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Powerful dreams that leave you shaken

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Last two nights I'm having really strong dreams.


Tuesday night.. I am walking through a town somewhere where the shops are all empty and closed (post covid it felt) I am carrying a man sized brass cymbal on my back for some reason. 


Last  night..  me and an old friend are in a lane, he leaps a fence and accidentslly lands on  a live railway line,  this electrocuted him on the spot and he turned into a small yellow disk like a round block of cheese in shape.



In boths dreams there are yellow disks of different sizes.

But as to meaning of them.??

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Had a strange one last night. I was messing about with air rifle. Pointed at a women for some reason? And I get shot by a firearm, handgun in my finger. The man was the daughter's dad. 


We don't have firearms in England so was strange.

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I don’t tend to dream much but lately I have been having really powerful, vivid dreams. Anyway, last night was one of the strangest for a long time. I must say beforehand, that death is one of my biggest fears, or rather the fear of what happens after, and leaving my family and friends behind, etc.


all I can recall, was being sat outside somewhere in public near a large bridge. For some reason I was wired up to some sort of ECG machine with pads all over my body, and I had jolts of pain all over me. I had no idea what was going off, or why I was where I was, but people were just walking by, hundreds and hundreds of faceless souls, ignorant to what was going off.


I had a female ‘spirit’ or something clung onto me, wrapped around my back, which I could not see even when I turned to look. But I felt like I knew her - just no idea who, why, or where from. I had this imminent feeling of dying, and I just simply said, that I don’t want to die, hoping for reassurance. the woman replied sternly to me that “everybody has to die at some point” or along those lines, which made me panic more. I said “but I’m too young, I don’t want to go yet”. I think she recognised my fear and just said, “you are okay for now”. I had a massive feeling of dread yet felt comforted for some reason, in what she was saying, sort of like a realisation/epiphany that I do have to come to terms with dying one day. I woke up, and weirdly I was in pain in the same places I was hooked up to the machine, like a stabbing sensation across my body.


It felt more to me like a powerful spiritual experience, than just a normal dream, it was really vivid and strange. But it felt like some sort of message, the woman was sort of angelic in nature, but then on the other hand could be something sinister manifesting itself to try and fool me. you never know of course. that’s all anyway, probably not that interesting to be fair. Lol

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That is quite interesting. You are being told to let go of fear, pain ( including emotional), and things that hold you back generally. This whole process is about that really. The thing about belief is that we really do get what we believe in. Pain manifests from our own thought processes. Your spirit was there to tell you to let go and move forward, release yourself and better things will be waiting for you.

Letting go also can mean family, friends and stuff we have gained by being part of the Matrix mindset. The situation we find ourselves in now, means that a lot of people will get jolted 'awake' (in the sense that you are seeking answers not going along with the faceless crowd), rather than having a lot of time to come slowly to the realisation that everything is and will be different from now on and that we are much more powerful beings than we are led to believe we are.

Time is pressing, and you will need to go on a deep learning curve, or, you just have to trust all your instincts, listen for the messages and and act upon them when they come. This dream may well be your first message, even the fact that you are seeking meaning for it means its important you listen and act. 

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I was walking by a charity shop and asked to move heavy stuff inside for some sisters, one said "when you meet my other sister she will thank you too", I met the other sister in the shop.. she was a beautiful brunette in a red dress and we started kissing..lol instant attraction. 



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