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the covid app is launched 24th


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you willbe able to identify anyone with covid, and boot bully and attack for real, the mob has woon

imagine if they had it when aids was rife

the mask mafia are out in force with bumble bee uniforms and asda staff will go on strike, because stacking shelevs is dry thisty work and now they must breath a mask for 8 hrs +

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do you identify uourself as covid +ve, like hiv +, or does the app out you as assumed positive until tested, its going to be a witch hunt, dickheads are already using phones in triangulation to target individuals, and now they can decide whos in a room by the app, before entering, drugs, drink alcohol heart attacks and cancer kill you stae owned and controlled.

Covid kills but quicker, they want us dead, it makes no sense who will pay the taxes on the decimated population.

The testing is a sham, delay delay delay, take a third out and you have 2020 vision.

killing us keeping us alive, killing us keeping us alive. its sadism

MOD ALERT TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT, When Hitler wrotemein kampf he made note of Britains fridgid approach to life, we had the gamekeeper and lady chatterley fro effs sake hitting the headlines, .while he was telling about the american war machine,and the destruction of the american native indians, as they were called and how he warned and  prepared all of europe at the time.


bit like the truth movement today,  the book went to town agaisnt the Juda, the word for traitors in Germany, and he wrote that about the bankers masonsand aristocrats, but when they did the second reprint they added about his anti jewish propoganda IEWS, =JEWS=WISE= INRI=JNRI, + DNRI=GNRI, all the letters for Jesus, JUSt SurvivE ofr JUStin caSE


the world came to a stop for DH lawrence using c***  nt across his booka nd the coked drug addict establishment had a field day.

The war machine arrived and he went told you so, and left them to it, he was wsrael the angel of death, and a high prist rabbit

The witch hunt begins and oh boy the people are thick, you dont cut the air supply and oxygen of a child but thats what they insist, you watch because they have had their liberties taken away they PROJECT ON THE KIDS.

They use agent provocatuers to shame and get you to follow the crowd, and G4s is the deliverer of the vaccine, the security for those in disobeyance, the executioner if they dont pay and Theresa Mays husband is a director so was thatchers husband Denise

 oh what a wicked web they weave


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7 hours ago, HeartSpirit said:

Surely you only need to keep bluetooth switched off, isn’t that how they track if you’ve been near a possibly infected person?

It uses Bluetooth Light Energy (BLE) which  runs even when Bluetooth is switched off.  How to disable it varies from phone to phone but on my/ my families'  Galaxy and Huawei phones, I searched in Settings for Nearby  and switched off that bad boy 


I urge you all to do the same !!!


I know we're told that it, the app only works if Location is turned on but they also told us that Tobbacco, Asbestos and Vaccines were safe 😬

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Im so glad i have an old phone.


But its already being said that the app will give 30% false alerts. Also no one in media seems to be asking how long a person is staying positive on the app. So if someone stays 'positive' in app for 14 days from date of confirmed test that would fit with what we are being told. If that positive remains on positive status for weeks or months after then eventually people are going to be constantly told to self isolate LMAO.


Hope all the public service is forced to download it, then organise a protest when half the country is self isolating 💡

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The whole thing collapses like a house of cards if people don't participate.

I hate my phone anyway and only carry it when necessary, the rest of the time it stays at home.


Don't load any COVID apps, don't use any track and trace apps for ordering, paying or anything, it's that simple.


Thinking i'll be going back to my old dumbphone very soon anyway...


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Now here's a surprise:


NHS Covid-19: App users unable to input negative tests

NHS Covid-10 app

From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54307526


People in England who test negative for Covid-19 are unable to share the result with the new NHS app for England and Wales if they did not book the test through it in the first place.
The app asks for a code to register a test result but a code is only received if the test is positive.
Those who enter that they have symptoms without entering a result find a self-isolation countdown begins.
There are also some positive results which cannot be uploaded.
Tests taken as a result of the Office for National Statistics surveys, and those taken in an NHS Hospital or Public Health England lab, cannot be shared on the app regardless of the result, according to a tweet from the app's official account.
It is not clear how many test results would be affected by this.


Depends on how few 'negative' results are coming back (considering the high 'false positive' rate) 😁



People who have been using the app since its launch on Thursday, and who had already booked tests before downloading it, have found that they are unable to stop the self-isolation countdown after reporting symptoms if they then get a negative result, because it does not come with a code they can share.


It makes you think just how many people will now let their lives be dictated depending on the whims of an 'app'.



If you are asked to self-isolate for 14 days because you have been in close contact with somebody who has tested positive, you are advised by health officials to do so even if you later test negative yourself.


Huh? So if you test 'negative' (ie you have not been 'infected') then you still need to 'self-isolate'?


That makes sense. 🤔


I'm sure this 'app' can be rigged to send out messages telling people to 'self-isolate' even if they haven't come near anyone who's tested 'positive' for Covid.


The ultimate control tool. No wonder they're keen for as many people as possible to download and install it.


I won't be.

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