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Anyone got any information about athsma and its causes? Some information other than peddled by the GPs etc? 


Just in light of the vaccine lies, I'm doing my research about my sons athsma which has disappeared but they are still recommending a prevention inhaler. 

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for asthma... i was told by an african shaman to eat alot of fresh mangoes...it does seem to help
personally, i hate the inhalers and prednisone/venteze...
the venteze (salbutamol) gives me heart palpitations most of the time.

i only use the inhaler or nebuliser at times of emergency  / inconvenience,

- demazin syrup also works (no salbutamol)
- a tot of ginger brandy every 2-3 days with a tsp of honey also helps keep the "heat" in the chest
- swimming is said to help fix the prob (can't comment on this as i never tried it)

years ago, in high school, i smoked weed a few times (just 3-4 puffs) when wheezing and that helped temporarily.
enough to get through the day.hate the buzz from it, but it is what it is.

all of this started at the age of 7, when i was given a vaccine at school. 3 days after the vax,
i developed - chronic - seasonal allergic rhinitis which leads to the post nasal drip which leads to the wheezing and asthma

if the asthma has disappeared, great,
but keep an emergency inhaler at hand always just in case?

i don't know what vax it was - was just a kid at the time.
hope this info helps your son in some way.

fyi im a smoker lol - cigarettes

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