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Behavior Modification Through Viruses: The 1st part talks about Obama Whitehouse enabled brain research that lets an Adenovirus selectively modify your synapses to become "SLAVES" to certain light pulses or designer drugs you take - voluntarily or otherwise.





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This makes sense. I’ve come to the frightening realization that people cannot be awakened from their trance. The people who are awake now have already been so for a long time. Icke and others like him are basically preaching to the choir at this point. The masses who are hypnotized are now “weapons of the state“. I think we are vastly outnumbered, and honestly don’t stand a chance at averting the global Fascist regime that is about to assume control.

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Video covers research to produce a virus which allows those infected to be manipulated by (unnoticed ) pulsing light ( modern led street lamps and household lights) ....


Sure ...Mind control is going on constantly NOW , and the controllers have many overlapping ways of doing this ...The ET's are masters at this , they work  with malevolent spirits and fallen angels to psychically  influence people ... and also use 3/4/5G in conjunction with nano chips we have ingested...


Everyone is subject to mind influence , particularly politicians who are influenced to believe in corona etc ... public encouraged to go on BLM riots and believe the government ...


We can expect public behavior to get more and more crazy. 

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