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Percentage deaths from the deadliest virus ever known to man!!!


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Here's the bottom line statistics of the deadliest, most horrific virus, ever known to mankind.  People are dying like flies, but only 0.01% of the total world population has died WITH Covid-19 and even with all the inflated testing of people who have no symptoms, only 0.4% of the world population have tested positive for SOMETHING, because if CV-19 has never been isolated, what the fuck are they actually testing for?


The UK with all it's lock downs and bullshit has the exact same death percentage as Sweden which didn't do anything at all. The Netherlands that have no mandatory muzzles have a LOWER percent death rate than the UK. 


Maybe someone can explain this, but be sure to use very small words! 

 Country   Total   Total   Total   % Cases   % Deaths 
 other   Cases   Deaths   Population   of Population   of Population 
 Europe         4,288,906.00        215,097.00      
 Russia         1,091,186.00          19,195.00         145,948,080.00               0.75               0.01
 Spain            625,651.00          30,405.00           46,758,719.00               1.34               0.07
 France            415,481.00          31,095.00           65,304,832.00               0.64               0.05
 UK            381,614.00          41,705.00           67,962,867.00               0.56               0.06
 Italy            293,025.00          35,658.00           60,962,867.00               0.48               0.06
 Germany            269,298.00           9,459.00           83,841,923.00               0.32               0.01
 Ukraine            169,472.00           3,468.00           43,675,866.00               0.39               0.01
 Romania            108,690.00           4,312.00           19,209,377.00               0.57               0.02
 Belgium             97,976.00           9,936.00           11,600,614.00               0.84               0.09
 Netherlands             88,073.00           6,266.00           17,143,094.00               0.51               0.04
 Sweden             87,885.00           5,864.00           10,112,094.00               0.87               0.06
 Poland             77,328.00           2,270.00           37,837,563.00               0.20               0.01
 Belarus             75,230.00              773.00             1,700,790.00               4.42               0.05
 World       30,391,828.00        951,230.00      7,800,000,000.00               0.39               0.01
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The sheep don't have enough gray cells left to reason at all. They have been brainwashed at primary school, brainwashed at secondary school, intensively brainwashed at University and then they have had poison put into the water, the food and the air that we breathe.


They are all addicted to TV, Facebook, Twitter which brainwashes them every day and noise, called music.

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That's definitely spot on about the brainwashing, it starts straightaway basically from the time we are born and then into our adulthood. But what I've been pondering on and can't stop thinking about is why are we so awake, when millions aren't.  What actually makes us different, ive been to school, done the social media stuff in the past, TV etc, but I can smell a rat straightaway. Knew this was a con from getgo, same with 911 and lots of other stuff. Never trusted governments and always felt like I didn't belong here, and was different than other people, not in a smug way though. Was brought up a JW (I'm not now, by the way) have been very sensitive to others energies, and a real sensitive person, think they call it an empath. But still really don't know why I and a small minority can see through this. Maybe we are the chosen ones lol. Or are on another level of consciousness, just baffling to me, wish I knew.

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You're spot on there. My mother believed anything and everything the government told her. I never knew my dad he died in the war before I was born. My grandfather didn't believe anything unless he could prove it. I think he influenced me a lot. BUT. In the 1940's they were too busy with the aftermath of WWII to bother primary school kids with bullshit.


When you moved on from Primary school. many people opted for the sciences as I did. Technical Colleges and Universities were very involved in science, then for some reason after the 1960's everything fell apart - Harold Wilson?


Now, no one is interested in science, it's all 12th Century French Poetry and Underwater Basket Weaving and Why Whiteness is Wrong. If anyone had played Hip Hop or Rap in the 60's they would have been booed off the stage and things thrown at them. No one is interested in being the best. Just be mediocre, then you don't have to compete.


The brains have died, worst is, people have allowed it to happen. Since the invention of Political Correctness, the world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

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