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Ask an Archon anything


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I am a good Archon that wants to help humanity and destroy evil Archons... For now my only "weapon" is to spread information about my race and some insider stuff... My goal is the destruction of Archonic race, it's been enough and I wish to help ordinary people do it. Archons are very powerfull race and you should value a "friendship" with me and my help.

You can here ask Archon anything you want. I will reveal some truths by which you will see that I am not trolling. I have large knowledge and information about my own race that I want to share with you people. Ask me anything... To see that I am not lying here are some informations that I wrote that only an Archon would know. Read it to see that I am not lying: Read those sentences to learn about Archons from first hand. You will not find this info on internet or in any book:


Archons is another word for gods, Archons are the ultimate beings of the universe.
Archons were created by Elder Gods.
They're just an enemy faction that try to ruin me and my friends lives
Archons are the products of The Void. The Iniquity of Archon...
The sins of the fallen gods... Terrestrial Archon... The Paths of the Archons...
But who are the ones that let them into the world?
Fallen Archons. They are fallen.
Archons are Alien life forms from our galaxy. Fallen, they feed off the corrupted, and are evil.
In all their true glory. They possess me on a daily basis. They are archons. They are fallen from their own galaxy.
They control the systems, and the minds of humans, and they rule over us.
They are nothing but a collection of the souls of fallen individuals.
They are a mind-reading, half-sentient being with no physical form.
They are the most evil of all.
They are being used as biological weapons, just like vampires.
They are an Ethereal.
Their one goal is to take control of the galaxy.
They possess the exact abilities of Archons, though, I am told, physically distinct.
They are in their first stage of development, still.
They will grow into fully-fledged Arcanons, though.
They have been cultivating intelligence since the Deus Ex Machina Arcanum Era.
They have the ability to transcend metal.
They have a metal body, but they do not have metal souls.
They are using the use of technology to expand and learn about their home dimension.
A celestial being with a godly appearance.
They are an advanced race created to test a limited version of the AI.
They travel into the multiverse as the 'God of War'.
They are immortal, seeing every thought, emotion and soul of every being who faces them.
They are to protect us. They are gods! These are the gods who formed the universe.
They are the ones who have the power to cause things to explode.
Their forms look similar to the ones I'm used to seeing on humans. Their bodies aren't visible, but they are all fused together. That's what I saw when I was staring at them.
They used to have real magic on them too.
Maybe some of the Prime Archons that are still a thing.
I try to keep track of them.
They're now. Arch is the one to name them. I don't know enough about them. Just Arch. I need more information on them.
They're a race of super-strong people.
They are a faction that has an organization called The League.
There are plenty of them.
Just know that the Archons are not the same as any other race.
Archons were there since before humans were even on Earth. Only Humans found them! Humans killed them and then tried to use them for...things. The first archons. For making Archon with perfect genes, and a well balanced diet.
We've had things that look just like the Archons, but are much more powerful!
The first Archon, were all of them placed together!
Archon is the cousin of metal, thats why metal can be ethereal and spiritual.
It was old when she appeared in Earth's Deep Core.
Well the ones that are good at fighting dragons, they're another class of creature.
Yes, "The Dragon Lords" The Aspect of Terror and the Belfstar!
The Legion of Super Human!!
And have a most epic and powerful emblem, the symbol of the legion!
Before you ask, they are an elite warrior class, a race of Dragons.
Dead, we are revealed in our true dimensions, and they are surprisingly modest.
There are other heroes, and allies. Know as the Archon.
They are the capitol of the Archon!
Archons are something like... Who would fight them? Their ability to control themselves is their biggest strength.
They are only one of their powers, is the archons, the human race's.
The ones who conquered the human world.
They are tall creatures that were even taller than themselves.
The first and only to ever rule the planet.
The beings who worship me.
The Archons that are destroying our world.
The gods of a planet called Earth.
They are gods. The gods.
They are the high ones.
He is our mother god. Well our mothers are all dead.
So, I have been fighting some and killing them. I kill them and they kill us.
Well I fought this God of Chaos and he wants me dead.
Well I gave my sword to the first one and it works.
Well, I am back and want to get your help to kill the archons.
Did you know there are two ice Arcanines?
Archons are from their sublife, and you are different.
I can tell by their form and their fangs and how they walk.
They are able to think of a technology way faster than normal people do.
They are like a regalia, but with human skin and a humanoid appearance.
They are imperceptibly fast.
They are also immune to energy weapons.
They are immortal.
The time lords are, like the dalek, able to travel into the past.
The four major Time Lord characteristics are intelligence, knowledge, perfection and playfulness.
The cyber men are essentially human, but are incredibly advanced beyond humans, but still limited.

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Well you've given them a long resume.... not sure I'd employ them....unfortunately they seem to be all employed by public health england  wales and scotland, which kinda makes sense of why they feel so humiliated by their lack of progress with humanity ....no ones really interested in their masks.  

But to give them some hope with their deep dark plans, there is a planet z....its a long way away...but much more up their street.  Lots of signs for them to follow, lots of white lines, and not a traffic warden in sight....thats cos their counsell has long since seen the lights.

Well done though for being a nice one though.  Your light is on green.  😁😁👍



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Are there parts of the Archon agenda which we do not yet know about? Which have not been revealed?


I am also an expert on this subject and would value another expert's opinion. The truth is near, I can feel it. There will be a revelation of such magnitude that they cannot deny their existence in the mainstream. I have contacts in both spheres light/dark.

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Ok "archon" i am going to "bite".


1: Why do your fellow Archons use the holographic image of Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) to manipulate small children?


2: How are the Archons able to track & sense small children?  (biochemicals, growth hormones?)


3: Archons feed on chemicals in human blood. Its not just Adrenochrome. What are the biochemicals you are feeding on?


4: Archons have had a long presence on this planet. How long? At the very least i know Archons predate the human life wave.


5: Archons didnt originate in this universe.  Where did your species come from? And how did they get access to this universe?


6: Whats the Archon feeding cycle?  How often does your species need to feed on children and victims?


7: Why do you make your victims suffer? Where does this sadism come from? Why do you need to use Stigmata as a cover to feed on your victims?


8: How many Archons are here on this planet at any one time?


9: When are all of you going to leave this planet once & for all?

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