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Powerful dreams that leave you shaken

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11 minutes ago, Clarissa said:


You're probably having mud dreams and you're chipping away at it. Smoking and coffee especially basically tarmacs your system and closes you off from that part of yourself. You could try drinking only running water straight out of the tap  and do that for a couple of weeks and your dreams will be straight off the charts! 


I don't smoke, but I'm a coffee addict.


I will try that. Thank you.

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On 3/14/2022 at 7:34 AM, Clarissa said:

Right I've got one I've just had now, yeah lazy cow just got out of bed although I was working very late last night 😇


I woke up this morning around 9 o'clock and was sluggishly travelling mind thinking which I do a lot. I was churning up over 9/11 and wondering what had been 'taped' into the North Tower which I determined is a piece upside down grass. 'Taped' is from a adapted sort of lingo that me and me mates use to describe what we are capable of seeing because we needed a whole new set of descriptives as words to describe what is going on in the astral as the words do not exist here in the 3D, so weird it is (it's the real world origin of 'lost for words")


Anyway I drowse back off again and I've spiralled into the North Tower and immediately I meet up with 2 blokes, one is alive here and other, a black geezer who is dead. I'm in a place I have dreamt loads of times before and I do believe that the place is Astral Preston Lancashire. Every time I have a connected dream of the WTC towers I always end up in Preston and I know why, there's a Leyline that runs through the town that comes from the International Peace Gardens in North Dakota, set at precisely 45° from the Octagon that's in the shape of a cross. Remnants of the Twin Towers are there and also I'm not the only person to have seen this Leyline on the net. Everyone dreams down Leylines.


Back to the dream, I've met these two geezers and I'm telling them stuff that I know about numerology, the dead black guy doesn't need to be told because he already knows but the living guy is like "Wow fooking Wow! Is that what it is!?"  The next thing a "ghost image" of the Twin Towers are seen towering above Astral Preston, which I've seen before. Moving on we end up with a lot of other people who've joined in and we're looking down on a really strange male prison, violently guarded. I'm of the idea I'm looking down into Holland from Preston. The prison itself is very long and narrow and the individual blocks are perpendicular to the long, straight structure, which mean it's following a Leyline. The roofs of the blocks are metallic and smooth and some are made out of red metal as well. Inside, the vast numbers of inmates, who we are looking at from above, are all sat on the line though the middle of the prison, coding on computers and that's all they ever do. I also see that they all white men and are from all the English speaking countries in the world.


So we decide to break them out, all of them. So I go up to the prison gates which are weird as the guardians of the prison look like strange humans. I target them and realise that they are girls trapped in horses and they want to leave as well. They are trapped in tiny rooms at the gate and I decide with some others who stayed to break them out. At this point, most of the other people who have come with me run away scared from this down the path away from the prison which is going downhill and in the form of an ever decreasing spiral. While they run off, I manage to get these girls out but have sparked the rest of security who start to come after us. I try to channel the people who ran off, to say I've got the girls free but they have ran into another realm underneath and all I can do is feel across the slightly mirrored surface of the realm border and because they don't know about this or how it works, they can't hear me. 


Anyway, after freeing the horse girls, we run down the same path as well and end up meeting back with the rest of them. As soon as I drop into this space, I immediately recognise it from seeing into it from when I was a child, about 40 years ago! It's a large circular dark green room, painted with lead paint and I know this is in somebody's head, I suspect it's mine and is most likely the reason I cannot get into the middle of my brain, ever. Within the room, there is really weird machinery scattered around it, like out of the early/mid 1900s and one particular piece of grey machinery painted in grey lead paint, I push past all the people sat about to get to, as I want it to stop the prison guards in their tracks from chasing us any further.


On it I write inverted ^^^^☁️ (ZigZag Fluffy Cloud) which immediately turns all the pursuing prison guards grey, including their clothes. 


Fluffy Cloud ZigZag or ☁️^^^^ is a top secret freemason 'token' and is the call up command of Global and individual Mind Control. Yeah.... Token is soooooo the wrong word for that.      


 WOW! so many interesting things in that post!  Leyline power grids that most dont recognise, trapped western white menfolk.   Women in horses ( horses= power), spirals- usually death/ rebirth/ recreation in meaning.

All of this is about freedom, or lack currently thereof.

