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What is the zionist agenda for President Erdogan of Turkey?

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I wanted to know what your thoughts are regarding Turkey?  For several months now, they have supposedly been close to war with Greece, due to the search for gas reserves. France has also supported Greece in this. The US also seems to be leaning towards Greece whilst also saying they could move their nuclear missiles from Turkey to Greece. Also, Turkey intervened in Libya at the beginning of the year. More recently, Turkey has been influencing Azerbaijan to attack Armenia and even held military drills with Azerbaijan. Turkey seems to be upping the rhetoric for war in support of Azerbaijan and have personally threatened Armenia as well. Russia has a military agreement with Armenia so that if Armenia is attacked by Turkey, Russia would help Armenia as Russia also has a military base in Armenia. Note that Russia is an ally of both Armenia and Azerbaijan. Unconfirmed reports say that Pro-ISIS, Pro-Turkey Syrian fighters have also been sent to Azerbaijan this month to fight an upcoming war against Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.


I am trying to understand what the zionist agenda is for Turkey. Is the agenda to remove Erdogan from power and weaken Turkey by losing a war? Or is it to strengthen them and create some sort of new Ottoman Empire? Keep in mind that Turkey is doing quite bad economically and they look to be heading or already are in hyperinflation. Perhaps there is no zionist agenda, but it seems there is too much going on and especially the timing of all this with coronascam. What do you think?  I would love it if David Icke did a video about this one day!


Thanks for your input!

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Hello mate, I like this thread since I haven't heard this question posed yet. I'm gonna try and answer but it's a complicated one.

FYI I don't have all the answers. If i'm not 100% on everything and you think i'm wrong let me know 

So to understand what is happening you have to understand the middle east and the dynamic that has been playing out for years.


Rothschild has been funding the Military Industrial complex for years. He funded the Nazis, Napoleon you name it that family has funded it. Well today in 2020, Jacob Rothschild is at the helm of all this, don't let MSM fool you with their anti-semite label, Rothschild already knows he is not a real Jew, he owns Israel pretty much. All that is being done today, in the end, is an order sent from him directly/indirectly. He has EVERYONE by the balls because that's how it operates (I hate him but you got to admit, it's pretty impressive the shear amount of corruption he has spread across the world).


So if he is the head lets look at who is carrying this out. To do this we must follow the technology, and Israel is pretty much wiping the floor with everyone except the US (maybe even them now, god knows what they're developing). Here's a short list of things that Israel has created with US infiltration through TALPIOT and technology theft:


The first "Covid Vaccine" (probably nanotech or it connects you to 5G Internet of Things)


Robots (no i'm not joking. Robocop 2030 you can book it)




Internet of Things


JEDI Cloud (Pentagon Cloud Infrastructure out of Microsoft Israel)


Directed Energy Weapons (wildfires, Anti Air and civilian capabilities)


UN Habitat Smart Cities Program (Communitarian Gulags)


There are many many more which you can easily find, they don't do any of this in secret. 


So with that knowledge I can answer your question. The belt & Road is something Israel, The Russians, and the the Chinese are all working togethet on for Rothschild. It is essentially a trade route in which goods/weapons/tech can be designed in Israel, manufactured in China and delivered to the west. The way they do it right now is way more inefficient and time consuming so Rothschild wants the road. Turkey is Slap Bang in the middle of the belt & road. It may even be key to it's existence. Turkey is essentially the cut-off point between the middle east & Europe, meaning that they will be under extreme pressure from Rothschild Central Banking to let him in. If they don't, well just look what happened to Beirut. 


Please feel free to look this up if i'm wrong so I can get a better understanding.





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