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Donald Trump is gonna save the world! (No he isn't)

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8 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

but my good puppy post is "close to your echo chamber"

"time will tell" is the drone reaction

now you've helped me clear that up.


I wasn't even talking about you, bam, but okay...


Explain how time will tell is an NPC reaction? You know that you can bring countries to their knees without nukes, right? Just look at the soft power flexing with the UAE deal. It didn't take long to start stripping UAE citizens of their freedom of speech after the deal, did it?

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Not a never trump, just a never Bolshevik. Not that I really give a damn about cringe cope terms.


I think I'm just going to start replying with "nonsense, I will hear none of it" in future. Just like what people did years ago to stop Bolshevik talking points spreading. It's not like subversive people debate anyway, and on the rare occasion that they do, they just come back the next day and act ignorant in regards to what was said before.

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Just now, bamboozooka said:

show me zionist puppet trump starts wars


I think you're talking about somebody else. I don't remember saying there will be a war with North Korea.


Iran is in the crosshairs, but I don't remember saying there will definitely be a war with them. There might be, but there are other ways to bring them to ruin like I said.

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Why won't Trump follow the money to see who is stripping us of our freedoms? If some anon on some anime forum can follow the money, I'm sure he can. I guess there is some cryptic shite I'm missing. Just like when he mentions his "good genes". The left think he is talking about German genes and the right think he is talking about chosenite genes. Just come out and say what you bloody mean, enough of the dualistic shenanigans.

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Note! this article are based on numerous wrong  premises  , e.g we already know Assad was not behind the chem attacks , and assassinations

is an american state hobby and bla, bla, bla, bla, etc but you get key word here is the unelected "Kushner" whos dad is a known felon btw.




If President Trump had gone through with his stated desire to assassinate Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president would have become the Trump administration’s first known victim of a targeted killing of an official of a country with which the United States is not at war.


Instead, that dubious honor went to top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, killed on Trump’s order in a January drone strike. The UN's special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings declared the Soleimani strike “unlawful” under international law. But U.S. officials dispute that, and there continues to be debate over the legality of the killing. 

The situation is clearer in Assad’s case: a presidential order to kill him would have almost certainly been forbidden under domestic policy and international law. But Trump’s startling admission on Fox & Friends earlier this month that he wanted to “take out” Assad in 2017 — and a subsequent defense of assassination by senior

White House advisor Jared Kushner — has highlighted the president’s apparent embrace of a practice technically forbidden under U.S. policy since 1976.


“There’s a sense in this administration that nothing is not an available tool,” said Geoffrey Corn, a law professor at South Texas College of Law Houston and a former legal advisor to the U.S. Army. All administrations for the past 30 years “haven’t done it,” he said. “They’ve respected the constraint.”


Kushner, in a Wednesday interview with Sinclair, a conservative media chain, declined to rule out the use of assassination when asked whether the president considers the practice a legitimate tool of foreign policy. The president’s son-in-law replied that Trump “always keeps all options on the table.’”

“It really depends on the circumstance under which something occurs and different terminology could be used to describe different methods that you’re going to take to try to retaliate to somebody for an action that they’ve taken,” he said. 


Kushner said he was unfamiliar with the particular claims Trump made on Fox & Friends, but he appeared to defend assassination as a legitimate response to the chemical attacks in Syria. "We live in a very dangerous world,” he said, adding that Trump “knows that it’s a full-contact sport. This is not touch football."

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2 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

but my good puppy post is "close to your echo chamber"

"time will tell" is the drone reaction

now you've helped me clear that up.

Iran is working with the Israelis, Russians & Chinese. Feel like I have to parrot information but Q-tard syndrome runs rampant.


Why was sulemani murdered? He wasn't planning any attacks like Donald said. He was trying to broker peace in the middle east and Rothschild, Israel & the US ordered his assassination. Why?


You need to pull your pants up and start asking the big boy questions. The Q nonsense really is for deluded clowns who cannot look at evidence. As soon as someone challenges their viewpoint they either turtle shell, or resort to personal attacks because they cannot explain away facts. 


There is soooooo much evidence, mountains of it, implicating Trump in the NWO. No Q twat will ever debate your points in a clear and concise manner because you lot aren't interested in the truth, you're interested in picking sides and playing my team vs your team. 


If any one of you has cold hard evidence for Trump being a time-travelling world saver please share it. I won't ridicule if there is genuine proof, but I think we both know there isn't.

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The autumn offensive begins.  The rogue nation of Israel was put under lockdown at the start of the Jewish New Year to facilitate a purge of Zionists, Pentagon sources say.   MI6 sources say their next target is a mysterious Swiss-based entity known as the Octagon Group.  In a counter-offensive, an estimated one-million Satanists in the U.S. are being mobilized to overthrow the government, multiple intelligence agency sources agree.

The major anti-Zionist offensive was started with the announcement of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Here is how Pentagon sources summed up the situation:

“[U.S. President Donald] Trump announced a list of Supreme Court nominees on September 9th, so the Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) death on Rosh Hashanah sends a New Year message to the Jewish mafia while Israel is forced into another lockdown to round up Zionists.”

