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Could Harry and Meghan be the good guys?


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All staged. If it wasn't, the mSM wouldn't be pushing it all sodding day.


It's like a venn diagram of all the agendas....you've got the woke aspect, the BLM over the baby colour and Meghan's accusations of racism, there's the Royals part in the great reset, Harry and a possible revenge motive for what happened to his mother, and what has happened with his brother turning into a full-on part of the establishment and doing to his wife what Charles did with Diana (ie messing around with women while forcing her to be the perfect figurehead Princess). 


Be nice to see the whole revolting Royal Family brought to an end, on one hand. But what is the alternative beckoning us? Not too keen on that either.

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4 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

But what is the alternative beckoning us? Not too keen on that either.


Whoever controls the money. If the Royals are no longer required they will be removed and replaced with another puppet.




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Rothschild didn't actually say this. He said 'Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws'.


A number of sources claim that this statement was made in 1838 which would have been a difficult feat as he would have been dead for 26 years by then.


The above quote is like that fake Einstein one on the definition of madness is repeating the same actions....

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4 minutes ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

Something that has made me even more certain now that this whole show is nothing but a distraction and to make people have more support for the queen and her close royals is the amount of comments I’ve seen from the public that basically say it didn’t care for the royals before but now I love them’ 

Yeah it's all such a fake shitshow even down to Piers Morgan quitting his crappy tv show.

I bet ginger nut is the only one who doesn't get it lol.

I've always thought Meghan was his handler, stop him getting any silly ideas about following in his mothers footsteps.


Of course she'll stab him in the back at some point and make a shed load of cash out of it.

I don't like the royals but I dislike a traitor even less, especially when it's family.

Still he's just a silly lad really who's given himself to the woke brigade.

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Harry now bashing the first amendment right to free speech which of course is exactly what his sabbatean co-conspirators want: to silence everyone


what an ungrateful wretch. He's moved to another country and then is telling them how to live their lives and how crap their culture is!


That constitution is what protects people from elite idiots like you harry and if you don't like it you know what you can do? You can fuck off out of their country

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Clearly NOT good guys.


Harry Hewitt is the illegitimate sprog who knows who's the Daddy and resents Charlie Chuck and Camilla Gorilla.


A pitiful wretch,totally pussywhipped to Meganoise and no friend of the people;who they despise in the best royal tradition.

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