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On 9/19/2020 at 11:22 PM, BOGTROTTER said:

How are we goin to beat the elite without violence? They use everything! 

Yes they do use everything against us..everything that emanates from fear: Threats, violence, bribery, corruption, blackmail, fines, imprisonment, torture, surveillance and genocide.

They have always used these tactics to control humanity but the tide is turning. Protest groups are now realising that violence and retaliation never succeed, it just perpetuates the fear-based control system.

The internet has been used by TPTB to harvest our thoughts and data, but it has also contributed to worldwide awareness, higher levels of awareness mean that the consciousness of people living on Earth is rising.

Folk are finally waking up to the fact that those who have set themselves up in authority over us are not acting in our highest interests and that from birth, life is made deliberately difficult and complicated.

The more traumatic childhood is, the more fear is created, which ensures that a sizeable percentage of the population is perpetually stuck in fear mode, (fight or flight). It has the effect of limiting awareness and therefore controlling our perceptions to compel compliance with pathetic government demands such as spying, or snitching on neighbours, rather than helping each other to overcome the oppressive tyranny.

Energetically, fear is a very low vibration and we are now going through a test of energy, to increase the use of our higher level emotions such as unity, courage, harmony and understanding. Understanding is especially needed for those who are most fearful, as they have endured much trauma and have not yet experienced enough positivity to even be aware of better possibilities.

Watching footage from last week’s gathering in Trafalgar Square, is an inspiring example of how everyone stood together in unity and defended each other’s space and right to express themselves without violence. It seemed to be only the police with their truncheons who were using violence, but they won’t continue to get away with this if there’s no retaliation. TPTB have little experience of non-violent civil resistance, they don’t believe it can happen consistently, we need to show them that it can, especially tomorrow. 😁

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