The Pentagon sources add they have jerked Trump’s chain to force him to act against the Zionists, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner will face a military tribunal on charges of treason and possible execution.

We are also hearing from MI6 why they are going after the mysterious group in Switzerland known as the “Octagon,” whose members are descendants of Pharaonic bloodlines.

Before we go any further into this issue, though, we need to take a deep dive into the secret government power structure that we are battling.  The organizational chart below was given to me by an envoy of David Rockefeller (via former Japanese finance minister Heizo Takenaka) ten years ago.

This document (2 dozen pages in all) was handed to me after Asian secret societies mobilized to target people who were members of all three of the following groups: The Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations.


What this flowchart page allegedly shows is the Zionist power structure.  It has Switzerland at the top.  Underneath is the “Royal Bank.”  On the left is “Elizabeth E.C.” Below that is the City of London, followed by “properties,” then the “Chief Executive of Japan.” On the left you find France.  Below is the “Committee of 500” (i.e. the Fortune 500) and “ILIO 48.”

At the bottom, you see enforcement units including North Korea, Military Police, and the CIA.  At the very bottom is a Chinese assassin designated by the U.S. occupation forces to control Japan.  In the middle you see they claim to control Japan, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Africa, Iran, Greece, England, Mongolia, and Russia.  What they do not control is Italy, Germany, India, and China among others.

It was also at this time that Leo Zagami was sent by the P2 Freemasons to Japan to visit me.  When I reciprocated the visit and went to Italy, I was told the P2 (now P3) took orders from “aliens in Switzerland.”  They claimed to have started and run Communism.

Now after 10 years of puzzling over this and other information given to me, we can start to connect some dots.  First of all, we have received reports that we are being ruled by descendants of the Egyptian Pharaohs, from many sources like the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi (whose nephew Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered in Turkey).

Japanese Royal Family members (real ones, not the fake Emperor Naruhito) also claim they are descended from the Pharaohs.  The boss of a large Japanese Ninkyo (Yakuza) group also said the world was ruled by a committee of 8 in Switzerland.  Now MI6 is telling us about the Pharaonic Octagon group in Switzerland.  This is what is portrayed in the James Bond movies as “Spectre.”  The P3 Freemasons say the Octagon group “are the masters of humans [sic] Earth Life.”

Also, in the past, when I talked to mercenary soldiers involved in resource grabs in Africa, Al Qaeda/Daesh/Antifa, etc.  they said they were paid in Swiss Francs out of Switzerland.  We would also like to remind you about Glencore Commodities and Mark Rich based in Zug, Switzerland, paying off both Iranian and Israeli government officials to promote war between those countries while manipulating oil futures.

Now let us talk about U.S. Offense Secretary Mark Esper.  If you watch the clip at the link below:  https://twitter.com/DeptofDefense/status/1306232167769411584  you can see a man of limited intellect who has been completely pre-programmed.  He refers to fake enemies like Russia and China while promoting AI and the deadly 5G area denial weapons.  The real military brass do not take orders from him and nor should they.  However, they need to follow the trail to the financial controllers who pull his puppet strings.  It is a good bet it will lead to Switzerland.

OK, with this background in mind, let us take a look at the news of the past week as the big autumn anti-Zionist offense goes into full swing.

A necessary precondition to the defeat of the Zionists was taking away their control of the financial system, MI6, and Pentagon sources agree.  According to MI6 the new financial system “is designed with…


full forensic visibility with a judge signed warrant so [criminal] types of laundering would be impossible.”

Now the news is full of information about a massive sweep targeting high-level criminals all over the world.  Information leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, for example, shows how North Korea laundered money.  North Korea has always been the world’s center for the manufacture and distribution of Amphetamines, which together with Afghan Heroin and South American Cocaine, provides trillions of dollars annually to the Khazarian Mafia.

There is a huge amount of detail about previously hidden international criminals on their website linked below: https://www.icij.org/investigations/fincen-files/confidential-clients/

In the U.S. meanwhile, the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) documents 12,045 incidents of civil unrest from May 26th, 2020 to Sept. 5th, 2020.

Furthermore, Black Lives Matter (only 17% of whose members are black) were involved in 95% of those incidents.  It has been well documented that BLM is funded by “George Soros” (long since dead), which is a code name for the Zionists in Switzerland.

Remember BLM is using communist flags and the P2 run out of Switzerland (by “aliens”) claim to control communism.  NSA sources say the U.S. Satanic sabotage campaign is being run out of an underground base near Palm Springs, California.

Here is what the Pentagon is saying about their counter-offensive:

“With Supreme Court Terms beginning on October 5th, Trump may appoint Catholic judge Amy Coney Barrett to a Ruthless Supreme Court and the Senate may even confirm her in October so the high court will operate at full strength to stop the Democrats from stealing the election.”

Also, a 4.8 [magnitude] quake near LA on the night of Ruth Bader Ginsburgs’ death may signal that children are still getting rescued from underground, and military operations are underway.

