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Today's protest MUST WATCH AND SHARE!!! 2 min video


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26 minutes ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

The brutality of the police is disgusting. I hope they are all rounded up and held accountable!

I don't get how there's never am investigation into these sorts off things, whereas if you stole something from the shop you'd be made to stand trial!

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1 hour ago, MagicMatt said:

Here's a short video of today's protest at Trafalgar you can see the police brutality please SHARE TO EVERYONE


And the gestapo thugs got away with it. I remember the miners strikes way back when people had BALLS they would never have let the cops beat up on women.



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Our family wish to offer, on behalf of the UK, our deepest apologies to the Doctor who was so appallingly treated yesterday at the rally.     We totally disassociate ourselves from all perpetrators involved, even though our taxes pay their salaries.!


One more example of proof to add to the building avalanche that will be evidence for gaining our freedom.


Peace to All

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