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A thread to drop red pills about the music industry

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Just now, Given To Fly said:


i'm on vigilant citizen's forum. haven't used it in yonks though. i must log back in shortly.


Honestly I haven't looked at his stuff for a few years. But I know back in the day it was some pretty awesome sh*t and I followed it all for a while. Had to google to see if he still existed.

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I used to chat to him quite a bit years ago on Facebook. We shared a lot of mutual friends in the industry as he is a DJ and I was a print designer that worked on a lot of mixtapes and flyers etc.

Love Griff, such a clued up guy. Been red pilled for years. KRS 1 is another guy to look at as well. Same as Griff in that respect. 

@EnigmaticWorld   Love Devlin and I've only recently come across him as well. He does a very good job of exposing the music industry which has obviously allowed him to go down the rabbit hol

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