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A thread to drop red pills about the music industry


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"The *** speaks the language of the nation in whose midst he dwells from generation to generation, but he speaks it always as an alien... In this Speech, this Art, the *** can only after-speak and after-patch--not truly make a poem of his words, an artwork of his doings."


- Richard Wagner

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oh eddie, eddie, eddie.



i kinda knew, especially with the artwork of pearl jam's last three albums and the lyrics and content of their last one ('Gigaton').

though they were always 'liberal' and wore their heart on their sleeve it wasn't always obvious in their music output except for a song or two.

but still they are the best band who ever existed imo. i'll still find it hard to find not to listen to their music, especially CD2 ('down side') of their greatest hits collection 'Rearviewmirror.'

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I don't understand who Tom MacDonald's target audience is.


I don't think the Left will be swayed by him.


And you only have to search his name on archive.4plebs.org and it's clear that the dissident Right think he is some kind of psyop to trick trads into taking an interest degenerate behaviour. They just see all his tats and his video 'Straight White Male', then they mock him because they don't think he acts like one.


I guess that just leaves Centrists and Trump supporters as I'm sure Tom has mentioned that he supports Trump if I remember correctly.


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The youth-geared music industry certainly appears to be a demoralizing force by design.


In the documentary Drugs As Weapons Against Us, the film makes a strong case for the theory that drugs such as psychedelics (in the 60s) and later Ecstasy (in the '90s), as just two examples, were/are purposely introduced into society as a means of both promoting a lack of social values in their users as well as a means of controlling a large segment of the masses, by keeping them, (young adults especially), enervated & disoriented and thus incapable of producing any positive changes in the world.


When I hear some of the 'music' that young ones listen to nowadays, to each his own, but it makes me wonder if music as well has been and is being used in large part as a means of keeping a large portion of the population confined to a spiritually destructive frequency.


Aside from this, I have heard snippets of interviews on alternative podcasts, guests who have spoken of how even certain tonalities and specific notes -- aside from downbeat lyrics and the infernal screaming & shouting that passes for singing in at least two genres I can think of -- are intentionally employed as a means of negatively affecting their intended audience on both a psychical and subconscious level.


Most of the music I listen to rises above the earthplane, both melodically and lyrically, as opposed to becoming locked into its base wavelength as with, say, some bellowing wallower, which is where I think the powers-that-be prefer musicians and their fans to be: submerged in discordance.


Certainly, since about the 1970s there has been an increase in antimusic (as I like to call it): chart-topper after hit obsessed with morbid or low-minded themes such as death and hate -- angst-ridden, gloomy offerings.


It seems to me that, generally, many of these Alternative Rock stars and almost all Heavy Metal bands, undoubtedly unbeknownst to them, perform a valuable function to the very system, the very machine, they oppose in their vocalized moaning and screams, by keeping a large number of the younger generation down -- feeling angry at the world and down on life. I cannot help but feel that that's just what the controllers of the system want: for people, young ones in particular, to be depressed, moody, cynical, feeling as disempowered & disillusioned victims of society, totally embracing of the gutter & the sewer, instead of as mature, upbeat, responsible, radiant, intelligent, physically pure, spiritually empowered & sober adults, appreciative of life's beauty, with love in their hearts, and in a position to make a positive impact on the world.


It truly baffles me how anyone can like, say, Gangsta Rap if they are one who envisions a world better than this one where only peace and harmony exists, or do these ones get off on songs obsessed with revenge and ego, the lust for power and riches?


I also don't understand how anyone can read books that stress the importance of ascending to higher states of being and yet at the same time be attracted to music that seems designed to keep, or at least has the effect of keeping, the listener from experiencing positive feelings and emotions.


Maybe I'm just reading too much into all this and there really are light beings inside those who look and sound like Marilyn Manson, but the greater part of me suspects that this is not the case.


Just as there is junk food for the body, so too in my opinion do I think there exists junk food for the mind/soul.


By comparison, how can one listen to the positive-consciousness lyrics of (to name just a few examples) Jon Anderson's "Time Has Come," or Christopher Franke's "Scene At The Crossroads," or the song "Serra Pelada" off the Powaqqatsi soundtrack and not feel positively euphoric, elevated, and recharged?


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