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Most know the story of Medusa where by she could turn men into stone by just one look from her. I believe the Legend to be true plus I believe she existed before the flood like many of these Legendary Mythological Creatures. I also believe that Medusa may have had the proprieties of a substance called 'Han Purple' within her DNA.


Han Purple has the ability to to turn some thing from 3D into 2D and it was created by the Chinese over more than 2,500 yrs ago.



Han Purple: A 2,800-year-old artificial pigment that quantum physicists are trying to understand




The pigment is a technological wonder, made through a complex process of grinding up raw materials in precise proportions and heating to incredible temperatures. So intricate was the process, that it was not reconstructed again until 1992, when chemists were finally able to identify its composition. But this was just the beginning. According to a news report on io9.com, research since then has discovered amazing properties of Han purple, including the ability to emit powerful rays of light in the near-infrared range, as well as being able to collapse three dimensions down to two under the right conditions.

The production of Han purple, otherwise known as Chinese purple, dates back as far as 800 BC, however it appears that it was not used in art until the Qin and Han dynasties (221 BC – 220 AD), when it was applied to the world famous terracotta warriors , as well as ceramics and other items. 



Traces of Han purple can still be seen on many of the terracotta warriors

Traces of Han purple can still be seen on many of the terracotta warriors ( realhistoryww.com)


For an unknown reason, Han purple disappeared entirely from use after 220 AD, and was never seen again until its rediscovery by modern chemists in the 1990s.




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Turning men to stone was a metaphor for the erection. She was a seducer of men. Her hair being serpents means that because serpents crawl on the ground her head and body are within the Earth meaning she is all physical, sexual and Earth bound as an animal and she she brings men down into their lustful animal earthly mind of passion.


The Caduceus is the double helix DNA and was the sign for Enki the creator of man. We misinterpreted it two coiled serpents as ancient man had no biological reference. Enki is Hermes, Prometheus, Lucifer...

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