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26th Sept protest: Will it happen?


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to be honest I dont think this is for COVID But mentions racism


French police protested against Interior Minister Castan's plans on Saturday in Paris. Symbolically, they put their handcuffs on the floor. The minister had announced measures to crack down on racism and violence in police operations. In the future, suspension should always be considered if there is evidence of racism. The police representatives were particularly bothered by this statement. You override the presumption of innocence.



It was a symbolic act of refusal to work: Police officers across France removed their handcuffs on Thursday evening. In several cities, including Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux and the Paris suburb of Bobigny, officers stood in front of police headquarters and threw parts of their equipment on the ground.

With the action, the police protested against their top boss: Christophe Castaner, the French interior minister. Within a week, a debate about racism and violence among the French police developed in France. And she feels that she is under general suspicion


t started with two little words at a press conference on Monday. Interior Minister Castaner had appeared before the press to announce what the government would do against violence and racism in the French police.

Castaner announced that a certain stranglehold by the police should be banned and no longer taught. He said there is no institutional racism and no targeted police violence. But there are definitely racist statements. This racism should be fought. Among other things, by suspending police officers if they express themselves racist.

But Castaner said two words that have been causing protests across the country since then: "soupçon avéré". Soupçon means suspicion, but also hint, guesswork. Avéré is something that has been impeccably proven. Any "perfectly proven hint of a suspicion of racism" should lead to the suspension of a police officer, Castaner said.


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the police yesterday were terrifying.

15,000 peaceful protestors and the organisers did a proper risk assessment.


At 3pm after David spoke he was led out surrounded by security as he was leaving the police were starting to run and stand in a line blocking off the top of Tralfalgar Square where the stage was.


I couldnt get through the first line of the police but ran and got out just as the second line was being formed.


I was lucky..


I have just been watching the footage and it is horrific.


Welcome to 1984 Police State.

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