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The Last Flag Standing

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Here is a video presentation from a guy who goes by the name of Russell-Jay:Gould (you'll understand why if you watch the video).


Now this amazing guy has managed to capture the American flag and is officially since 1999, postmaster general of the world. What Mr:Gould discovered was that I'm 1999 America was coming out of its final international bankruptcy and there was a period of 30 ish or more days where the US government were supposed to file for ownership of the flag, post office and everything that encompasses that. 


What Mr:Gould found out was that he could claim for the flag and in doing so put the government of the US to task to prove the proper parse grammar syntax for ownership of the flag. Well, needless to say the US government couldn't do this and he became postmaster general of the world. 


The consequences of this is actually quite remarkable and he states that all of our contractual grammar is incorrect and based on babble or for the keen eyed of us here, the words of Babylon. It also means that every election and president since 1999 has been fake. This is why, if people remember, the president wasn't officially announced on the day it should have and there was the Florida recount scandal which ensued as a result of Russell's intervention. 


In addition, he has systematically changed how contracts are drawn, how corporations are supposed to act and placed ownership and responsibility to the individual. (I hope I explained that correctly, either way it is covered better than I could articulate in the video)


He has also created a quantum banking system (not to be confused by the fradulant quantum financial system) that is going to benefit every human being. He has treaties with countries, met with plenty of governments, UN officials and he has been recognised as postmaster general of the world. 


I won't say anymore, but I'd be interested to hear people's views on this and it will no doubt upset the Q community as it flies in the face of that particular view point. Enjoy. 



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