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The planned annihilation of humanity by the SSP and a clone Army


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14 hours ago, Gabriela said:


Why do they need a cloned army...when they have over 7 billion volunteer lemmings that can be controlled and destroyed by their Wifi and Smartphones?

The extraterrestrials are not that stupid, but the people can be made to do any shit by the media, right at the front of the digitalisation of mankind, EQUALISATION, deleting memories, entering new memories, everything is possible with quantum computers and these terminals...Through the invisible frequencies...who cares about the invisible???...no problem...they have already captured almost everyone.

The psychotronic is already perfect, I don't know anyone except my husband who is not under this psychotronic...everything is good...my mobile phone is harmless...wifi is harmless...that's why I use it...radiation doesn't matter...digitalisation and electrification of the earth is good and eco*laugh* All lies and people have fallen for it and go along with it.
They have all already been well manipulated...the AI will do the rest.

At the same time, the whole earth is irradiated with satellites, for even more suffering and war games of a different kind.
Good night man!






Salient points that are getting too easily overlooked. 


5G is a weapon, they are installing kill grids, pushing people into confined cities.


Any dissent to imposed government restrictions can easily be controlled through the use of the technology, the effects of the electromagnetic radiation will be blamed on covid or whatever bogeyman they pull out of their ass.





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