Men trapped in prison ( most men dont know what they are supposed to be anymore due to the endless downgrading of their masculinity so they sit passively waiting for instruction. 

Women inside horses ( lost their true power or had it taken away and need to be freed to be their true selves again.)

Grey, very nondescript colour- seeing them for their true source being- powerless grey entities without much form in reality, requiring humans trapped to have any power.


The dreamer may need to have greater faith in waking life but due to fear or anxiety is unable to overcome these concerns.

Clouds may also indicate deep rooted fear or anxieties as well as wonders, hopes and desires of our internal self. Clouds also bring life providing water to the earth in the form of rain, and so can suggest there is new growth in some area of your life.

Green room: Green often represents the inner being; our imagination and what we imagine as possible in life. It may mean that you are currently going through a period of growth and renewal in your life. Re-evaluating the way you think about yourself, how you interact with others. 

Circle Room
To be in a circular room in the dream, indicates that you will be well protected. You have no blindspot and that you have no weakness in your defences.


This is all rather a metaphor for our times isnt it? Fascinating.

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On 3/14/2022 at 8:22 AM, Clarissa said:

I really like this thread. I sat down and read everything. @Fluke mentioned seeing dirty people in his dreams. I've not seen that but it's been channelled to me loads in the last couple of years that people are astrally dirty. 


About the Avatar film, for about 4 years now, I know that bio luminescence from plants, trees etc has been stolen. That is The Light BTW, you know the one that proclaims that you go down that tunnel (a leyline) when you die. It's a lot more down to Earth than you think is The Light, I'm gonna attempt to uncover the mystery of it on here but the mechanisms holding it down and the origins of what it is are seriously complex which makes this very difficult to explain to anyone.  


Quote. It is like you open a special door and all manner of wonderous things can now connect. 


Er, er, erm..... I smashed through many, many thousands of doors to free that. I was well pissed off. Propa fucking rampage, with my friends. We use telepathy more than Facebook. Fucking Lummies (the ill-uminati) 


All those wondrous things is what they been hiding to take over for themselves. They controlled physical growth of everything. We grew bad while they took over the good stuff. That's well known by the abstract thinkers they were doing that. 






It is very interesting what you say about bioluminescence. For the last year I have been having visions about my own part in what is coming. These visions have always included me creating, connecting to, searching for and joining light beings to jointly enclose the darkness and bring back the true light to the earth. Spirals also feature in some. These visions have also morphed into dreams now, when I need to learn or connect something new to something known or already shown to me. They just wont leave me alone until I analyse the meaning and its been understood and absorbed.


btw, your comment that we are 'astrally dirty' makes perfect sense to me. Even many of the so called ( new age) spiritual people Ive met are just playing at it, they are not actually connected. I can feel dark energy or entities now, and, when people mentally disconnect from me if we have been close prior. I feel their frequency / intention change- even at a distance.

These last two years have been the most mind bending journey. But incredibly interesting with many WTF! moments.

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@RobinJ I apologises so much, because I know you're trying to be helpful. My dreams can't be turned into metaphors. If you do that you lose their value of information. I know it's common thinking but it doesn't really work at all. I am an astral visionary, what I see is actually happening in the astral, it's not a fantasy, I'm purposely channelling dark entities and disaster. As soon as I woke I channelled the other side to find  that round room in the clouds, which is me dislodged out of my brain actually, from the outside and I could see it hanging there in the clouded sky. I don't technically dream really, I escaped from my body to physically work in the astral and I connect myself back, bugging myself when I'm asleep with things and you're doing the same thing as well. I call it recon. Horses are the second deal in creation with huge consciousness and were highly astrally attacked by the global elite and I understand the system of horses, it's kind of a life thing with me is that one. 


There is a prison with captured men, out of their bodies, in bio matter material, coding on a line of computers along a Leyline, which is the grid system Earth is built on. It contains the Living Heartbeat and the Magnetosphere of the planet down the middle of the core of the Leylines which is what they were coding on and this was a

major one. Just imagine the power of that. It's been broken into and stopped from functioning. (Yippeee, Bye Matrix, it was a massive fight to get into that bastard 🤪 It's been going on for ages) Welcome to the harsh reality of the system of the The Matrix, working right outside physical, stilted 3D perception. The Third Dimension is not very big, only about 1% of 'existing reality'. 2 years ago, it was at 3% and the global elite had the other 97% they were controlling everything from where everybody transcends through without them knowing.


