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Donald Trump is gonna save the world! (No he isn't)

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There are many among us, that claim the title of truth seeker. They place it upon their lapel, like a nametag. Yet when a painful truth passes close to their echo chamber, they recoil and instead

I think the way to wake people up is through the fraudulent money system and slip in the names of central bankers now and in past, i.e. Warburgs, Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, Jacob Schiff, Lehmann

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2 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

dont shoot the messenger

Fair enough, he reminds me of a car salesman or someone who knocks on your door trying to sell Avon. 


His banker friends say the same thing, they see him as a promoter more than a banker/businessman. Never seen Jacob Rothschild on the WWE 😂

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BBC2 are on now and spitting loads of propagander on China about how they started the virus and kept it a big secret from the world.

They have kept EVERYTHING  a secret throughout my life so whats knew there?


What a load of shit. They are setting the stage for WW3

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