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Powerful dreams that leave you shaken

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Last two nights I'm having really strong dreams.


Tuesday night.. I am walking through a town somewhere where the shops are all empty and closed (post covid it felt) I am carrying a man sized brass cymbal on my back for some reason. 


Last  night..  me and an old friend are in a lane, he leaps a fence and accidentslly lands on  a live railway line,  this electrocuted him on the spot and he turned into a small yellow disk like a round block of cheese in shape.



In boths dreams there are yellow disks of different sizes.

But as to meaning of them.??

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Hi Seeker, You can call out to Jesus or start saying the Lords prayer.😇   Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all fle

I should probably go back to keeping a notepad and pen beside my bed for this. For some time now I have on occasion had some very vivid dreams, I can't always remember exact details (I don't think any

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Had a strange one last night. I was messing about with air rifle. Pointed at a women for some reason? And I get shot by a firearm, handgun in my finger. The man was the daughter's dad. 


We don't have firearms in England so was strange.

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