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A thread to drop red pills about the music industry


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Just now, Morpheus said:



Love Devlin and I've only recently come across him as well. He does a very good job of exposing the music industry which has obviously allowed him to go down the rabbit hole. 




I used to chat to him quite a bit years ago on Facebook. We shared a lot of mutual friends in the industry as he is a DJ and I was a print designer that worked on a lot of mixtapes and flyers etc.


I don't want to dox myself, but I came up with the big hip hop designers like Kid Eight and Skrilla. It's a small world, and a lot of us all learned from each other on design forums. Not sure how they're doing these days, but I got sick of making cookie cutter art with scantily clad women, drugs, cars and bling years ago. I would still work with conscious rappers that put out wholesome stuff though.

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It's funny you bring up KRS-One. I only really know him for a 'guest rap' he did on REM's "Radio Song" from their 'Out Of Time' album back in 1991.



Now I think about it, maybe there is some hidden meaning behind the lyrics to this track. (Rap lyrics in bold)




Hey, I can't find nothing on the radio
Ah, yo turn to that station
The world is collapsing
Around our ears
I turned up the radio
But I can't hear it
When I got to the house
And I called you out
I could tell that you had been crying, crying
It's that same sing-song on the radio
Makes me sad
I meant to turn it off
To say goodbye
To leave in quiet, that radio song (see ya)
Hey, hey, hey (ha-ha)
I've everything to hide (everything to hide)
Look into my eyes
When I got to the show
Yo, ho, ho
I could tell that you had been crying, crying
It's that same sing-song and the DJ sucks
It makes me sad
I tried to turn it off (turn it off)
To say goodbye, my love
That radio song
Hey, hey, hey
The world is collapsing
Around our ears
I turned up the radio
But I can't hear it
I tried to sing along
But damn that radio song (man) hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
I've everything to show (everything to show)
I've everything to hide (everything to hide)
Look into my eyes, listen to the radio
I turned up the radio
But I can't hear it
No, I can't hear it
Hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey (yeah, hup)
Hey, hey, hey (say what, say what, say what?)
Hey, hey, hey
Check it out
What are you saying, what are you playing?
Who are you obeying, day-out, day-in, huh?
Baby, baby, baby, baby
That stuff is driving me crazy
DJs communicate to the masses
Sex and violent classes
Now our children grow up prisoners
All their life, radio listeners



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>At least until very recently, rappers performing at lavish Bar Mitzvahs—the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony—was one of those weirdly unspoken taboos of rap: An incredibly lucrative way to make quick, easy money, that nobody wanted to talk about, let alone have evidence of. Why?

>Well, for one thing, to take money to perform for a bunch of barely pubescent children (literally: 13-year-old children) doesn't really do much to, say, firm up one's reputation in the streets. And when so many rappers' reps are so connected to how much they've caked up, when they're taking money to perform at children's birthday parties (no matter how much money they're taking), their bank accounts still pale in comparison to the people booking them.


The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Jews




The likes of Lyor Cohen happened. It's not too late to return to more wholesome ideals.



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On 10/4/2020 at 3:24 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:



Interesting video Enigmatic thanks for the posting this, Ice Cube (even back then) holds himself well, and speaks with real dignity.
I particularly liked the last minute or so of the video - when he speaks of the people to 'wake up', to 'second guess' the system, take up actions, "this is not a physical revolution - this is a mind revolution"  Sounds so right doesn't it - especially now.
He's so red-pilled even back then in the early 90's.

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