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Sweden- A 5g Genoside Going On

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If ... the powers that be killed large amounts of the population ... then people who are left would not be slaves.  They would have space freedom, housing and money.  You wouldn't have to fight for everything.  People have been miserable with so many people on the planet.

And for this reason I don't think the powers that be are going to kill lots of people, it just doesn't make sense because maximum slavery = maximum misery = maximum population.


However I am of the opinion that nobody is in charge and humans are insane.  Which is comforting !!!!

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That's not logical. The planet is already plenty big enough. We fight because we have a monetary system which is all based on debt and lack. Every big civilisation collapsed due to overloading of debt on the people. And then theres the 'globalist elites' who firmly believe humans are fodder and in culling populations. We will always be slaves whilst a money system is in place and while fear rules humanity. I feel your comment is just about trying to get a rise out of people as Ive seen it word for word posted elsewhere.

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