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Queen told to renounce royal title immediately - NWO Game of Equality for all or none

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Queen told to renounce royal title immediately as 'writing on wall' over monarchy's demise



"They were never going to be needed in a New World Order." - Neil Hague
☮ They can't exist in a globe of equity, peace and justice!🌈🕊


They'll be on some private island somewhere tucked away safe and sound within the confines of Aldous Huxleys, Utopia "Island" 🦋
While for the rest of us, it's a Brave New World, 1984 Dystopia, in drag as our collective Utopian Dream via the Technological Liberation of our Energetic Consciousness 🕸⚕🤯 SMART
This is an exploitation of Revelation 🔱 and Eastern ☸ prophecy of Global Unification, via Scientific ⚛ Illuminism, cold, heartless, calculated precision of the proverbial Swiss Watch


Curiosity, didn't kill the cat this time...


🎭 It's being acted out on a World Stage 🎬 

🌀A Game ☯️
You can ignore it or be in denial about it, for as long as you want 





We are caught in the trap of time, like Alice...


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