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UK Covid-19 Death Figures Help

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I've just been looking at the ONS death statistics where covid-19 was 'mentioned' on the death certificate (along with other morbidities in many of the cases I would presume) for England and Wales. Of the 52,514 deaths from the start of the year (01/01/20) 49,049 were from people aged 60+. This leaves 3,465 deaths for the age groups <1-59. 


Now I read that the CDC had released information that only 6% of covid deaths were caused by covid alone and 94% had an average of 2.6 other morbidities but I'm guessing this is only applied to US data? Does anyone know where I can find this data for the UK?


If you apply the CDC's 6% to the UK statistics then only 207 deaths between the age groups <1-59 have been directly caused by covid. This is without taking into account rediagnosis/misdiagnosis. And yet this is used to justify the lockdown. Ridiculous.


But yeah if anyone can get back to me on this it would be much appreciated.

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