the voices of God in a variety of cultures.

They knew in advance that 9/11 would happen.
9/11 was the trigger for complete control or wrong way by us?
Who is really blame?
Can the controlled be blame?

(They manipulated us and blamed us)
The world needs to know that's the only way, Extraterrestrials!


"In their interactions with humans, aliens are good observers. To some extent, all are studied scientists. More importantly, all aliens who visit this planet are skilled in telepathy, the ability to not only read another's thoughts, but to communicate complex, diagrammatic information in ways that often astound the human initiate."


1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials.


"Starting in the 1950s, working under the now infamous MK Ultra project, dozens of government grants were awarded for research into different aspects of human thought and/or perceptual manipulation. Some of these grants involved the development and testing of psychoactive drugs (LSD for instance)."


CIA experiments in mind control

The most important question is why all this research started at exactly the same time that humans were exposed to the knowledge when an encounter with aliens proved to them that telepathy exists.
Throughout human history people have testified that they heard telepathic voices or messages through dreams.
These voices and messages were in a variety of languages and were interpreted as the voices of God in a variety of cultures.
Extraterrestrials have used state-of-the-art telepathy technology to guide cultural diversity on Earth with the hope of minimizing direct impact.
Make the connection!!!
They have always been here!
Throughout human history people have testified that they heard telepathic voices or messages through dreams.
These voices and messages were in a variety of languages and were interpreted as the voices of God in a variety of cultures.
These extraterrestrials have an agenda of minimum direct intervention.
So they developed advanced neurological technology.
This technology has made it possible to perform neurological mapping that makes it possible to analyze the thinking patterns of living things.
This capability has made it possible to create an advanced replication of human consciousness based on AI.
Once AI was developed, these extraterrestrials applied their technology to manage civilizations by minimizing direct intervention.
The technology works by manipulating the electromagnetic field on the electrical conductors of the neurons in the brain and so on the brain waves.
Each brain has a unique thought pattern like a fingerprint.
By mapping this pattern a specific frequency is adapted to that person and thus communication is created only for that person without his environment being aware of the communication.
If you ask how your information passes to them, think of a cell phone...

Do you hear ringing/tinnitus in your ears with varying intensity? If yes is a symptom of mind control!
The ringing is created due to manipulation of the electromagnetic field on the electrical conductors of the neurons in the brain.
A change in the intensity of the electromagnetic field creates a change in the intensity of the ringing/tinnitus.
So what does this technology allow them to do?
The brain controls the nerves and the nerves control most of the body actions.
What the nerves control:
Heart rate change
Forced speech
Change in speech rate
Change in breathing rate
Control the sense of taste
Control the sense of smell
Sneezing control
Yawning control
Coughing control
Stomach activity, hunger, pain, diarrhea, constipation
Headache and general pain
Reflexes control
Sense of touch control
Genital activity / sexual desire control
Hyperhidrosis control
And basically control every feeling we feel.
A clear sign of mind control (ringing in the ears)
What does mind control allow:
Creation of sounds without external stimuli
Taking control of the inner voice
Thought control with almost no ability to discern whether you are thinking or the controller
Thought programming by patterns. for example:
Planting a thought when you think of a certain thing automatically
Thought blocking
Emotion control
Erase memory
Plant False Memories
Dream control
Sleep disorder and proactive awakening
Control of laughter, control of anger, control of crying
Even control the style of each of these emotions
Creating feelings and emotions based on a thought pattern
For example, whenever you look at a red color or are in a certain area you will feel a pre-programmed feeling such as hunger, anxiety headache, etc.
Access to all our memories
Access to memories based on association instantly


You can see the bad side in different groups on Facebook
Search for these groups on Facebook:

Targeted Individuals

In these groups you can see the better side.Search for these groups on Facebook:

In these groups one can see the effect on reality. (Time Split/Reality Shifting)Search for these groups on Facebook (Mandela Effect)

Search for these groups on on reddit:

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I would like to start off with a statement. If you go down the list of the most important influential people they all have had dreams, visions, and sometimes but less frequently have heard voices. Does that mean all history books are rubbish?? Not exactly, no.


Now the local tarot reader isn't psychic, its a conspiracy. The most Pilgrimed part of France happened all over a young ladies visions and "Downloads" as we are calling them now. The most pilgrimed part of France is a conspiracy??? Thats a bit much.


I have been a gangstalked individual for over a decade with the radiation torture. Some have it with, some have it without. The truth behind that is that Area 51 freaks of nature have spilled out in the millions across the country. Area 51 is no longer just exclusively underground. These are cocaine and clout rapid dogs ready to bite and push down any JFK or MLK talk of love and freedom in democracy. Yet, we are the crazy ones, the one being abused by these people??? 


Many have been literally raped by the "dark side", and even with large talk and sophisticated jargon -- does it look bad to blame the raped over the wicked. 


Does mind control happen?? Yes, all the time. Is it the cause of everything going on?? Absolutely not!!!



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