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A thread to drop red pills about the music industry


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Doesn't surprise me. Someone said to me recently that they're the biggest bullshitters on Earth, and if they say they're putting a curse on you it just means they're ordering a hit job. It's some mafia crap, and it makes you wonder how bad things must be today in the entertainment industry now that they have advanced surveillance tech on their side to watch their puppets.


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With a name like Young Thug, I'm not really surprised at his moronic behaviour. Add it to the list of rappers doing dumb shit.


Warner Music Group key people = 2 out of the 3, but don't you dare go noticing too many patterns over at Vigilant Citizen. They don't like you having eyes.


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So some video of Cardi B performing without underwear, while masturbating, and exposing her tampon to her fans is going viral. A reminder that you share a world with grown adults that listen to her music. Do these label owners seek out the most ratchet and degenerate people that they can find?

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