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EU approves Insects for human consumption


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33 minutes ago, serpentine said:

Hi pabs!

Frying up a batch of swarming locusts that have just stripped your farmland bare might be a reasonable thing to do.

But will these insects be freerange, factory bred and/or genetically modified?


Think about it, how 'cheap' will these insects be to 'produce'? It's a greedy corporate cartel's wet dream.

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9 hours ago, pabs said:


I actually clicked the link to look at that article, its from April this year, so not recent.




I already buy these dried mealworms. Not for me, but I do know my robins and blackbirds are quite fond of them. 🐦


They don't look very appetising to me to be honest, I can just about manage to handle them myself when putting them in the feeder.



Indeed, companies such such as Protifarm in the Netherlands, Micronutris in France, Essento in Switzerland and Entogourmet in Spain are said to be preparing to ramp up their operations.


I'm guessing these are companies that already produce things like these dried mealworms for the wildlife market. Sounds to me like they know what's coming.



“We have many of our members building bigger factories because the key to success is to upscale your companies and produce on a mass scale. And this is already happening,” Derrien said. “We are expecting the next few years will be very interesting ones and obviously the novel food authorisations will definitely help.”

He added: “The sort of foods ranges from whole insects as an aperitif or as snacks to processed insects in bars or pasta or burgers made out of insects. We believe that insects for food is one solution for some of the biggest challenges we are facing on the planet. In the context of scarce resources, and insect production is not too demanding, you have the capacity to produce high-quality protein. That is a very promising solution.”


Mmm, insect burgers! So this sounds like a way to manufacture a whole new line of insect-based processed foods, so that consumers are not faced with the prospect of eating anything that actually 'looks' like an insect.


Mass produced insect-based processed food sounds like it will be incredibly cheap to produce, and thus the corporates are already rubbing their hands with the prospect of how profitable this would be, rather than passing on any cost savings to the consumer.

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and when growing anything will have got forbidden and that even bugs will have got too expensive to them then they'll allow us one bowl of them per month and we'll have to eat our own sh!t for the 29 other days... 

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1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Mealworms show ‘great promise’ as sustainable food source




“Human populations are continuing to increase and the stress on protein production is increasing at an unsustainable rate, not even considering climate change,” Christine Picard, an associate professor of biology at IUPUI who led the research, said in a written statement.


Many animals already eat mealworms, according to Piccard. And it may not be much of a stretch for more animals including humans to add them into their diets.


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In the Torah there is a very strict explicit prohibition against eating insects.  I have expressed my view that these people knew many things we do not today and so I would take them seriously.  There are hard concrete reasons for all their prohibitions.  For instance when drinking the blood of an animal the spirit of that animal (his consciousness) enters you and you don't want any part of an animal consciousness entering into your mind. 


I don't know exactly what it is about insects, but if we look at the discernment between clean animals and unclean, it seems to be due to the energetic circulation.  If the animal is strictly vegetarian ... of one single well defined food type ... then it is clean to eat.  But if it has characteristics of several types, vegetarian and predator for instance, then it is unclean.

I believe this is because we should eat animals that have one a single metabolism and one that is different from our own.  Rather than an animal that is actually containing multiple metabolisms or energy systems combined in the same creature it is not a pure creature.

There is also prohibition against creatures that spend time in shit and decayed or diseased material ... animals that eat foods that are poisonous to us like molluscs and perhaps insects that eat shit. 

A sheep is clean because it eats food that is not really poisonous to us, grass, for comparison.


Anyway, if it's in the Torah then it's a serious rule and breaking it and eating insects is likely to damage you.





Of course our leaders, the undead fallen 'people' that spray their rules upon us, do not actually know anything at all about reality and do nothing but damage civilization.


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14 hours ago, rideforever said:

In the Torah there is a very strict explicit prohibition against eating insects. 


Which is why I can guarantee that while 'us ordinary folk' are reduced to eating mealworm burgers and battered/breaded locust nuggets, the 'Elites' will still be tucking into their prime fillet steaks, lobsters and salmon.


20 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

Aren't insects lizard food?


Yes, I believe a number of lizards do eat insects, as do many smaller birds.

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I am mostly veg, with a good amount of cheese and eggs.

Mostly I eat lamb and goat and deer, which is the best.

Pork/Beef like wheat is heavily exploited and doesn't taste like what it oughta.

Veggies are cheap and won't go out of fashion.

Also, I used alternatives to wheat like bulgur, buckwheat, rice floor and so on.  Easy peasy, tastes good.

No doubt the braindead human robots will be eating insects as directed before walking off the appropriate cliff that they are directed to.

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It's been reported here on birds found dead close to 5G antennas like fishes a bit everywhere all over the world, and on another hand trees where most birds nest and rest are cut by the thousands and at any purpose including lately 5G itself (allegedly), so it looks like everything's done to eradicate the most birds as possible or prevent them from surviving, and they're among the biggest predators for insects… if these ones are let grow and multiply uncontrolled then what a godsend for 'food producers' of the new normal who once more will have us pay for something that's available for free and at will from the nature…


Feed the consumer insects… how is it we didn't think of it way sooner ??



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Unless you get cocoa beans from the lost city of Atlantis there are likely insect bits in your chocolate.  Even though the UK food standards agency has a “no insect fragments” policy, there are still likely insect bits in your processed foods.  Sorry. 😝


Says there are seven categories of irradiated foods over there.  They’re just zapping the lil bugs but they’re in there!  In your flours and spices. 😝



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