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The Market for a History of Self Hatred

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I was watching a documentary about the Dutch East India Company and their activities.  Although the mythology is that "white man" goes east and dominates "asian man", this is not really how things work at all.   The movement was incremental, it was opportunistic.  Deals were made, or unmade.  Markets opened or closed.


The Europeans had to kiss ass to a lot of Kings and Emperors, bowing before them and paying them large bribes, meanwhile cheap copies of European goods were made and undercut the Europeans.   In China every European ship was boarded and the Europeans had to play the national anthem of China etc... Lot's of ass kissing.

Asian tried to undercut every European activity and smuggled in Tea to the UK via France.


It was in other words .... life.  Just like in the jungle.  Everyone fighting everyone.  Westerners had one kind of advantage, Easterners another.   All trying to make a living and take as much home as any other.


So ?


So, right now in the West there is a market in self-hatred.   What is that all about.


That kind of history, of "white man bad" "Christian colonnialism bad" .... this is not actually aimed at asian people.   It is a lie, a self hating one dimensional false history aimed at the market of Western eyes.


There is an attack on Western people and these false histories of self hatred are aimed particularly into the faces of white people.


It is a market.  And as you see from the rainbow ... you see how damaging it is.


In the same way that Eastern powers could not compete with the West in terms of boat building, but they in terms of smuggling and cheap copies.  The market in damaging the minds and psyches of Western people is ... well underway.  This is another way to compete with Westerners.

The market of "human rights" .. i.e. drop your paints and don't fight, is also well underway.


It's all a fucking lie.


Every man or nation must think of himself as an eagle, 

Everyone must have a legend of himself that he follows.

It is the only way, the natural way of life here.

If not you commit suicide whilst others laugh at you and teach you that.

You are a fool to follow such bullshit.






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