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Shall we Stop Pretending?

Humble Patriot

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Shall We Stop Pretending?


Shall we stop pretending?

We can all go back to the way things were

Before the men in suits of black

Said our lives and dreams must be deferred

While our wealth and health and hearts were destroyed

And some strange new world order deployed?


Can we proudly announce to

Wise elders and friends

Who since March and on through summer season

Have shown us the scale of the lies and contempt

The assault on the People amounting to treason

That their job is done

And their places of honour in history won?


Could we all take the time

To put pen to paper

And drop those nice folks in Whitehall a line

And let them know that we’ve sussed their caper

And the game is over

That dinner’s ready; the table set

And then once their story of lies has been read

They’ll be dressing down and then put to bed?


Will you pick up the phone?

To your useless MP

To tell them their service is no longer needed

Tell the landlord his rental demands won’t be heeded

Call the bank and tell them your debts have been waived

Tell the taxman to go get it from the depraved

Tell the pension fund owners they’re personally liable

And the bailiff his job is no longer viable


And then pop on down to your local Nick

And kindly inform them that Cressida Dick

Is no longer their boss

And that going forward they’re working for you

And thank them for putting up with the Dross

And ask them politely their oath to renew

To serve the many, and not the few


And why worry when summer’s crops are all in?

When the silos are full and there’s land aplenty

And the brains and brawn of our countrymen

Can join forces and nurture nature’s bounty

In every country, in every county

And together toil, together reap

A nourishing harvest

That all can eat


Why worry? The nation’s power stations

Work not with coin slots or monthly payments

Our rain will still fall in the highlands and lowlands

Our walls and our roofs still shelter our loved ones

Our food needs no credit cards to grow

And our beer, no tax to ferment and flow


Yes it’s time for change, it’s time to dare

To shape our nation to our needs

Our nation is the plans we make

Our nation every step we take

Our nation is our fellow men

Not some obscure Jerusalem


So let’s build a new nation one day at a time

Whose pillars are our integrity

And selflessness the new currency

And social care is the care we give

And health the number of healthy who live

And growth the contribution we bear

And peace the number of rifts we repair


Shall we stop pretending there’s someone out there?

Who’ll fix the world’s woes and make the world fair?

Get up! Go out and make a stand

This future is yours

The World in your hands!




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