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Today's protest MUST WATCH AND SHARE!!!


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They went in under the premise of social distancing breaches, which begs the question why they didn't go in hours before. Under the restrictions placed upon the rally by Westminster council, the police have effectively stood and watched a mass 'crime' committed for over three hours before wading into the crowd.


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The Corona Virus 2020 Act is NOT a law.

An act is passed in Government and is no more than a guideline.

If you DO NOT CONSENT to the act then the law has NOT been broken.

To be involved in a crime there MUST be a victim. The only people  who they can claim to be victims at such an event are other people at the protest or the police themselves!

The police would not get involved on a personal level so therefore there is NO victim. Without a victim there is no crime (Comman Law).

They can arrest you (unlawfully) and you can then hold each officer personally responsible who was involved with your unlawfull arrest. They MUST be warned of this when arresting you of the crime you DO NOT CONSENT with.

They MUST be informed that they will be held liable personally as a man/woman and have no backing from their employer (The  Met etc). It is them who have commited the crime and NOT their employer. This means that they will be liable for all costs if found to be acting unlawfully in a Comman Law court. Without your name they can't press any charge on you and once the Sergeant at the station  knows they have an  "I man/woman"  case they will throw it out anyway.





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