The battle is also raging in many other countries.  In Japan, military intelligence report preparations are underway for a major campaign against underground bases in Tokyo and Kyoto.  ‘There are 300 underground facilities built during World War II in Japan that have been remodeled from the former Army and Navy bases of the Empire of Japan,’ Japanese military intelligence sources say.

They say Japan has been forced to provide 16,000 children per year to the Khazarian Mafia.  These children are transported from Tokyo underground bases to the city of Shima in Kagoshima Prefecture.  From there they are transported to the Island of Hainan, China, which Japanese military intelligence says is the largest human trafficking hub in Asia.

In nearby Korea, the Zionist campaign to use the issue of “comfort women,” to keep Japan and South Korea fighting suffered a setback as a slave politician was busted for accepting (or embezzling) “comfort money.”  http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2020/09/251_296005.html

Back in Israel, according to Pentagon sources:

“A weak Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] facing protests at home and a looming corruption trial was summoned to the White House on September 15th, while the King of Bahrain and mbz [UAE ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed] didn’t even show up for Bahrain and UAE “peace deals.”

Trump may not win the Nobel Peace Prize unless and until a fair peace deal is reached with Palestine per the Arab peace initiative, and another Nobel for peace with Iran, the sources added.

The Israeli/French nuclear bomb attack on Lebanon is also blowing up in their faces.  The attack was intended to force Lebanon to hand over offshore oil concessions but instead, it has led to a joint Turkish/U.S. military campaign to cut off Israeli energy exports according to Mossad sources.

In the Zionist colony country of Georgia, meanwhile, whistleblowers have revealed they are actively trying to develop new bio-weapons, in a sign they are still trying to save themselves by killing us all. https://orientalreview.org/2020/09/10/the-us-biological-bomb-in-georgia/

Of course, the Zionists are trying to pin the ongoing scamdemic and bioweapons plus electromagnetic weapons attacks on China or the U.S.  However, only a few remaining brainwashed sheeple actually believe these feeble attempts at misdirection.

The battle is raging in South America too.  There, the cabal’s coup d’etat aimed at stealing Bolivia’s massive lithium deposits is running into huge local opposition.  Note to Elon Musk: the Bolivian lithium theft will fail. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-bolivia-election-anez/bolivia-election-race-heats-up-as-field-tightens-idUSKBN269354?il=0&utm_source=reddit.com

There is also trouble for the Zionists in Germany.  For weeks I have been ignoring the fake story of “Russian Opposition Politician Alexey Navalny” being “poisoned with Novichok,” because it was such a badly run psy-op.  However, we would like to inform our readers that Maria Pevchiv, a Russian who has worked for MI6 for 10 years, is the person who poisoned him, according to Spanish intelligence sources.  Here is a picture of her:


The aim, of course, is to force Germany to buy expensive oil from the Middle East or the U.S. instead of cheap gas from Russia via the Nordstream II pipeline.  We decided to out her because the world is sick and tired of these sorts of criminal antics by intelligence agencies on behalf of multi-national corporations. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/09/19/europe/navalny-recovery-staircase-post-intl/index.html

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@bamboozooka Source? I don't even know who is writing this. Also there are some holes in that argument. Why would Germany be told to buy oil if agenda 21 is bringing in renewables only? The bomb was Ammonium Nitrate hence the pink cloud not a nuke. Also it was to bring in the bank of international settlements which is why Macron went to Beirut soon after the explosion.

The Arab peace initiative has nothing to do with peace, the business of war is too lucrative and the deal itself is to bring about the belt and road.

Bi Bi is definitely not weak due to the scale of his infiltration globally. He has countries infrastructure completely, from the NHS to the whitehouse. He talks of the "zionists in switzerland" but doesn't mention Davos? He doesn't mention Rothschild or East India Trading Company? And zionists already own the financial system, Rothschilds family started the federal reserve.


Just some holes for now will respond to rest later. 

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Interesting thing for pro Trumpers to contemplate over. Trompet signed an executive order on sex trafficking in 2017 that includes pedophilia,

good on him for that. Now it seams some arrests have been made on "low street level" pedos yet the Trompet failed miserably in the handling

of super high level pedos like Epstein, Maxwell Jean Luc , Prince Andrew etc, etc and Trompet knows Bill , Hillary Clinton, Podestas  , Busch etc

elites are pedos and runs pedo rings , narco rings etc etc (we also know Trompet like pussy grabbing) yet over and over again his

administration "deliberately" fails  to make indictments on these psychopaths while completely inept to clean the houses of FBI and CIA , why?

Dont answer me i already know and i'm not going to debate with anyone but Trompet rely have to prove himself now, its late, 5mins to 24:00.


Trompets first executive order:



His latest:



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14 minutes ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

@bamboozooka Source? I don't even know who is writing this. Also there are some holes in that argument.







Japanese schematic of a TV set made with tubes from 1962. Or perhaps the plumbers map of a toilet system somewhere! 


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