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Love is all....


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After a lot of contemplation i began thinking on this.


David, in many of his books says that love is the answer to your problems..


i have been giving out love in my daily life....but getting nothing in return..


what might i be doing wrong..??


There are people i absolutely detest in my life, but now i see them with love. Something changes....but its very minimal.



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When you love, what it means to me is you're travelling light...with no baggage....that in essence allows immense freedom to choose your path free from the addictive emotions of fear, anger etc etc.that can be all consuming.  Love allows you to break every corrupted rule that has ever been made, overcome obstacles, find solutions of the most gentlest in nature and to move forward with faith and confidence in your own abilities to handle situations with the highest of intents and integrity towards all others.

In essence, it defuses situations before they get up a head of steam.  It makes sense of the confusing.  It pierces through shadows and lies.  Sees clearly.  Hears clearly.  Moves quietly.  Works silently often.  It just is.  When you come across those who make molehills out of mountains given lifes sometimes difficult situations, it truly is an amazing place to be when in their presence.  😁😁😁



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Why do you want to love them ?

The Earth throws rain and thunderstorms on them, why should you do something different.

Saying sweet words to someone is a very superficial understanding of love.

But in any case your job is not to manage or massage people ... it is to take care of business.

Be like the Sun, the Sun is a deep being full of power grown over eons of time ... powerful in itself it shines but it is not waiting for thankyous, it just is what it is ... if people care or do not care it does not care.

It follows God meaning it is what it is,what it was meant to be.



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You are seeing people you detest and showing them love thats what you are doing wrong. Beware of people thst tell you love everyone because imo that is complete nonsense. I think you may jave taken David out of context. 


Unfortunately there are lots of predators out there and we need to be ready to have boundries i believe. Dont be afraid of people not liking you either. 


Back straight shoulders back, eye contact, direct speech. Toxic people walk away if you can. No contact ever again works for me if you CAN  but everyone has different ways of dealing with toxic people. Thats just the way i go.


Self love and love of those you love and like. 

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There are people who will instantly exploit unconditional love.


Show love only to those who are of good moral character.


Psychos see displays of affection as silly weakness. They'll try to dominate and subjugate you if you approach them with love.


Good people are those who have the discipline and strength to be ethical in all situations.


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