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Hyde after Trafalgar protest

Apophis 2029

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Just now, Golden Retriever said:


So what David Icke said it. We don't always have to agree on everything.


This place isn't a cult.



I notice in the a previous post you seem to have a problem with DI you say .... "Oz, unlike David Icke,  Dr Heiko Schoning has asked publicly who benefits from this fraud of Covid 19?"


Do you think DI is a "disinfo agent" too?  ...  DI has made it clear in many of his videos that a secret cabal are intent on enslaving us , some are bankers , but covid is not a money making scam (primarily) , but about control ...


If DI didn't go into this in the 10 mins he was allocated at Trafalgar Square, he must have thought that was not the time and place. 

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On 9/27/2020 at 7:04 AM, oz93666 said:


That's not the right attitude TS ..The real controllers love to see people at one another's throats . Police are just members of the public  who haven't woken up ... If you find yourself nose to nose with police at a gathering like this  it's a great opportunity to explain to them WHY you are there  ... you should be able to explain everything in one minute , word things as if  talking to someone who has no idea what is going on ...


Tactics need to be adjusted ... don't have one sound stage ... have many people with bull horns ... but even better have people playing guitars ,singing , making music .... Nothing really needs to be said , as David pointed out in the latest video , just gathering without masks shows defiance ....


So let the Trafalgar gathering be a regular Saturday event  composed of many  groups gathered around those making music. 


totally agree

the goon squad are under orders to perform tasks. if anyone gets in their way it is an affront to their jobs.

its those giving the orders who are committing the wrong


its those in boardrooms and offices who write the new laws and cause the chaos


imo 'protests' are old hat and easy fodder for the cameras and media.



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On 9/27/2020 at 6:16 AM, Truthspoon said:

I don't understand why people just stood by and allowed the police to arrest people, break their faces and steal all the sound equipment. There were tens of thousands of people there and only a handful of coppers.


People have to change their perception of the situation and realise the pigs are the ones who should be in fear.


It might be an idea to get the woman and children out of the way once the cops kick off and send all the lads to the front line to push back and get the police out of there and stop standing by while the police reinforce their positions and start sealing areas off.


The people just look like sheep in a pen.... it's pathetic.


There is only one language the state understands.... 


Do you know Beagles are the dogs most commonly used for medical experimentation, because they are gentle and good natured. As a result thousands of Beagles suffer appalling tortures and agonies because of medical experimentation and the exploitation of their docility.


Rottweilers however do not suffer these agonies. Could you imagine trying medical experiments on a Rottweiler? 

People have got to learn to become Rottweilers and stop being Beagles.




You are right, we've got to break out of the stupor we're in and act.


When I saw the early vids of the police I could see they were well organised and had a plan and tactics. However when you have the situation of police with batons beating on a crowd face to face like we saw - you get in close and grab grab grab and you pull one of them into the crowd. Then they are passed back and stripped of their weapons and let go. One at a time and you get equipment on the way.


Also, because they are few (but concentrated and armed) surge and separate them. They do not need to be harmed, just disarmed.


They rely on individual fear and it's very powerful but we are many and they are few. The bravest are at the front and know what to do, everyone else provides mass and support.


Why don't people grab stuff?


Why don't people think about their self-defense tactics when it kicks off? There is so much you can do.


And when someone gets snatched, don't let it happen. Surround, mob, obstruct, but don't just be a pussy and film it hoping people will 'like' what you did.


Can we get the inspiring video's of the french protests when they annihilated the police posted again? I think they were on the social before it got f*cked.



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Plenty of keyboard warriors on here tonight.  In case you missed my last post on this topic...


The old bill acted disgracefully today. I told them to their face with love in my heart....not anger. I pointed and spoke to the ones making a chain and blocking us in. I could see emotion in ALLtheir eyes and one of them looked very sad and confused just being there.

I said to them that you all have children and parents who will suffer in the future from this. You all look VERY  scared in your eyes and in your heart you do not want to be here doing this.

You ALL know this is wrong and that the excuse of I'm doing my job and paying my mortage is clearly not enough. I pointed at the sergeant and said everybody here has emotion but he DOES NOT (he looked like he wanted to knock me out). I could feel that he was not approving of me turning  his soldiers against him. I was talking to deaf ears mostly but I could feel the words breaking through the fake exterior of some of them.

Plant the seeds and hope?

It's a better tactic than anything else because with this you have some hope at least.




I was there on Saturday and I can tell you now that violence will not work. I always thought that force would be the only  answer when this day came and it does have it's place....just NOT now!

I've trained in martial arts since I was a kid and train  in Muay Thai at present. I'm a bronze medalist in Europe and I've had plenty of full contact fights in the ring. My point is that  I'm not worried about getting hurt more than most but it is not the battle of today to use force. If you beat the police they will send in the army and then what?

You kick off and they win. The only way to have any hope is to be out in numbers and plant the seeds with the police. It's wishfull thinking but so is using violence on this one.

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On 9/28/2020 at 2:09 AM, Apophis 2029 said:

I think the police turned up at that time on purpose. For some reason, i feel the police and establishment think that David Icke or Piers Corbyn are not a threat to them and its now more obvious than i first thought. They were after the real threat. Which would of been Dr Heiko Schoning.


When they turned up Dr Schoning was speaking. And he was stopped before he really started. Then when they moved to speakers corner on Hyde park he was then arrested. Now seems blatantly obvious who was there target from the start.




You are probably right.


He had in his possession a copy of the book originally published in Germany titled Corona, False Alarm?  which discusses amongst other things a very different medical approach based on the phenomenon of t-cell immunity.


Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, the very eminently qualified co-author of this  book was a guest on Tuesday nights Richie Allen show. 




The discussion is laid out in an understandable way and an English prerelease copy of the book was removed from Dr Heiko Schoning and not returned to him on his release.


Germany, apart from handing the healthcare side more effectively than the NHS, also has a large number of people in the medical profession and associated sciences who are quite vocal.


The reason being the alternative theory blows an antibody based approach based on unsound PCR testing out of the water and accounts for why most people are not only immune but are not spreading it either. There could be possibly one or two people in the UK that don't want this message getting out.



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