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Here we go again: Blacks and Asians 'most affected' by Covid

Grumpy Owl

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It's been a while since this narrative was last pushed, but here we go again...


Explosion of coronavirus cases as Sparkhill emerges as hotspot

Asian communities across Birmingham are bearing the brunt of Covid-19

From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/explosion-coronavirus-cases-sparkhill-emerges-18999282



Coronavirus is taking hold in inner city communities across Birmingham - with Sparkhill emerging as a worrying hotspot.

Seventy positive cases have been identified in Sparkhill in the past seven days alone.

It's the biggest hotspot yet - but clusters of cases have also developed in other inner city areas, with at least 40 new cases each in Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath East, Alum Rock, Hall Green North, Moseley, North Edgbaston and Bromford and Hodge Hill.

Data also confirms that Asian residents are far more likely than any other to be affected by new cases of the virus.

It's a worrying situation that Birmingham City Council and public health chiefs are battling to contain, and today they appealed again to community leaders and families to heed guidance and avoid household gatherings and visits as a matter of urgency.

Research has previously revealed that Asian and black people are disproportionately affected by the worst of coronavirus, and calls have been made for extra measures to be taken to ensure they are protected from a second wave.


Here's a 'fact': the area of Sparkhill in Birmingham is very much a 'majority Asian' area of the city. It is actually described as "the capital of British Pakistan" by Adil Ray's character in the BBC sitcom 'Citizen Khan'.


With the exception perhaps of Moseley, all those other areas listed all have majority 'non-white' populations.


So if you start mass-testing people in those areas, your results are going to appear skewed (like they aren't already!), because you are suddenly going to find yourself with lots of 'cases' from people of black and Asian backgrounds.


And so the 'fraud' continues apace, with new false claims about black and Asian people being 'disproportionately affected' by coronavirus.


Remember the propaganda when this all started earlier this year? 'Coronavirus doesn't discriminate, it can affect all of us'.


As one of the few white people who work in Sparkbrook, maybe I am testimony to the fact that 'Covid-19 is RACIST', because it hasn't affected me? 🤔



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That old COVID chestnut. There was the COVID story, in the USA, about blacks and Hispanics being more suscepitable to it than whites, not to mentiont they were exposed more to CV because of their low paid front line jobs (a nice bit of white priviliege guilt thrown in by the Establishment), which was bandied about by the MSM about 6 months ago. 



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Oh no it isn't


it's over 45's





Experts advising the Government from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) had considered a restriction based on age as older people were more susceptible to COVID-19. An expert from a SAGE meeting highlighted those aged under 45 were at “less risk” of catching and dying from coronavirus


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14 minutes ago, Jack said:

Just seen this elsewhere. I'm 54 and said back in March that they would bring the then age of 70 down to eventually include over 50's. They are setting the stage for now but it will come. Perhaps we who are over 50 will be the people that will be forced to take the vaccination.


I would say that the predominant age group at Trafalgar Square yesterday were the over 50's.

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Sunscreen causes cancer, not the sun. I lived in Africa most of my life. I worked outdoors. Way back in the 1960's, I had to pull down the top of my underpants to prove I was White!


I NEVER put anything on my skin, and I don't have skin cancer.


I think the advice would be that BURNING causes skin cancer. When I was in Saudi, I was in a compound. There were some newcomers. One of them was so white you couldn't believe it. He stripped down to his bathing trunks and lay in the sun.


I always started the summer with 15 minutes daily for the first week, then 30 mins for the next week, then 60 mins for the third week and after that, I could stay out all day without getting burnt.


After he had been in the sun for 20 mins. I walked up to him. His skin was starting to go red. "Be careful you don't stay like that for too long, you'll burn." I told him. He scowled at me and told me to fuck off and mind my own business. He was out for around two hours. That night, we heard an ambulance. They carted him off to hospital. I hear they had to send him back to the UK, he had third degree burns. 


Now THAT is a really good way to get skin cancer.


Another tip from nature. For the first few weeks, you can either put cold tea on your exposed parts or methylated spirit. Stops you from peeling.

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