On 3/15/2022 at 11:49 PM, RobinJ said:

I can feel dark energy or entities now, and, when people mentally disconnect from me if we have been close prior. I feel their frequency / intention change- even at a distance.

These last two years have been the most mind bending journey. But incredibly interesting with many WTF! moments.


You must be a right empath. It was 2 years ago we broke The Netherlands out of astral isolation after a huge battle that lastest several years, which is where The Matrix is. It means project hidden floors, which is what the Astral is. We even have fucking sign telling us exactly what it is, in the darkest, lowest fucking bit in the Universe. Everbody's DNA on the planet was running through this. 


If you're good you can feel the energy fucking burning from this picture. It's doing it to me at the moment... 


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Ive not been able to get back to the astral for many years, but I experience things differently. I can kind of plug in, if that makes sense! I have absolutely felt and seen the fear that dark entities bring. It is incredibly emotional and usually attached to visions of where that entity started -if its a powerful one. I know from experience many people carry them around their whole lives. I managed to sake mine off, so now I am on a mission to help others be released. 

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4 hours ago, RobinJ said:

Ive not been able to get back to the astral for many years, but I experience things differently. I can kind of plug in, if that makes sense! I have absolutely felt and seen the fear that dark entities bring. It is incredibly emotional and usually attached to visions of where that entity started -if its a powerful one. I know from experience many people carry them around their whole lives. I managed to sake mine off, so now I am on a mission to help others be released. 

3D Earth is in the Astral, it's just a diminishing level of it. All people channel and remote view when they are dreaming, so everybody can do it. This is an astral dimension, it's also the most clumsy, ill informed and the most stupid one, out of everywhere because it has no knowledge about itself, origins or even how it's supposed to work which is what has been kept hidden by others in the know. You can do a lot to people who don't know who they are, where they come from or where they are going to. Prince Harry knows it. In fact he possesses a Writ of 1000 words, which spoken into a specific church, would have lifted the Global Prison Akashic Records and would have freed the whole planet from occult tyranny in a 100 days. He's in fucking enormous trouble for not handing that over, as well as after the LHC stunt of 2018 he did.  The extreme negativity is blasted out of the Akashic Records going down rather than negative entities or a better description, erroneous people, as now there is a global prison system on the other side of this plane, locking people up who are a problem as they are increasing in numbers getting into realms that the Illuminati operated from where they couldn't do before. It's not as dramatic as it sounds but criminals like known rapists and murderers, or anyone behaving badly will be stopped from tampering with everybody and invading privacy by simply locking them up because it's been a lawless situation and from these positions because you can really harm people on the ground. It's a definite governed protected space with extremely strict rules now, so no need to worry. 


There are other levels on Earth, the lower one where the dead people (who are more alive than here) end up and I discovered there is another level where another group people exist that are living above Holland, trapped as well. Everywhere else but here, religion is banned or never existed. 

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Does anyone here have dreams that later come true in real life?  I'm not a psychic but the closest I've been able to see into the future thru my dreams.  Sometimes the dreams are serious.  Sometimes about mundane things like...  One time I dreamt myself in a weird happy-go-lucky situation and behold many months later I found myself on vacation and the exact same circumstances in that dream.

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Many people are able to access prophecies or see into other dimensions. Now that humanity is waking up more to their true powers I have heard of many that are believing that their awareness is greater then they once admitted to perhaps. The planets frequencies are changing, I personally believe this is helping people to see through the dark cloud we have lived under for so long. Since I connected with more people who are willing to talk about spiritual things I hear stories of commonalities all the time. It is an amazing time to be alive.

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My dreams used to be utter random chaos. Now they flow, often with speech, I know they're not mine, they're being manipulated. At the moment it seems to be a thing for others in my dreams to make me angry and I end up shouting or arguing.


Have you ever felt something walk on your covers at the side of you, stop and stand there whilst you're awake with your eyes closed. Not a dream. I've also had the movements and disturbed air, feeling like my dog had climbed on my bed and lay down at my feet yet when I looked a minute or so later he hadn't moved from his own bed.


The one where it felt like 3 different people sat on my legs whilst sleeping (felt like I was awake but didn't move) like the energy seeped into my legs. Weirdest shit ever. None of it scares me, I go with the flow and experience it without freaking.

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